Episodes (14)

Governor Frontenac
S02E01 · Governor Frontenac

Jun 28, 1992

New France, under the leadership of French governor Louis de Buade de Frontenac, repels the British invasion at the Battle of Quebec (1690).

S02E02 · Midwife

Jun 28, 1992

A look at the importance of midwives in early Canada.

Agnes Macphail
S02E03 · Agnes Macphail

Jun 28, 1992

The first woman to be elected to the Canadian House of Commons Agnes Macphail fights for penal reform.

Emily Carr
S02E04 · Emily Carr

Jun 28, 1992

The British Columbia painter discovers the artistic muse that will drive her life's work.

Joseph Tyrrell
S02E05 · Joseph Tyrrell

Jun 28, 1992

Geologist and cartographer Joseph Tyrrell discovers a plethora of dinosaur bones in Alberta.

S02E06 · Basketball

Jun 28, 1992

Sports coach James Naismith's invention of Basketball is tested by a group of young students in Springfield Illinois.

Saguenay Fire
S02E07 · Saguenay Fire

Jun 28, 1992

One family's quick thinking helps them to survive the 1870 fire in the Saguenay, Quebec.

Joseph Casavant
S02E08 · Joseph Casavant

Jun 28, 1992

Joseph Casavant, world renowned organ maker, builds his first organ.

Jean Nicolet
S02E09 · Jean Nicolet

Jun 28, 1992

French coureur des bois and explorer Jean Nicolet becomes the first European to reach Lake Michigan, but thinks it's the Pacific.

S02E10 · Peacemaker

Jun 28, 1992

The formation of the Iroquois Confederacy presented by a First Nations grandfather explaining the significance of the Great Peace to his granddaughter.

Rural Teacher
S02E11 · Rural Teacher

Jun 28, 1992

Teacher Kate Henderson sways school trustees to embrace new methods, and the event is represented in the famous painting by Robert Harris: A Meeting of the School Trustees.

Emily Murphy
S02E12 · Emily Murphy

Jun 28, 1992

Women's rights activist, jurist, and author Emily Murphy's quest for equal rights for women.

S02E13 · Vikings

Jun 28, 1992

L'Anse aux Meadows in Newfoundland is settled by Norsemen (Vikings) around the year 1000 CE.

Baldwin & LaFontaine
S02E14 · Baldwin & LaFontaine

Jun 28, 1992

Lawyer and politician Robert Baldwin and Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine build inter-lingual cooperation.


Heritage Minutes Season 2 (1992) is released on Jun 28, 1992 and the latest season 8 of Heritage Minutes is released in 2022. Watch Heritage Minutes online - the English Short TV series from Canada. Heritage Minutes is directed by Richard Ciupka,Grant Harvey,Jean-Claude Lebrecque,Tess Girard and created by Davida Aronovitch with Katherine Trowell and Aidan Devine.

As know as:

Les Minutes du Patrimoine(French, Alternative Title), ヘリテッジ・ミニット(Japanese), ヘリテッジ・ミニット, Heritage Minutes, Heritage Minutes(English)




English, French

Production Companies:

Historica Canada

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