Episodes (10)

Top Five Heartbreaks
S01E01 · Top Five Heartbreaks

Feb 14, 2020

After a first date gone wrong with nice guy, record store owner Rob Brooks recounts her Top Five Heartbreaks and a recent emotional run in with her past.

Track 2
S01E02 · Track 2

Feb 14, 2020

Rob stews over her recent encounter with Mac and builds a secret playlist. Simon and Cherise take Rob to a concert, where she meets the lead singer, Liam - who might just be the distraction she needs.

What Fucking Lily Girl?
S01E03 · What Fucking Lily Girl?

Feb 14, 2020

Rob obsesses over Cameron's big news about Mac, falling deeper into the rabbit hole when Cameron lets slip another detail that makes things worse for Rob. She finally finds sympathy for her predicament in an unexpected place.

Good Luck and Goodbye
S01E04 · Good Luck and Goodbye

Feb 14, 2020

In hopes of understanding why her relationships continue to fail, Rob decides to track down her All-Time Top Five Most Memorable Heartbreaks, finally confronting Mac about their unfinished business.

S01E05 · Uptown

Feb 14, 2020

Rob receives a call about a rare record collection and calls up her friend Clyde to join her on an adventure up town. But is friendship really what either of them wants.

Weird... But Warm
S01E06 · Weird... But Warm

Feb 14, 2020

Rob reconnects with Liam when he returns from tour. His band has blown up and Rob is caught in the fantasy of dating a musician. But the reality of what Clyde is offering acts as a counterweight.

Me Time
S01E07 · Me Time

Feb 14, 2020

Rob has a run in with Mac and his fiancée, Lily at Cameron's "Last Hurrah" party. She calls Clyde for back up, but things get complicated when true feelings rise to the surface.

Ballad of the Lonesome Loser
S01E08 · Ballad of the Lonesome Loser

Feb 14, 2020

It's Simon's turn to recount his Top 5 Most Memorable Heartbreaks. This might explain why he's been so nervous around his Barista crush and his jaded outlook on love.

Fun Rob
S01E09 · Fun Rob

Feb 14, 2020

A milestone birthday forces Rob to confront her past and the demise of her relationship with Mac.

The Other Side of the Rock
S01E10 · The Other Side of the Rock

Feb 14, 2020

Rob reflects on the night of her birthday, where we learn she finally got clarity on her feelings about Mac. Cam and Nikki's baby finally arrives, prompting Rob to finally take a chance and go after what she really wants.


High Fidelity Season 1 (2020) is released on Feb 14, 2020. Watch High Fidelity online - the English Comedy TV series from United States. High Fidelity is directed by Jeffrey Reiner,Andrew DeYoung,Natasha Lyonne,Chioke Nassor and created by Solomon Georgio with Zoë Kravitz and Jake Lacy. High Fidelity is available online on Hulu and Apple iTunes.

A fan of music, pop culture, and Top Five lists runs a local record store in her hometown. An adaptation of Nick Hornby's novel "High Fidelity."

As know as:

Alta Fidelidade, Бивши гаджета, ハイ・フィデリティ, Меломанка, High Fidelity


United States



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Production Companies:

ABC Signature, Midnight Radio

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Andi Zeisler
Bitch Media
...High Fidelity is an update that feels timely while remaining true to much of its source materials' ultimately softhearted optimism.
by rottentomatoes, Jul 22, 2020
Kylie Northover
The Age (Australia)
Despite looking effortlessly cool, Kravit manages to embody the slacker superfan perfectly; she's both annoyingly self-pitying and relatable (particularly to those of us who have ended relationships on the basis of bad record collections).
by rottentomatoes, Jun 17, 2020
Chad Jones
San Francisco Chronicle
Just as the ultra-magnetic Kravitz has sizzling chemistry with Ben-Adir, she has a warm, realistic camaraderie with Randolph and Holmes.
by rottentomatoes, Mar 26, 2020

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