Episodes (12)

Dernière Joute
S03E01 · Dernière Joute

Jun 04, 2019

In Sète, the nautical tournament is an ancestral tradition as old as the grudge that animates the Caravani and the Villa, two rival families who compete for the famous Saint-Louis trophy.

Un parfum de mystère
S03E02 · Un parfum de mystère

Jun 04, 2019

Following a phone call from a woman in distress, investigators come across a murder in which all evidence points to Damien Heyrieux, a perfumer from the victim's family business. Soler and Marchal cannot find the motive for the crime or the body of Clara Séguret to prove their suspicions.

Hors normes
S03E03 · Hors normes

Jan 01, 2019

Maxime Baltard, a former prisoner famous for his escapes and who seemed to have found his redemption, is found dead on his farm where he grows cherries. Apparently, Maxime kept secrets from his family, including Isabelle, his wife, a woman who had given everything for him.

La fièvre de l'or
S03E04 · La fièvre de l'or

Jan 01, 2019

Sylvain Théron, 35, is found dead on the bank of a river where Roger Lefort, alias "Lucky" teaches a gold diggers course. Lucky found 3.8 grams a few years ago and set up a business that includes the courses, a campament and "La Pépite", a bar run by his sister Marithé. As per Théron's ex-wife testimony, Sylvain had recently got big money and told his ill 15-year-old son, Elliot, he had found a gold vein; this information made Mark, his mother's new partner, angry. Paul does not believe the gold vein hypothesis for he is confident that the river produces no gold for a...

S03E05 · Dissonance

Jun 18, 2019

François Durieux, concertmaster of the Marseille Opera Philharmonic Orchestra, is found stabbed with a luthier's knife. His acquaintances and family agree that he was a very talented and lonely young man, whose only passion was music and his "Armanello", a prestigious violin from the 18th century.

Sur la pente glissante
S03E06 · Sur la pente glissante

Jun 18, 2019

Isabelle Prioux, a master climber, is found dead at the foot of a cliff in Hortus, victim of sabotage in her climbing equipment. She had returned to the region after five years of absence. Her departure was triggered by the accidental death of her assistant on the same cliff.

Mort aux alizés
S03E07 · Mort aux alizés

Jun 25, 2019

Michel Lecompte, a sailing old glory, is assassinated in the sailing club he runs, Les Alizés. The culprit could be Ludovic Belco, a young criminal in whom Michel recognized himself and whom he had helped to reintegrate.

Tout pour la musique
S03E08 · Tout pour la musique

Jun 25, 2019

Camille sings at the Théâtre de la Mer and Paul offers Léa to surprise Camille by attending the festival. But the party turns into drama when Camille discovers the body of the new festival director shot to death.

Port d'attache
S03E09 · Port d'attache

Jul 02, 2019

Hervé Brianson, fifty years old, is found dead on his sailboat moored in Port Camargue. The man, originally from the area, had not appeared for 20 years and had become a famous photographer who traveled the world.

Diamants Noirs
S03E10 · Diamants Noirs

Jul 02, 2019

Baptiste Lacroix, a well-known truffle producer in the region, faints and dies in the middle of his oak plantation. Shocking event difficult to assume by his family, hit by tragedy before in the car accident in which his only daughter, Julie, was left paraplegic while her husband was on the wheel.

Le Chemin des Templiers
S03E11 · Le Chemin des Templiers

Jul 09, 2019

The body of a man dressed as a Templar is found at the foot of the wall of the Constance Tower in Aigues-Mortes. Marco Salieri apparently fell from the tower by accident, but examination by the coroner, Franck Marvaud, reveals that he was killed. Léa and Paul announce to the team that they are a couple to prevent Colonel Vauvert from transferring her to another police station.

La Peur au ventre
S03E12 · La Peur au ventre

Jul 09, 2019

Céline Ducourneau is lying on her terrace in a coma. She was trying to rebuild her life in Montpellier with the help of a women's association after being abused for years by her ex-husband. As he is still in prison, everything points to a simple gardening accident, but Commandant Soler notices a familiar face in the CCTV images of Céline's house: that of Rodolphe Meunier, another man who abused his wife and the reason why Léa was transferred to Montpellier three years ago. Meunier may have attacked Ms Ducourneau to track down his wife Laure.


In Tandem (also know as Tandem) Season 3 (2019) is released on Jun 04, 2019 and the latest season 7 of In Tandem is released in 2023. Watch In Tandem online - the French Crime TV series from France. In Tandem is directed by Jason Roffé,Lionel Chatton,Christophe Douchand,Denis Thybaud and created by Jérémie Marcus with Astrid Veillon and Stéphane Blancafort.

As know as:

Tandem, Tándem, In Tandem, Tandem, Tandem(English)





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DEMD Productions, France Télévisions

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