Episodes (8)

S01E01 · Pilot

Mar 24, 1985

Joe Pesci stars as a much decorated former New York undercover cop who sells his story to Hollywood. After failing a screen test to play himself because of his short stature, Nelson becomes a private detective in Beverly Hills.

The Deadly Vase
S01E02 · The Deadly Vase

Mar 29, 1985

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Uppers and Downers
S01E03 · Uppers and Downers

Apr 05, 1985

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Diplomatic Inmunity
S01E04 · Diplomatic Inmunity

Apr 12, 1985

Rocky attempts to break an auto theft ring after Kurt and Beau land in jail.

Nose Job
S01E05 · Nose Job

Apr 19, 1985

An actress hires Rocky to protect her from a stalker while she films her television series.

Chariots for Hire
S01E06 · Chariots for Hire

Apr 26, 1985

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The Beverly Hills Princess
S01E07 · The Beverly Hills Princess

May 10, 1985

Rocky gains and uninvited assistant when a precocious 14 year old girl dogs his steps in the pursuit of blackmailers who set up her father in a murder case

Malibu Colony
S01E08 · Malibu Colony

May 10, 1985

Rocky infiltrates a beach club, with a Beau and Kurt disguises waiters, as he out cons a smooth con artist who cheated cards


Half Nelson Season 1 (1985) is released on Mar 24, 1985. Watch Half Nelson online - the English Comedy TV series from United States. Half Nelson is directed by Alan Cooke,James Sheldon,Bernard McEveety,Arthur Allan Seidelman and created by Glen A. Larson with Joe Pesci and Dick Butkus.

As know as:

Mezzo Pollice, Half Nelson, Half Nelson(French)


United States



Production Companies:

20th Century Fox Television, Glen A. Larson Productions

Cast & Crew

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