Episodes (22)

Where's Charlie
S05E01 · Where's Charlie

Sep 11, 1990

When Mr. Moore gets a job in a touring company, he leaves the school and the IHP gets a new teacher, Billy MacGregor. Dennis chooses not to welcome him. While Arvid thinks he's the man.

Twelve Angry Nerds
S05E02 · Twelve Angry Nerds

Sep 18, 1990

Alan cheats in order to become valedictorian.

The Heartbreak Nerd
S05E03 · The Heartbreak Nerd

Sep 25, 1990

Viki discovers she's attracted to Arvid Engen.

And Then There Were None
S05E04 · And Then There Were None

Oct 02, 1990

Arvid tries to infect his classmates in order to protect his perfect attendance record.

Getting Personal
S05E05 · Getting Personal

Oct 09, 1990

Billy decides to try finding a date in the personal ads.

Napoleon Blown Apart
S05E06 · Napoleon Blown Apart

Oct 16, 1990

Billy tries to teach French while Eric finds himself stranded in Paris.

Billy's Big One
S05E07 · Billy's Big One

Oct 23, 1990

As a protest over health insurance, Billy fakes a heart attack.

Dead Men Don't Wear Pocket Protectors: Part 1
S05E08 · Dead Men Don't Wear Pocket Protectors: Part 1

Oct 30, 1990

After he is bullied at school, Arvid buys a gun.

Dead Men Don't Wear Pocket Protectors: Part 2
S05E09 · Dead Men Don't Wear Pocket Protectors: Part 2

Nov 06, 1990

After Arvid scares a bully away with a gun, the bully turns the tide by stealing the gun from Arvid's locker and threatening him.

Fillmore vs. Billy Jeans
S05E10 · Fillmore vs. Billy Jeans

Nov 13, 1990

The IHP get lost driving back from an academic bowl and stop at a truck stop. After the students insult everything from a festival to the character and intelligence of the locals, Billy pits the two sides in game show-style competition.

Be My Baby... Sitter
S05E11 · Be My Baby... Sitter

Nov 20, 1990

Jasper's parents thinking of him as a child won't let him alone so they get a babysitter. And the person who shows up is Sarah. And he pretends that he has a sibling. And that's when they get close.

Dancing Fools
S05E12 · Dancing Fools

Nov 27, 1990

Billy and Bernadette take dance lessons.

My Son the Primate
S05E13 · My Son the Primate

Dec 04, 1990

When Arvid "rescues" a chimp from a pet store, the IHP stages a mock court room hearing to aggressively plead with the store owner not to sell the chimp. The only problem is they confuse the store owner with an evaluator from the Board of Education.

The Importance of Being Alex
S05E14 · The Importance of Being Alex

Dec 11, 1990

Alex lies to his friends about his relationship with Simone.

Viki's Torn Genes
S05E15 · Viki's Torn Genes

Dec 18, 1990

Viki finds her birth-mother with Billy's help but her happiness doesn't last long.

The Last Waltz
S05E16 · The Last Waltz

Jan 08, 1991

It's prom time. Billy catches TJ cheating for her ex-boyfriend.

Most Likely to Be Forgotten
S05E17 · Most Likely to Be Forgotten

Jan 15, 1991

Simone tries to get the right caption for Eric in the yearbook. Billy is concerned that Eric would rather be forgotten when Dr. Samuels leaves out Eric's name on the trophy.

The Strange Case of Randy McNally
S05E18 · The Strange Case of Randy McNally

May 28, 1991

In order to save Dennis from punishment, Billy creates a fictional student that ends up winning a college scholarship.

My Dinner with Darlene
S05E19 · My Dinner with Darlene

Jun 04, 1991

Darlene invites the class to a fancy dinner. Her credit card gets declined. In reality, her family is falling apart.

The Phantom of the Glee Club
S05E20 · The Phantom of the Glee Club

Jun 11, 1991

Billy is put in charge of the school musical. Monica quits when Billy allows everybody to sing. An operatic voice comes out of the air duct. Billy proclaims it to be the Phantom of Fillmore High and later discovers that it's T.J.

It Couldn't Last Forever: Part 1
S05E21 · It Couldn't Last Forever: Part 1

Jun 18, 1991

Dr. Samuels is facing early retirement. Fillmore High is closing. The classmates have to deal with their impending departures. Billy plans to propose to Miss Meara. Sarah makes T.J. the valedictorian.

It Couldn't Last Forever: Part 2
S05E22 · It Couldn't Last Forever: Part 2

Jun 25, 1991

As graduation approaches, Eric proposes to Simone and a typo sends a demolition crew to the school. An angry T.J. plans to tank the valedictorian speech. Janice returns to join the graduating class.


Head of the Class Season 5 (1990) is released on Sep 11, 1990 and the latest season 5 of Head of the Class is released in 1990. Watch Head of the Class online - the English Comedy TV series from United States. Head of the Class is directed by Art Dielhenn,Lee Shallat Chemel,Alan Rosen,Howard Storm and created by Michael Elias with William G. Schilling and Jeannetta Arnette. Head of the Class is available online on Freevee and Amazon Video.

As know as:

Uma Turma Genial, Head of the Class(English), Head of the Class(French), Ganz große Klasse, Head of the Class


United States



Production Companies:

Eustis Elias Productions, Warner Bros. Television

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