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Lovely Always: Part 1
S02E01 · Lovely Always: Part 1

Oct 27, 1993

John and Georgie are moving to John's home town to restart the town's newspaper. John has an idealistic view of his home town but things have changed since he was last at home and he is having a lot of trouble adjusting.

Lovely Always: Part 2
S02E02 · Lovely Always: Part 2

Oct 27, 1993

Elliot's show and tell goes well until Georgie starts doing a native dance. John, Georgie and Billy Bob bare their soul to Madeline. John is worried that Georgie isn't going to fit in but he finally comes to terms with his new home.

S02E03 · Moonlighting

Nov 03, 1993

John, Georgie and Billy Bob are having trouble getting work until they're offered jobs at the local high school. Reed offers to fund the newspaper with the money needed but they feel the price might be too high.

The Great Depression
S02E04 · The Great Depression

Nov 10, 1993

The principal sacks John, Georgie and Billy Bob for their work in the school cafeteria being substandard. They are are all depressed and little things cause them to be upset. With reservations, they decide to accept Reed's offer of money.

First Edition
S02E05 · First Edition

Nov 17, 1993

The newspaper has started and there are other startup issues. Billy Bob is not happy being the social reporter and the employment of a big breasted receptionist has Georgie upset. She insists on employing the printer.

String of Pearls
S02E06 · String of Pearls

Nov 24, 1993

It's John and Georgie's first anniversary and they are looking for ways to celebrate. Madeline and Billy Bob are making them a special dinner and John is going to give Georgie a string of pearls that is a family heirloom.

The Stud Club
S02E07 · The Stud Club

Dec 08, 1993

Georgie is feeling down a bit because there are no big stories she can cover. It's Lonnie's birthday and he asks a girl out but she cancels. He decides to ask Vicki instead. They all go out for a night on the town that doesn't go well.

Blue Christmas
S02E08 · Blue Christmas

Dec 15, 1993

John and Billy Bob are waiting for the kids to return from their mothers for Christmas. Georgie is upset that she won't have any family as her father is stuck in Canada by the weather, but then finds out that she is pregnant.

True Confessions
S02E09 · True Confessions

Dec 29, 1993

Billy Bob and Madeline have a bet to lose 10 pounds with a diet. John is refused company health insurance because of a severe health problem. John and Billy Bob have a fight over an old girlfriend, and then Georgie and John have a fight.

Accelerated Dating
S02E10 · Accelerated Dating

Jan 12, 1994

John is astonished about how mature Ben is about girls. Billy Bob is hit upon by a woman and he is very happy initially. She is in favour of accelerated dating but she is too aggressive for Billy Bob. He asks Madeline for help.

Sweet Revenge
S02E11 · Sweet Revenge

Jan 19, 1994

Madeline's ex husband is getting married and it reminds her of how upset she was with him. So they come up with a way to get back at him. The children do a play satirising what the adults are doing, which makes the them think.

The Sons of Sissy-Whatsis
S02E12 · The Sons of Sissy-Whatsis

Feb 02, 1994

Madeline takes her teenage group on a camp with Georgie and Carson, which doesn't end well. John, Billy Bob and Lonnie volunteer to be the leaders of a new scout troop and also go on a camp, but the boys need constant pampering.

Fatal Traction
S02E13 · Fatal Traction

Feb 09, 1994

Georgie's pregnancy is progressing but Elliot is not happy about it. Lonnie is in a car accident, hit by cars being driven by Billy Bob and Madeline. As he needs assistance, the Hartmans put him up in a bed set up in the lounge.

Sleepless in a Small Town
S02E14 · Sleepless in a Small Town

Mar 28, 1994

John and Billy Bob go to a private men's club called GPDN and Georgie is not happy. They convince Lonnie to go undercover with a recorder to find out about the club, which is an anticlimax when they find out what GPDN stands for.

Do the Limbaugh
S02E15 · Do the Limbaugh

Apr 11, 1994

Rush Limbaugh is coming to town on a book signing tour and Georgie writes an editorial critical of him. Rush rings up Georgie and wants to debate with her on the radio. There is an obvious attraction between them.

Love in the Afternoon
S02E16 · Love in the Afternoon

Apr 18, 1994

The Hartman's have a party with John's Aunt Grace and Billy Bob's mother livening it up but also making it very crowded. When John and Georgie, looking for some privacy, make out in a store dressing room they get arrested.

The Big Yes
S02E17 · The Big Yes

Apr 25, 1994

Madeline is given the opportunity to inspect a time-share resort. She offers to take John, Georgie and Billy Bob for holiday. What John and Billy Bob weren't told is that it is a singles resort and that they will have four other singles with them. They also have to complete a number of activities in order to get their return plane tickets. Things get worse when they do a computer check and find out John and Georgie are married. Unfortunately, it is up to Lonnie to save them.


Hearts Afire Season 2 (1993) is released on Oct 27, 1993 and the latest season 3 of Hearts Afire is released in 1994. Watch Hearts Afire online - the English Comedy TV series from United States. Hearts Afire is directed by Harry Thomason,James Hampton,Steve Gerbson,Dennis Redfield and created by Linda Bloodworth-Thomason with John Ritter and Markie Post. Hearts Afire is available online on Hoopla and Tubi TV.

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Al senador, ni caso, Hearts Afire, Hearts Afire(English), Hearts Afire(French), Staatsaffären


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