Episodes (2)

Goku: Midnight Eye
S01E01 · Goku: Midnight Eye

Sep 18, 2002

Goku takes on an accountant with mechanical hand who has something his client needs. He then teams up with policewoman Yoko to investigate a string of bizarre suicides of cops who were investigating a mysterious crime boss.

Goku: Midnight Eye II
S01E02 · Goku: Midnight Eye II

Dec 22, 1989

Desperate Ryouko hires Goku to stop her brother Ryuu, an increasingly unstable, rampaging cyborg bent on revenge against their sadistic army father who ran the military experiment that turned Ryuu into an unstoppable killing machine.


Goku Midnight Eye (also know as Midnight Eye: Gokû) Season 1 (1989) is released on Sep 18, 2002. Watch Goku Midnight Eye online - the Japanese Animation TV series from Japan. Goku Midnight Eye is directed by Yoshiaki Kawajiri and created by Buichi Terasawa with Juji Matsuda and Norio Wakamoto. Goku Midnight Eye is available online on Tubi TV and Retrocrush.

As know as:

Midnight Eye: Gokû, Midnight Eye: Gokû, Goku Midnight Eye(Working Title), Goku Midnight Eye(English), Midnight Eye: Gokû(French)





Production Companies:

Sukora, Terasawa Productions, Toei Animation

Cast & Crew

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