Episodes (8)

S01E01 · #Startup

Aug 25, 2017

Meet @Gaurav, part Steve Jobs, part not. Maverick, visionary, social media master and digital guru. He 's the CEO of Going Viral Pvt Ltd, India 's only viral video company. He 'll take us through what trends on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and throw us into a sea of social media. In which he 's drowning, personally, financially. What will save him?

S01E02 · #Interruptions

Aug 25, 2017

Shiv Mathur, a client, saves Going Viral Pvt. Limited with cash and an odd request. Can he combine equity advice and making bird noises? Will that make him more popular or less? When things take a terrible turn, Mathur has a choice to make.

S01E03 · #Love

Aug 25, 2017

Vresh, a client, comes in with a cute request. Can he do something that makes his girlfriend Sasha trend as a surprise present? Going Viral go all out to do whatever it takes, including convincing Vresh that he needs to push the boundaries when he flounders about his own love. How does Sasha respond?

S01E04 · #Offense

Aug 25, 2017

Going Viral need ideas for a new Youtube video when they discover the in house talent of their employee Frehan to do stand up comedy. It doesn 't have to be funny @Gaurav believes, as long as it is offensive enough to spread on social media. Question is, who will take offense? Meanwhile, a new peon joins and tries hard to fit in with the old peon.

S01E05 · #Scared

Aug 25, 2017

A well known columnist comes into the company asking if they will help to catch her threatening troller. Their solution- that she move in till he 's found. At the same time, they are trying to make a video of a really popular thing on Youtube. Snakes frightening people in toilets.

S01E06 · #Democracy

Aug 25, 2017

A well known local MLA, an honest politician, the Chief Minister 's blue-eyed boy, wants social media help before his upcoming elections in 48 hours. He 's adamant about winning on policy and development but as Gaurav explains, Indian voters and Indian voters on social media- different things. Shravika, meanwhile, has some plans of her own.

S01E07 · #Marriage

Aug 25, 2017

It 's @Gaurav 's anniversary. A well known yesteryear Bollywood villain, now facing financial penury comes with his wife in a last ditch effort to regain fame and go viral. He also rude to her and ignores real fans. When unexpected events, make things trend and he does become famous again? In parallel, some bad news drops on Going Viral Pvt. Ltd.

#Things Fall Apart
S01E08 · #Things Fall Apart

Aug 25, 2017

When strategic changes at the company cause life altering decisions among all our characters, @Gaurav first refuses to believe it. And then has to confront it. And all our characters have to choose morally, financially, digitally, between who they are, what they value and what it will take to survive.


Going Viral Pvt. Ltd. Season 1 (2017) is released on Aug 25, 2017. Watch Going Viral Pvt. Ltd. online - the Hindi Comedy TV series from India. Going Viral Pvt. Ltd. is directed by Anuvab Pal and created by Anuvab Pal with Kubbra Sait and Kunaal Roy Kapur.

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