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Een nieuwe wind
S02E01 · Een nieuwe wind

Jan 22, 2005

After their department's debacle, Guido resigns and recommends Michel as his successor to Nallaert. The hand-over is even messier then usual, causing a fake birthday party as cover-up for the still unannounced promotion. Meanwhile the US owner orders Nallaerts to replace Protus, who took an indefinite break, with his originally Flemish confident Bert 'Bucky' Laplasse. His interview totally undermines Michel's confidence, which already shrunk now the shoe of responsibility is on the eternal know-it-all's own foot.

De evaluatie
S02E02 · De evaluatie

Jan 29, 2005

While the administrative department is still getting used to Michel as their boss, his boss Bucky keeps confusing everyone by sneakily probing for social dynamics. The old mates get stressed out, even Franky's loyalty to Michel seems wavering. Open-minded Freek enjoys this new change, Franky's sense of humor is the object of speculations. Smoldering resentments, like Sammy against Hans, are laid bare. Michel feels threatened, and indeed Bucky actually focuses on him.

De NV Drets
S02E03 · De NV Drets

Feb 05, 2005

Arrogant liar Bucky's crazy management style mind games continue to disrupt the department. For the team it's when and where to wear the non-obligatory 'Bucky's team' caps he gave them. For supervisor Michel it's the mission to start networking and elaborate his personal image, from motto ' a friend behind the red tape' to beard grooming. Franky gets permission to revive the trio's trivial quiz, now during breaks in the whole department on a voluntary basis.

S02E04 · Lesley

Feb 12, 2005

When Alain realizes Sammy feels excludes, he, Freek and Linda join the birdwatcher on a trip in the wood, where they spot a rare species. Bucky's next cruel trick on Michel is a 'courage test' in the same wood, which finally pushes him over the limit of servile respect, but only shortly. Meanwhile Michel leaves in Guido's care the artificial 'baby' his pregnant wife Sonja made him mind.

Het feest
S02E05 · Het feest

Feb 19, 2005

Bucky forbids Michel's first functional initiative. Alain's birthday surprise for Liesje is mistaken by bitch Linda for perversion. Liesje invites colleagues for her private birthday dance party. As Bucky brags about being asked by Linda, Michel has to get himself invited. Sammy is happy with his bird watchers band of four. Franky feels too guilty about the virtual baby that he dares not oppose canceling the quiz.

Het einde
S02E06 · Het einde

Feb 26, 2005

As booze flows on the party, so do emotions, but most have a good time. So did Michel, until he discovered Bycky's gift for Liesje is a picture of him bare-butt on the pole. Alain finally gets over his Isabella break-up and decisively pushes Freek to find true love with Liesje. On Monday, Bucky closes the trap he has been preparing all this team for Michel. However Nallaerts isn't easily persuaded, and finds out something crucial.


Het eiland Season 2 (2005) is released on Jan 22, 2005 and the latest season 2 of Het eiland is released in 2005. Watch Het eiland online - the Dutch Comedy TV series from Belgium. Het eiland is directed by Jan Eelen and created by Jan Eelen with Frank Focketyn and Wim Opbrouck.

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Het eiland





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Belgische Radio en Televisie (BRT), Woestijnvis

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