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S02E01 · Rosie

May 03, 2016

Living with young boyfriend Simon in a damp cottage Roanna feels socially isolated whilst Vicky is living the single life after her baby's father left to look for the woman he married for money. Kim is living with Neil but is annoyed to find Susie has a new partner Claire, a fact she only finds out at the christening of the heavily pregnant Rosie's daughter, leading to a row and a crisis from which Kim and Neil must rescue Rosie and schoolboy partner Jude. Jasmin and Dev are expecting twins but there are problems whilst Maxine, mother of Rosie's friend surrogate ...

S02E02 · Helen

May 10, 2016

Roanna's struggling to find a job and with money running out she reluctantly turns to her ex-husband for help and lies about it to Simon. But it's only a matter of time before all her secrets come spilling out. Meanwhile things go terribly wrong for Vicky at work.

S02E03 · Shelly

May 17, 2016

Simon has a new job but Roanna goes behind his back to join Ray on a visit to their son. Shelly gives birth in the presence of Andrew and his partner Nathan but eschews any help from Vicky, having heard about the death on her ward, as a result of which Vicky faces an investigative panel. Child-minder Diane brings baby Hope to the hospital for a satisfactory check-up but leaves husband Rick in charge of the children. Inevitably this spells disaster as a little girl is injured, requiring a mercy dash from Jas and Dev, though the outcome of Jas's laser treatment is ...

S02E04 · Maxine

May 24, 2016

Maxine stuns Shelly by revealing that she is the mother of the abandoned baby, conceived on a one night stand whilst husband Micky was away working. She initially tries to swap the child for Seb, the baby Shelly was carrying for Andrew and Nathan but eventually admits the deception though she has to explain the baby's presence to Micky. Vicky is suspended pending a coroner's hearing whilst Roanna confesses to Kim that she is working with ex-husband Ray and how she once had an affair with Simon's father Jonathan before realizing that he was married to Emma. With Simon ...

S02E05 · Vicky

May 31, 2016

Supported by her colleague Geraldine and some of the other mothers Vicky attends her tribunal, where she is exonerated and Diane also faces a social services panel, who reinstate her as a child minder - but with a condition. Roanna and Ray catch up with Katie but not only does it come to light that Roanna has been seeing her ex-husband behind Simon's back but the long ago affair with Jonathan is also revealed. Thus Roanna misses Vicky's victory party and prepares to face life as a single parent - with worse to follow - when Simon departs for a new job abroad. Vicky, ...

S02E06 · Jasmin

Jun 07, 2016

Roanna returns to Ray, having run over Jonathan, whom she visits in hospital, and learns that he may be permanently disabled. She is unsure if she acted deliberately. At the hospital she runs into Jasmin and Dev, who have had to interrupt baby Amber's naming ceremony when Vicky fears for the twins. However Vicky delivers them safely as well as giving her answer to a proposition by Chris, father of her child. As a result there is a new venue for the naming ceremony, the hospital, attended by the other mothers and their partners, who have plans for a collective future. ...


In the Club Season 2 (2016) is released on May 03, 2016 and the latest season 2 of In the Club is released in 2016. Watch In the Club online - the English Drama TV series from United Kingdom. In the Club is directed by Kay Mellor,Neasa Hardiman,Sarah O'Gorman,Audrey Cooke and created by Kay Mellor with Katherine Parkinson and Hermione Norris.

As know as:

In the Club, Samassa veneessä, I samma båt(Swedish), In the Club - Schwanger und was dann?, In the Club(English)


United Kingdom



Production Companies:

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Rollem Productions

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