Episodes (6)

The First Two
S01E01 · The First Two

Jul 13, 1973

Barlow and Watt examine the available evidence for the first two Jack the Ripper murder victims Polly Nichols and Elizabeth Stride.

Double Event
S01E02 · Double Event

Jul 20, 1973

On September 30th, 1988, Jack the Ripper struck twice; murdering both Elizabeth Stride and Catherine Eddowes. This later became known as the "Double Event". Barlow and Watt examine the evidence.

S01E03 · Butchery

Jul 27, 1973

Discussion and the implications of removing the writing on the wall following the "Double Event". November 9th, 1988 the final Ripper murder victim Mary Jane Kelly is discovered and the case reviewed by the detectives.

S01E04 · Panic

Aug 03, 1973

By the end 1888, the East End slums were up in arms and there was a fear that rioting could spill over to the wealthier areas of London. Barlow and Watt look into what was said and done and whether Jack the Ripper was a Mason.

S01E05 · Suspects

Aug 10, 1973

Barlow and Watt attempt to go through a wide range of suspects for who Jack the Ripper. They go through each discover whether any of these could be the Ripper or whether they are just a conspiracy.

The Highest in the Land?
S01E06 · The Highest in the Land?

Aug 17, 1973

The sixth and final program included a testimony by Joseph Gorman, who called himself Joseph Sickert and claimed to be the illegitimate son of noted painter Walter Sickert. Gorman claimed that Sickert had told him a story that implicated not only the royal family but also a host of other famous people in the murders. According to Gorman, William Gull committed the murders with the help of accomplices.


Jack the Ripper Season 1 (1973) is released on Jul 13, 1973. Watch Jack the Ripper online - the English Crime TV series from United Kingdom. Jack the Ripper is directed by Gilchrist Calder,Leonard Lewis,David Wickes and created by Elwyn Jones with Stratford Johns and Frank Windsor.

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