Episodes (18)

The Arrival
S01E01 · The Arrival

Jan 12, 1991

The Henderson family return from their vacation and find out they took an eight foot sasquatch named Harry with them. They decide to nurse him, and they end up letting him stay with them.

The Day After
S01E02 · The Day After

Jan 19, 1991

Harry's need for attention takes its toll on the Hendersons, especially George, who bigfoot-sits while preparing a work assignment.

S01E03 · Cool

Jan 26, 1991

Harry feels uncomfortable in the Henderson home so he decides to run away.

Harry Goes Home
S01E04 · Harry Goes Home

Feb 02, 1991

The family takes Harry back to the woods, only to discover that his home territory has been clearcut. Meanwhile, Ernie doesn't want Harry to go away.

Whose Forest Is It Anyway?
S01E05 · Whose Forest Is It Anyway?

Feb 09, 1991

The family takes Harry back to the woods, only to discover that his home territory has been clearcut. Meanwhile, Ernie doesn't want Harry to go away.

The Father-Son Game
S01E06 · The Father-Son Game

Feb 16, 1991

George recruits Ken Griffey Jr. in a plan to spark Ernie's interest in baseball.

Baggin' the Big One
S01E07 · Baggin' the Big One

Feb 23, 1991

A British explorer, the son of a famous hunter, wants to outshine his father. In order to do that, he plans to bag Harry.

Harry the Hero
S01E08 · Harry the Hero

Mar 02, 1991

The Hendersons try to close down an animal research lab after finding an escapee, a scruffy dog, on their doorstep.

Roots: The Herb
S01E09 · Roots: The Herb

Mar 09, 1991

Harry and a Native American medicine man try to cure George's knee but he is reckless.

The Mentor
S01E10 · The Mentor

Mar 16, 1991

The only doctor who can help a dying Harry is an elderly anthropologist whose theories about Bigfoot were stamped out.

The Bodyguard
S01E11 · The Bodyguard

Mar 23, 1991

Ernie uses Harry's formidable size and strength in a plan to retrieve a pair of sneakers taken by the school bully.

Harry and the Homeless Man
S01E12 · Harry and the Homeless Man

Apr 06, 1991

Harry befriends a homeless intruder who reveals that he built the Hendersons' house. Meanwhile, the Hendersons are celebrating a birthday.

Harry Goes Ape
S01E13 · Harry Goes Ape

Apr 20, 1991

A football legend visits the Hendersons' house along with his wife who is wearing a fur. Harry thinks that the fur is a dead person and decides to bury it.

Pet Psychic
S01E14 · Pet Psychic

Apr 27, 1991

When Harry hides Nancy's diamond ring, the Hendersons ask a pet psychic to read Harry's mind.

The Bigfoot Who Ate Seattle
S01E15 · The Bigfoot Who Ate Seattle

May 04, 1991

A monster film director wants a permission from the Hendersons to use Harry in one of his films.

Harry, the Masked Wrestler
S01E16 · Harry, the Masked Wrestler

May 11, 1991

George asks wrestler "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan to judge a benefit match featuring the debut of reluctant wrestler "Bigfoot Man."

When Harry Met Sammy
S01E17 · When Harry Met Sammy

May 18, 1991

When Tiffany brings Harry home, George and Nancy tell Samantha the truth, whetting her appetite for a good news story.

Harry and the Cheerleaders
S01E18 · Harry and the Cheerleaders

May 25, 1991

When three Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders come to town on a mascot search, Ernie dreams that he loses his pal Harry to stardom.


Harry and the Hendersons Season 1 (1991) is released on Jan 12, 1991 and the latest season 3 of Harry and the Hendersons is released in 1992. Watch Harry and the Hendersons online - the English Comedy TV series from United States. Harry and the Hendersons is directed by Lee Lochhead,Nick Havinga,Frank Bonner,Howard Murray and created by Alan Moskowitz with Bruce Davison and Molly Cheek.

As know as:

Harry and the Hendersons(English), Harry and the Hendersons(French), Harry ja Hendersonit, Harry et les Henderson, Bigfoot und die Hendersons


United States



Production Companies:

Amblin Entertainment, Universal Television

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