Episodes (22)

An Embarrassment of Teapots
S02E01 · An Embarrassment of Teapots

Sep 24, 1995

Hope contemplates reconciling with her estranged husband but has second thoughts when a suitor arrives on the scene.

Dumb & Smarter
S02E02 · Dumb & Smarter

Oct 01, 1995

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A Star Is Reborn
S02E03 · A Star Is Reborn

Oct 08, 1995

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Love in the Afternoon
S02E04 · Love in the Afternoon

Oct 29, 1995

Hope and Dr. Glassman go on a first date to a luncheon honoring Louis as Salesman of the Month. Jeff Conaway guests as Louis' boss who propositions Gloria.

Manager and Woman
S02E05 · Manager and Woman

Nov 05, 1995

Dennis Dupree hires a pesky personal manager who fulfills his every wish and upsets Hope by taking away much of her authority.

How to Get an Ed in Business
S02E06 · How to Get an Ed in Business

Nov 12, 1995

Dennis fears Ed is after his job when he destroys his interview with Swoosie Kurtz.

Listen, Sister
S02E07 · Listen, Sister

Nov 19, 1995

Hope arranges a surprise party to announce her sister's engagement resulting in the couple breaking up due to her interference.

Money You Should Mention
S02E08 · Money You Should Mention

Dec 03, 1995

Gloria agrees to paint Hope's apartment in exchange for her old car however her busy schedule delays the job and Hope believes she's getting the brush off.

Consenting Adults
S02E09 · Consenting Adults

Dec 10, 1995

When Gloria and her blind date instantly hit it off Hope sees the lack of ardor in her relationship with Ethan and wants to light the fire in her own love life.

The Dupree Family Christmas
S02E10 · The Dupree Family Christmas

Dec 17, 1995

Alex Rocco guests as Gloria's father who suddenly appears after 30 years and wants to reconcile.

Enemies: A Love Story
S02E11 · Enemies: A Love Story

Jan 06, 1996

Hope feels left out when Gloria becomes friends with Louie's new girlfriend and Dennis wants to write new lyrics to the National Anthem.

The Man Upstairs
S02E12 · The Man Upstairs

Jan 13, 1996

The girls attempt to have their noisy new neighbor evicted from their building but change their minds when they discover he is handsome, charming and single.

Danny, Oh Boy
S02E13 · Danny, Oh Boy

Jan 20, 1996

Hope and Gloria compete for the attentions of their new neighbor and employ Louis to find out which one he prefers. Dennis and Gwillem fight for a preferred parking space.

A New York Story
S02E14 · A New York Story

Feb 03, 1996

The girls decide to be "two gals on the go," and go to New York for the weekend.

Tainted Love
S02E15 · Tainted Love

Feb 10, 1996

Gloria suspects Hope's new boyfriend might be married and Dennis endorses a product that is found unsafe.

One Sorry Mother
S02E16 · One Sorry Mother

Mar 16, 1996

A torrential rainstorm closes the airport jeopardizing the appearance of 500 celebrities that Hope lined up for Dennis's 5000th episode.

A Sentimental Education
S02E17 · A Sentimental Education

Mar 23, 1996

Gloria accepts a date with a haughty British professor who accompanies her to an embarrassing rehearsal of the play Pygmalion in which Hope is starring as Eliza.

The Art of the Deal
S02E18 · The Art of the Deal

Mar 30, 1996

Gwillem fires Hope when she pushes for a pay raise and Louis tries his market his new invention: double sided carpeting.

Sit Down, You're Rockin' the Funicular
S02E19 · Sit Down, You're Rockin' the Funicular

Apr 06, 1996

Hope convinces a claustrophobic Gloria to accompany her to an Octoberfest in the mountains but while traveling up in a cable car it malfunctions.

Note to Self
S02E20 · Note to Self

Apr 13, 1996

Gloria reads a letter she wrote to herself 15 years ago that detail her goals in life and realizes that he has not met any.

Baby Love
S02E21 · Baby Love

Apr 20, 1996

Jeffrey announces that he and his new wife are expecting so Hope decides she wants to be a mother and searched the internet for a father.

Come Back Lil' Tina
S02E22 · Come Back Lil' Tina

Jun 22, 1996

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Hope & Gloria Season 2 (1995) is released on Sep 24, 1995 and the latest season 2 of Hope & Gloria is released in 1995. Watch Hope & Gloria online - the English Comedy TV series from United States. Hope & Gloria is directed by Alan Rafkin,Michael Lembeck,Steve Zuckerman,Peter Baldwin and created by Dean Batali with Cynthia Stevenson and Jessica Lundy.

As know as:

Silver Girls, Hope & Gloria


United States



Production Companies:

Warner Bros. Television

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