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Chi era veramente Lidia?
S01E01 · Chi era veramente Lidia?

Sep 21, 2009

Following his wife Lidia's death, the former "Folgore" Marco Tancredi goes in search for her killer, discovering very soon that Lidia was part of the Italian Secret Service, inside which she had probably found out an hidden conspiracy.

Il complotto di Bucarest
S01E02 · Il complotto di Bucarest

Sep 28, 2009

Marco's investigation to solve Lidia's death leads him in Budapest then back in Italy, where together with the squad follows traces of Oksana, a Russian policewoman in search for vengeance for her daughter, killed in a Chechen attack.

Il mistero del virus
S01E03 · Il mistero del virus

Oct 05, 2009

Marco and his squad cooperate with the CIA to stop a group of terrorists from execute a dramatic BW attack against Rome using a deadly virus. Furthermore Marco finally finds traces that could bring him to his wife's murderer.

Il ricatto
S01E04 · Il ricatto

Oct 12, 2009

While Marco infiltrates into a military prison to recover a load of stolen weapons, Carrisi follows Giada to solve the mystery behind her betrayal, finding out that the conspirators have taken her brother hostage.

Un'azione inattesa
S01E05 · Un'azione inattesa

Oct 19, 2009

Branded as traitors, Marco, Giada and Carrisi have no choice but keep following Lidia's traces in search of the conspiracy's leaders, in order to prove their innocence and protect their Country from the true traitors.

La fine dei giochi
S01E06 · La fine dei giochi

Oct 23, 2009

The ultimate showdown is coming. From Yemen to Rome, it's time for Marco to solve the mystery behind her wife's murder and prevent the most devastating terrorist attack in history from taking place.


Intelligence - Servizi & segreti Season 1 (2009) is released on Sep 21, 2009. Watch Intelligence - Servizi & segreti online - the Italian Action TV series from Italy. Intelligence - Servizi & segreti is directed by Alexis Cahill and created by Alfredo Arciero with Raoul Bova and Vincent Riotta.

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Intelligence, Titkok és szolgálatok, Intelligence - Servizi & segreti





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Taodue Film

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