Episodes (7)

Edward Cullen Won't Stop Stalking Me
S01E01 · Edward Cullen Won't Stop Stalking Me

Aug 02, 2015

Em and Lex are forced to reveal their guilty pleasures when Edward Cullen arrives.

Join the Dark Side
S01E02 · Join the Dark Side

Aug 02, 2015

Em and Lex fight over the Star Wars prequels vs the sequels.

Book Addicts Anonymous
S01E03 · Book Addicts Anonymous

Aug 02, 2015

Em becomes a little too obsessed with a book series.

Hogwarts Forgot My Letter
S01E04 · Hogwarts Forgot My Letter

Aug 02, 2015

Lex receives what she believes to be a letter from Hogwarts on her birthday.

The Fellowship of Billy Boyd
S01E05 · The Fellowship of Billy Boyd

Aug 02, 2015

Em and Lex are both faced with a difficult challenge while on a quest to get a photo with Billy Boyd at Comic Con. Only if they have the strength to overcome it, can they obtain their precious photo.

Peeta Bread
S01E06 · Peeta Bread

Aug 02, 2015

Lex 'helps' Em get ready for a costume party.

The Doctor's New Companion
S01E07 · The Doctor's New Companion

Dec 21, 2015

Lex gets jealous when Em imagines what it would be like if she was the Doctor's new companion.


I Can't Even Season 1 (2015) is released on Aug 02, 2015 and the latest season 2 of I Can't Even is released in 2017. Watch I Can't Even online - the English Comedy TV series from Australia. I Can't Even is directed by Kate Lefoe,Jenni Townsend,Ramon Watkins,Lena Moon and created by Alyce Adams with Tiana Hogben and Louise Cox.

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