Episodes (8)

S01E01 · Everyone

Sep 15, 2014

Overton. A tiny Village in the English countryside. Farming is its bread-and-butter. Race-horses are its beating heart. But beyond the rolling hills and behind the stable doors lies a green and not-so-pleasant land... When the body of a local teenage boy is found underneath the wheels of a tractor, the villagers in this remote community - his friends - are forced to open up their world and watch their secrets spill out. Secrets that will change their particular brand of country life forever.

S01E02 · James/Janine

Sep 22, 2014

The police interview the group about the night they last saw Cal. Nobody mentions drugs and yet DCI Simson discovers some in Cal's caravan and deduces that he was dealing. James' sister Bee arrives for his eighteenth birthday though he is no mood to celebrate. She tells him he should leave the ailing farm for further education but he believes he should stay. Eli surprises Tina by coming into work as he is desperate to save a favourite horse. Though the locals mistrust Ruth single, mother of a baby girl whose father is supposedly Tina's dad a fact only Ruth and Tina ...

S01E03 · Eli/Rob

Sep 29, 2014

Janine is arrested and remanded in custody. Rob initially fails to give her an alibi but, seeing that his stalker has sent him an incriminating picture of him with Janine, he changes his story and she is released. Cal's jailbird father Thomas Bray arrives for his son's funeral, from which the travellers bar the outsiders from the village. Tempers are heated and Eli ends up fighting with his father. After the funeral Eli tries to speak to Chris, a boy who was in care with Cal, but he runs off. Ruth is still suspicious of Dominic, especially when CCTV footage shows him ...

S01E04 · Tina/Dominic

Oct 06, 2014

Whilst Janine remains in a coma, visited by her mother,Susannah, Jackie tells James that if the farm is to be saved their horse Blackout must win an upcoming race at Newbury so that it has sufficient value for a hefty sale price. However Dominic owes a gang fifty thousand pounds over a lost consignment of stolen cigarettes and asks Tina to ride Blackout and lose the race - which she does with great sadness, confessing to Eli afterwards. Eli himself goes in search of Chris but is knocked unconscious from behind by Ruth's colleague Ian. Afterwards he rescues Ruth's ...

S01E05 · James/Rob/Cal

Oct 13, 2014

Suspecting that Rob is his stalker James joins the farm's pheasant shoot as a beater, giving James drugged coffee to force him to tell the truth. In fact it makes James hallucinate, seeing Cal, who was his gay lover and who tells him to 'destroy the contract to save the farm'. Left alone Rob is confronted by his actual stalker, a mysterious girl who blames him for the loss of her sister. Whilst Tina and Eli continue to get closer Ruth visits the reclusive Sam, finding evidence that Cal would stay with him. Finding a carving of a 'white tree' she follows this up and ...

S01E06 · Rob/Tina

Oct 20, 2014

James is remanded in custody and rings Rob, who can give him an alibi. Rob tells Tina that at the time of Cal's death he and James were seeing a man who could supply Cal and James with fake passports so they could run off together. The forger is located but he eludes Rob and the police do not accept the alibi. Tina proposes marriage to Rob but he rejects her, saying that he knows she loves Eli. Later they discover the body of Ian and when Ruth interviews Tina she tells her that 'Janine' has also died. Both girls now start to believe that James is innocent.

S01E07 · Eli/Tina/Ruth

Oct 27, 2014

With Ian dead, Ruth is removed from duty; James remains in police custody; Tina makes a plan to leave town.

S01E08 · Eli/James

Nov 03, 2014

Tina is upset that Eli did not meet her to run away with and is consoled by Annie whilst Ruth reconciles with her mother. Bee comes to the farm and finds signs of a struggle and James gone - taken by Eli. Having established that Janine was responsible for Cal going into care Ruth tells Tina about Eli's confession and her belief that he is out to punish everybody who tried to separate him from his brother. Making up for old grievances they go after the boys and, when they catch up with them, discover the truth about Cal's death.


Glue Season 1 (2014) is released on Sep 15, 2014. Watch Glue online - the English Crime TV series from United Kingdom. Glue is directed by Daniel Nettheim,Olly Blackburn,Cathy Brady and created by Jack Thorne with Yasmin Paige and Jordan Stephens. Glue is available online on Amazon Prime Video and Freevee.

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Glue, Glue(French), Glue(English), 글루


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