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Hackers Back in Action
S02E01 · Hackers Back in Action

Aug 18, 2015

Brooke and Kevin cook lasagna in a dishwasher, go back in time to discover some of history's earliest hacks, and learn how to hack breakfast using power tools.

Dr. Hack to the Rescue
S02E02 · Dr. Hack to the Rescue

Aug 25, 2015

Brooke and Kevin take hacking to the streets, as they enlist the public to find out whether an electrocuted hot dog is hack or wack. Plus, they'll referee the ultimate couch race using the best hacks for moving furniture, welcome a pair of old socks to the all-star club, and learn how a bra is actually a hack from history. But watch out! There's a new doctor in town on this episode of Hack My Life with his own hacks to save the day.

Lend Me a Hack
S02E03 · Lend Me a Hack

Sep 01, 2015

Our dynamic duo discovers how to hack vodka to taste like top shelf, explores the origin of gin and tonic with Hacks from History, and welcomes a tennis ball into the exclusive All Star club.

Battle of the Bags
S02E04 · Battle of the Bags

Sep 08, 2015

Battle of the Bags: Kevin and Brooke host the ultimate Battle of the Bags, as they discover the best hacks for carrying groceries. Plus, they'll get tips from the newest Hack Hero, learn how to get a great workout without ever leaving the office, welcome a rubber glove into the All Star Club, and explore hacks from history with the original Hack Master: Benjamin Franklin.

Hacking the Brain
S02E05 · Hacking the Brain

Sep 15, 2015

Kevin and Brooke search for the ultimate lipstick hack, explore beeswax as a waterproofing technique, and welcome an old tire into the All-Star Club. Plus, this week's "Hack Master" will go to the extreme by hacking Kevin's brain.

S02E06 · Beard-Off

Sep 22, 2015

Kevin and Brooke put the best shaving hacks to the test in the ultimate beard-off, and find out if using a drill to eat corn is hack or wack. Plus, they'll welcome toothpaste into the All-Star Club and use pencil lead to make a light bulb.

Hacking Your Golden Years
S02E07 · Hacking Your Golden Years

Sep 29, 2015

Explore hacks for all ages, from staying clean while eating ribs, to staying young in your golden years. Plus, watch hacks for making soap and hanging shelves, and get ready to welcome the twist tie to the All Star Club.

The Hack Super Villain
S02E08 · The Hack Super Villain

Oct 06, 2015

Brooke and Kevin discover the best hacks for stretching out shoes and removing coffee stains. Plus, they'll welcome hangers into the All Star Club, explore the most delicious hack from history, and meet the newest Hack Hero.

Graphite Man
S02E09 · Graphite Man

Oct 13, 2015

Brooke and Kevin learn how to get zippers unstuck with the help of Graphite Man, and find out if a lawnmower made out of a bike is hack or wack. Plus, they'll test the best hacks for brushing your teeth when you forget your toothbrush.

The Hacks of LIfe
S02E10 · The Hacks of LIfe

Oct 20, 2015

Learn how to get gum out of your hair and how to survive a zombie apocalypse. Plus, welcome a broomstick to the All Star Club, find out the real way to remove permanent marker, and discover a new Hack from History: the lawnmower.

Hacks for Work and Play
S02E11 · Hacks for Work and Play

Apr 05, 2016

Brooke and Kevin discover the best - and most unconventional - ways to inflate a basketball with the help of some professional players, explore the birth of the fanny pack in Hacks from History, and end up with an explosion on their hands from just a piece of fruit. Plus, Pitchman uncovers the best ways to unclog drains, pit cherries, and grate cheese, all with items you already own.

The Next Level of Hacking
S02E12 · The Next Level of Hacking

Mar 29, 2016

Hack My Life is back to take hacking to the next level! Brooke and Kevin explore hacks for getting special treatment at a restaurant, and Broke Ass Bob finds hacks to save you money. Plus, become your very own sushi chef.

Hack the Home and Beyond
S02E13 · Hack the Home and Beyond

Apr 12, 2016

Brooke and Kevin reveal the ultimate hands-free mower, find hacks for carpet stains, hack a chandelier and learn from pros Becky and Broke Ass Bob.

Game the System
S02E14 · Game the System

Apr 19, 2016

Brooke and Kevin test the most effective hacks for buying a used car, and the newest Hack Master reveals a mind-blowing technique for taking out the trash.

Dr. Hack Is Back
S02E15 · Dr. Hack Is Back

Apr 26, 2016

Dr. Hack is back with tips for treating medical maladies. Plus, Broke Ass Bob hacks moving in together, Kevin tests a homemade tanning blend, and Brooke reveals the Lazy Cook's latest endeavor: homemade microwaved potato chips.

From Free Parking to Peeling Eggs
S02E16 · From Free Parking to Peeling Eggs

May 03, 2016

From Free Parking to Peeling Eggs: Brooke and Kevin take gaming the system to new heights as they test the best social hacks for getting free parking. Plus, Kevin enlists the help of three chefs to find the best hack for peeling eggs, Brooke uncovers the secret to reversing shrinking sweaters, and Pitch Man shares the best hacks for cooking like a pro without needing any fancy appliances.

The Secret to Hacking
S02E17 · The Secret to Hacking

May 10, 2016

Brooke and Kevin test the best hacks for beating a motion detector. Plus, secrets for hacking French manicures and beach hair, keeping your dog off the lawn, and making a frittata out of leftover pizza are revealed.

The Doctor Is In
S02E18 · The Doctor Is In

May 17, 2016

Dr. Hack is back with the most unexpected ways to cure burns, toothaches, and migraines. Plus, Kevin and Brooke test the best hacks for maintaining rock star hair, cooking an omelet in a bag, and gaming the carnival system.

Hack Nanny Saves the Day
S02E19 · Hack Nanny Saves the Day

May 24, 2016

Hack Nanny returns with the best parenting tips and tricks, and Broke Ass Bob figures out how to hack his own day spa. Plus, Brooke hacks homemade pizza bites, and Kevin drinks juice without taking it out of the fridge.

The Hack House
S02E20 · The Hack House

May 31, 2016

The Hack House: Brooke and Kevin test their craziest hack yet: cooking a three-course meal under the hood of a car...while driving! Plus, Kevin finds out who can spot his fresh breath hack, and one family spends three months living in a Hack House.

Brooke & Kevin's Hack-Stravaganza
S02E21 · Brooke & Kevin's Hack-Stravaganza

Jun 07, 2016

Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot.

Epic Hack Battles
S02E22 · Epic Hack Battles

Jun 14, 2016

Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot.

Most Delicious Hacks
S02E23 · Most Delicious Hacks

Jun 21, 2016

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Hack Hall of Fame
S02E24 · Hack Hall of Fame

Jun 28, 2016

Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot.


Hack My Life Season 2 (2015) is released on Aug 18, 2015 and the latest season 6 of Hack My Life is released in 2018. Watch Hack My Life online - the Spanish Comedy TV series from United States. Hack My Life is directed by Phillip Van,Blake Webster and created by Mike Camerlengo with Kevin Pereira and Brooke van Poppelen. Hack My Life is available online on HBO Max and HBO Max Amazon Channel.

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Hack My Life, Hack My Life(English), Hack My Life(French), Arreglame la vida(Latin), Arreglame la vida


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