Episodes (13)

All Work and No Play
S02E01 · All Work and No Play

Dec 06, 2014

A distressing 911 call brings police to the scene of what looks like a tragic accident in the home of Robert Breininger. But soon a cunning plot of master manipulation starts to unravel leaving detectives with the most inconceivable of suspects.

Bloody Custody
S02E02 · Bloody Custody

Dec 27, 2014

Outside Birmingham, Alabama, Jessica and Jeff McCord are in post-honeymoon bliss when Jessica's disgruntled ex-husband threatens to turn their world upside down. Custody battles bring out the worst in people, and in this case, acts of evil murder.

Anything for My Baby
S02E03 · Anything for My Baby

May 09, 2014

Tabitha Messina is days away from her high school graduation and after a recent break-up with her boyfriend, she's been playing the field. Before long a twisted love triangle sets off a finale of teenage passion, revenge and a grizzly double murder.

S02E04 · Murder-in-Law

Sep 09, 2014

In a coastal Connecticut town a nasty custody battle threatens to shatter the lives of the Carpenter family until daughter Beth, a shining star attorney, steps in. What follows is a rollercoaster of sex, lies, illicit lovers, and a fight to the death.

Locked Up in Love
S02E05 · Locked Up in Love

Jan 03, 2015

Tina Leja is the All-American girl and the pride of Holcombe, Wisconsin. But when financial difficulties force her to drop out of college, she takes a job in a Minnesota State Prison where an unexpected romance ends with deadly consequences.

Treasure Coast Killing
S02E06 · Treasure Coast Killing

Oct 07, 2013

Power-couple Daniel Duffy and Nicole Torres are living it up. And when Daniel offers Nicole's father, John, some fast money, he can't refuse. But with money and power comes consequences. And in this instance, they're deadly.

Texas Black Magic
S02E07 · Texas Black Magic

Dec 13, 2014

Dora Cisneros is a wife and a mother of five in Brownsville, Texas. Her youngest daughter, Christina, is in love and Dora keeps a close eye on boyfriend Joey Fischer. When Dora gets too involved, the relationship ends - and so does someone's life.

Alaskan Blood Pact
S02E08 · Alaskan Blood Pact

Jan 17, 2015

The Waterman family is beloved in their small, remote village of Craig, Alaska. But when charred human remains are discovered in the forest, clues start to point to the unlikeliest of murder suspects, and a community is left shaken to its very core.

Mother of All Murders
S02E09 · Mother of All Murders

Feb 07, 2015

The Pedroza family seems to be living the American dream in Florida. But Miguel Pedroza is an alcoholic, his wife Isabelle is controlling, and their daughter Linda is rebelling in every way. When a charming man enters their lives -- tragedy unfolds.

The Crusader's Son
S02E10 · The Crusader's Son

Jan 24, 2015

Mary Louise Thompson is losing her quiet Oregon town to rising street gangs. Determined to retaliate, she recruits a charming teenager to reach out to local youth. But when her son ends up back behind bars, the fight for Eugene takes a bloody turn.

Menage a Murder
S02E11 · Menage a Murder

Feb 21, 2015

New York Housewife Susan Fassett starts an illicit affair with local businessman, Fred Andros. But when her husband Jeff finds out, it's not long before a deadly love triangle unfolds. After all, three is always a crowd.

Pain Killer
S02E12 · Pain Killer

Feb 14, 2015

A shocking murder shakes the wealthy community of Ramsey, New Jersey. Detectives use wiretaps, search warrants, and computer forensics to uncover the truth behind the stormy lives of a high powered pharmaceutical executive and his troubled wife.

The Cheating Type
S02E13 · The Cheating Type

Feb 28, 2015

The Mengel family is living the American Dream. They have three beautiful kids and a booming family business. But beneath the surface, Kevin and Morgan are trying to hide secrets of lust, betrayal and ultimately murder.


I'd Kill for You Season 2 (2014) is released on Dec 06, 2014 and the latest season 3 of I'd Kill for You is released in 2016. Watch I'd Kill for You online - the English Crime TV series from United States. I'd Kill for You is directed by Jason Fisher,James H. Fitzgerald,Boaz Halaban,Peter Doyle and created by Lisa Andracke with Quinton Flynn and Daren Donofrio. I'd Kill for You is available online on Discovery Plus Amazon Channel and Discovery Plus.

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Убио бих због тебе, Mataría por ti, I'd Kill for You, Za tebe ću i ubiti, Wenn Liebe tötet


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