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So Coldly Sweet
S02E01 · So Coldly Sweet

Sep 14, 1966

Kelly and Scotty are assigned to beautiful Palm Springs to vet an attractive defector with some truly interesting secrets. But in a cold war game where there are newer final winners nor losers, who's playing who?

S02E02 · Lori

Sep 21, 1966

Members of an elite nuclear test detection team have died violent deaths one by one. When the fifth team member is killed right before Scotty's and Kelly's eyes, they are assigned to protect the sole surviving member and find the killer. The prime suspect is the seventh man who washed out of the team and happens to be a friend of Scotty. Scotty tries to reach him though his sister, a singer performing in Las Vegas. But gaining her cooperation will require more than persuasion. It will require a carefully conceived trap.

S02E03 · Sophia

Sep 28, 1966

On holiday in Italy, Kelly and Scotty happens upon a girl Scotty had sponsored. Now grown, she's preparing to marry. Scotty can handle enemy agents, but his foster daughter, her fiancé; and the Italian traffic court are entirely different matters.

S02E04 · Vendetta

Oct 05, 1966

A local family in Italy kidnaps Kelly with the intention of holding court over him for the death of their favorite son in the Korean War. Once again Scotty's investigation and recovery skills prove lacking in his efforts to rescue Kelly. Maybe he'll have more luck as his lawyer.

A Gift from Alexander
S02E05 · A Gift from Alexander

Oct 12, 1966

In Venice, Kelly and Scott try to obtain a manuscript from a beautiful Soviet agent.

Trial by Treehouse
S02E06 · Trial by Treehouse

Oct 19, 1966

Kelly and Alexander are tasked with apprehending the mastermind of a scheme to turn city-wide power outages into a marketable commodity. 2 complications; Alexander has little confidence in his aide and cover identity, an agent with little field experience posing with her son as his wife, and his only link to the schemer's a psychopath.

S02E07 · Sparrowhawk

Oct 26, 1966

Alexander and Kelly receive the unenviable assignment of guarding a spoiled, teenage king.

Will the Real Good Guys Please Stand Up?
S02E08 · Will the Real Good Guys Please Stand Up?

Nov 02, 1966

Kelly and Alexander are abducted and impersonated by two enemy agents. Their intent; to get close to a defense contractor, kidnap his daughter and force him to turn over secret weapons designs. As Kelly's and Alexander's escape attempts continue to go awry one wonders if they are up to rescuing the fair maiden.

Bridge of Spies
S02E09 · Bridge of Spies

Nov 09, 1966

A beautiful tour guide, a handsome tennis pro and the romantic city of Venice would make for an intimate friendship if the tour guide didn't like to slip knives between men's ribs.

One of Our Bombs Is Missing
S02E10 · One of Our Bombs Is Missing

Nov 16, 1966

Kelly and Alexander are sent to a little town in Italy to recover the payload from a nuclear armed aircraft that crashed nearby. They soon find that the towns folk found the plane rather useful. A few people even thought the bomb might come in handy.

To Florence with Love: Part 1
S02E11 · To Florence with Love: Part 1

Nov 23, 1966

An incompetent thief pursues a beautiful woman returning a priceless painting to Florence. Kelly and Alexander are assigned to provide clandestine security. Of course when a beautiful woman is involved Kelly is not one to hide in the shadows.

To Florence with Love: Part 2
S02E12 · To Florence with Love: Part 2

Nov 30, 1966

With the help of Kelly and Alexander, the Da Vinci Madonna was delivered to its new home in Florence. But the previous owner reports it as a forgery. Now they've to track down the thieves, recover the painting then steal the forgery and replace it with the real painting.

S02E13 · Lisa

Dec 07, 1966

A mail-order bride serves as a cover for some unlikely thrives who are smuggling a mysterious suitcase.

Little Boy Lost
S02E14 · Little Boy Lost

Dec 14, 1966

In order to gain attention from his father, a 13 year old boy steals a prototype and runs away with it.

Father Abraham
S02E15 · Father Abraham

Dec 21, 1966

Some heroes are motivated by duty. Others just want to impress their father. Whatever the reason, Alex and Kelly receive one of their dirtiest assignments; to train a young rocket scientist to resist torture and then to rescue him when he's captured.

Rome... Take Away Three
S02E16 · Rome... Take Away Three

Dec 28, 1966

The death of a fellow agent lands Scotty and Kelly the task of locating the blackmailer who drove the man to suicide and "deactivating" him.

S02E17 · Tonia

Jan 04, 1967

Scotty's assignment; to engage in a torrid romance with a headstrong Italian woman who's in the grips of a leftist leader who has plans for Scott and Kelly.

Child Out of Time
S02E18 · Child Out of Time

Jan 11, 1967

Kelly and Alexander's assigned to find a list of Nazi war criminals before the war criminals find it. But they discover there's nothibg written.

The Trouble with Temple
S02E19 · The Trouble with Temple

Jan 25, 1967

In Europe, Kelly and Scott investigate an actor who's a reputed enemy agent. The actor dominates his mistress, Temple. As Kelly gets to know Temple, Scott's captured and interrogated. When Temple discovers the truth, her life and Scott's are imperil.

The War Lord
S02E20 · The War Lord

Feb 01, 1967

When the daughter of a powerful British arms producer is kidnapped, Kelly, who naturally had a romantic relationship with her, immediately suspects a hoax. When her father insists on paying the ransom and rescuing her, whether she wants to be rescued or not, Alexander and Kelly get the job. However, the fading warlord who is holding her is privy to all their plans and turns out to be as philosophical as he is ruthless making him most unpredictable.

A Room with a Rack
S02E21 · A Room with a Rack

Feb 08, 1967

Recovering from his torture at the hands of enemy agents, Kelly travels with Scotty to Spain's Costa del Sol for a recuperative holiday. There, he's pleased to meet old friend Lindy but reminders of his recent ordeal seem to lend credence to a psychologist's judgment he's no longer the man he was.

Mainly on the Plains
S02E22 · Mainly on the Plains

Feb 22, 1967

Boris Karloff portrays a well-meaning scientist who behaves suspiciously like Miguel de Cervantes's literary creation, Don Quixote.

Get Thee to a Nunnery
S02E23 · Get Thee to a Nunnery

Mar 01, 1967

On holiday,Scotty and Kelly bump into one of their not-so-fond acquaintances; a British agent they've found thoroughly untrustworthy., Orders are to find out what he's up to. It has something to do with rescuing an art lover who refuses to disclose a secret he seems to consider worth dying for.

S02E24 · Blackout

Mar 08, 1967

Kelly wakes up with with a dead Russian ballerina in his bed and no memory of how she got there, Russian intelligence presumes Kelly, and will report him to the Spanish police unless he and Scotty can prove the murder was committed by someone else, in less then 24hrs

Magic Mirror
S02E25 · Magic Mirror

Mar 15, 1967

Kelly's love seems to be 2-timing him and the United States with a deposed dictator negotiating with the Soviets to put missile bases in his country when he returns to power.

Night Train to Madrid
S02E26 · Night Train to Madrid

Mar 22, 1967

The guys must protect an obnoxious American comic on a goodwill tour of Europe from an enemy agent assigned to kill and discredit him.

Casanova from Canarsie
S02E27 · Casanova from Canarsie

Mar 29, 1967

Herbie's a man who used to be a filing clerk privy to many of America's nuclear secrets. But he resigned and is now being courted by a beautiful enemy agent. The best way Kelly and Scotty can keep him out harm's way is knocking him out. Repeatedly. series of concussions.

Cops and Robbers
S02E28 · Cops and Robbers

Apr 12, 1967

A childhood friend of Alexander's is holding his mother and sister hostage to obtain a capsule of microfilm Alex is transporting.


I Spy Season 2 (1966) is released on Sep 14, 1966 and the latest season 3 of I Spy is released in 1967. Watch I Spy online - the English Action TV series from United States. I Spy is directed by Earl Bellamy,Paul Wendkos,Christian Nyby,Alf Kjellin and created by R.S. Allen with Robert Culp and Bill Cosby.

As know as:

Os Destemidos, I Spy(English), I Spy(French), Danny Doyle, I Spy


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Three F Productions

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