Episodes (18)

S01E01 · Pilot

Sep 26, 1984

Enterprising Matt runs various scams, using a vacant apartment as his base. He meets his match when quick-witted writer Norman moves in and begins dating Matt's mother Eileen. Matt disapproves and is intent on driving them apart.

Put to the Test
S01E02 · Put to the Test

Oct 03, 1984

Matt's successful business selling answer keys to classmates is thrown a curve when Norman is hired as the substitute teacher.

Dating Games
S01E03 · Dating Games

Oct 17, 1984

Matt's older sister Julie rejects Eli's invitation to the school dance. While Matt is engrossed in choosing his own date, his best friend Eli turns to Norman for dating advice.

Night Work
S01E04 · Night Work

Oct 24, 1984

Matt struggles to impress Stacey, the hottest girl in school. Secretive about his new night job, all is revealed when Norman collides with Matt on his"big date".

Pajama Party
S01E05 · Pajama Party

Oct 31, 1984

Matt's party plans are ruined after Julie hijacks the apartment for her slumber party. Realizing the revenge potential of Julie's "slam book", he schemes to discover it's hiding place.

Love Letters
S01E06 · Love Letters

Nov 14, 1984

Distrust trumps romance when Norman and Matt both receive love letters from secret admirers.

Dad and Me
S01E07 · Dad and Me

Nov 21, 1984

Eileen asks Norman to keep an eye on Matt, while she's out of town with Julie. After thieves clean out the Burton apartment, Norman and Matt join forces to win prizes on the game show "Dad and Me".

The Rival
S01E08 · The Rival

Nov 28, 1984

Matt hires a handsome actor to fall into Eileen's life, sure that this will make Norman act jealous and insecure.

Top Dog
S01E09 · Top Dog

Dec 05, 1984

Matt's teacher disappears. Matt hires a fake replacement so Norman won't get the job.

Don't Leave Home Without It
S01E10 · Don't Leave Home Without It

Dec 12, 1984

Matt cancels Norman's new credit card right before Norman leaves for a secret vacation with Matt's mother.

The Christmas Show
S01E11 · The Christmas Show

Dec 19, 1984

Norman doesn't feel that everyone else has the proper Christmas spirit.

The Dregs of Humanity: Part 1
S01E12 · The Dregs of Humanity: Part 1

Jan 02, 1985

When financial problems affect booking a band for the school dance, Matt and Eli create a fake band - The Dregs of Humanity. Things get sticky when Norman asks to interview the band for an article he has pitched to a local magazine.

The Dregs of Humanity: Part 2
S01E13 · The Dregs of Humanity: Part 2

Jan 09, 1985

When Norman's article is published, the Dregs popularity explodes. Matt and Eli are swamped with offers for high paying gigs, and fans clamoring to meet the band. Scammers crawl out of the woodwork, wanting their piece of the pie.

Caught in the Act
S01E14 · Caught in the Act

Jan 26, 1985

When Eileen says that her boss is being difficult and giving her a raise. Matt decides to do something and Norman gives him an idea of how he can do it. But when he is caught, Eileen finally learns just what Matt's been doing. And when she asks Norman to talk to him he gloats but she hears him and he ends up in the dog house.

Eli's Song
S01E15 · Eli's Song

Feb 02, 1985

When a reluctant Norman is appointed coach of the high school's losing soccer team, Matt persuades him to give Eli the opportunity of a lifetime and make him second-string goalie.

A Woman Is Just a Woman
S01E16 · A Woman Is Just a Woman

Feb 09, 1985

When an old boyfriend of Eileen's who's rich among other things returns, her children are happy at the prospect but Norman feels that he's going to lose her cause he doesn't have what her ex has. But to everyone's surprise, she chooses Norman. Awhile later they learn that her ex found another girl and married her in a lavish wedding and Norman still feels inadequate. But when an ex shows up, Norman decides show Eileen how much he cares about her by rebuffing an ex in front of her but Matthew upon learning of the plan decides to make a little alteration that shocks ...

The Experts
S01E17 · The Experts

Feb 16, 1985

On Matt's advice, Norman and Principal Ellis make a successful investment in the stock market. Fortunes fall when they get cocky, and a talent contest is their only option to raise cash.

Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen
S01E18 · Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen

Feb 23, 1985

Classic whodunit when someone sabotages Julie at the school's yearly cheer-leading auditions. Matt and Eli play detective, as they test theories, interrogating Julie's so-called friends and rivals.


It's Your Move Season 1 (1984) is released on Sep 26, 1984. Watch It's Your Move online - the English Comedy TV series from United States. It's Your Move is directed by Jim Drake,Tony Singletary,John Pasquin,Arlando Smith and created by Ron Leavitt with Jason Bateman and Caren Kaye. It's Your Move is available online on fuboTV and Crackle.

As know as:

Ani, Imi, ve Hashchen Mimul(Hebrew, Alternative Title), Sıra Sende, It's Your Move, It's Your Move(English), It's Your Move(French)


United States



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Embassy Television

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