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Joey's Train
S05E01 · Joey's Train

Sep 14, 1985

It has been three months since Chief Kanisky died, when a present he bought for Joey's birthday turns up. Meanwhile, Julie and Jonathan want to move into his bedroom, but Nell objects to this.

Ship of Fools: Part 1
S05E02 · Ship of Fools: Part 1

Sep 21, 1985

There's a major house payment that's due so everyone tries to pull all the cash they have. But it still comes up short. Later Nell's ex-husband, who says his band plays on cruise ships, asks Nell to fill in for the band's singer. Nell initially refuses but upon learning about the payment and that what she'll be payed will enough for the payment reluctantly goes and brings Addy and Joey with her.

Ship of Fools: Part 2
S05E03 · Ship of Fools: Part 2

Sep 28, 1985

Upon learning that her ex-husband is remarried to a younger woman, Nell's voice goes out, jeopardizing her earning the money needed for the house payment. The ship's doctor tells her to relax but when she tries another stressful moment befalls her.

The Man from Zoron
S05E04 · The Man from Zoron

Oct 05, 1985

While looking for dropped change at a bus stop, Joey accidentally goes out into the path of the arriving bus but is saved by a stranger. Nell and Joey invite the stranger to the house and find out that he claims to be from the planet Zoron.

Addy's Goodbye
S05E05 · Addy's Goodbye

Oct 19, 1985

Nell gives Addy the silent treatment after she discovers that Addy had a party with her colleagues and did not invite her. Nell refuses to budge even after Addy announces that she is moving to NY to accept a new position.

So Long, Jonathan
S05E06 · So Long, Jonathan

Oct 26, 1985

Julie and Jonathan's marriage faces its first true test when Jonathan is chosen for an internship in Mexico and he is adamant about Julie not going with him.

S05E07 · Mama

Nov 02, 1985

Nell's mother comes to Glenlawn to have eye surgery.

Sam's Little Girl
S05E08 · Sam's Little Girl

Nov 09, 1985

Sam volunteers as a Big Sister to a mischievous little girl who is rude to Nell.

The Elevator
S05E09 · The Elevator

Nov 16, 1985

Nell and Addy find themselves stuck in separate, adjacent elevators in the same building.

Nell's New Car
S05E10 · Nell's New Car

Nov 23, 1985

Nell buys Addy's old car. When the car starts to break down, it comes between the two of them.

Nell's Gifted Child
S05E11 · Nell's Gifted Child

Nov 30, 1985

Nell pushes Joey to achieve his potential when she receives news from a school counselor that he is a gifted child. But Joey prefers being an average fourth grader and doesn't want to take a placement test for special classes.

Katie's Apartment
S05E12 · Katie's Apartment

Dec 07, 1985

When Nell goes to visit Katie at her new apartment, she stumbles upon Katie's new beau who is a married man.

S05E13 · Snippets

Dec 14, 1985

Nell and the Kaniskys and their friends look back at the past during the Christmas season.

Second Chance: Part 1
S05E14 · Second Chance: Part 1

Jan 04, 1986

Nell agrees to sing for a band led by an ex-convict.

Second Chance: Part 2
S05E15 · Second Chance: Part 2

Jan 11, 1986

Nell and the band appear on "Hour Magazine".

Bienvenido, Jonathan
S05E16 · Bienvenido, Jonathan

Jan 18, 1986

When Jonathan returns from his trip in Mexico, he is uncharacteristically moody and will not talk about it. Julie and Nell soon find out that he has lied about going to work and fear that he may be having an affair with a fellow classmates.

The Gun
S05E17 · The Gun

Feb 01, 1986

Nell is accidentally shot in the foot after she startles Joey who is playing with the Chief's old gun. Following the incident, Nell is puzzled when Joey seems to be avoiding her and the repercussions of his actions.

A Lesson for Nell
S05E18 · A Lesson for Nell

Feb 08, 1986

Nell is up in arms when she finds out that Grandpa Kanisky is dating a woman who is the same age as her.

Pride and Prejudice
S05E19 · Pride and Prejudice

Feb 15, 1986

Nell goes to apply for a job. But the man she meets tells her that she's not what he's looking for. She assumes he's a bigot so she gets a lawyer who specializes in racial discrimination to confront him. But they find a lot of blacks working there. They find out why he doesn't want to hire Nell and the lawyer tells Nell that it's not in his purview. .

Family Reunion
S05E20 · Family Reunion

Feb 22, 1986

Nell's sister leaves her husband, she then comes to stay with Nell, meanwhile more family shows up to make Nell's life a living hell.

Getting to Know You
S05E21 · Getting to Know You

Mar 29, 1986

Nell has a big date with a foot doctor who happens to not like children. She doesn't know how to tell him about Joey and he is coming over for dinner.

Katie's Korner
S05E22 · Katie's Korner

Apr 05, 1986

Nell worries what Katie might do after a string of extremely bad luck.

Found Money
S05E23 · Found Money

May 03, 1986

Nell shares her monetary inheritance with her family and friends.

The Purse Snatcher
S05E24 · The Purse Snatcher

May 10, 1986

Nell's purse is stolen at a Greek restaurant.


Gimme a Break! Season 5 (1985) is released on Sep 14, 1985 and the latest season 6 of Gimme a Break! is released in 1986. Watch Gimme a Break! online - the English Comedy TV series from United States. Gimme a Break! is directed by Hal Cooper,Jim Drake,Linda Day,Will Mackenzie and created by Mort Lachman with Nell Carter and Lara Jill Miller.

As know as:

Gimme a Break!, Gimme a Break!(English), Allo Nelly Bobo(French), Allô Nelly bobo, La piccola grande Nell


United States



Production Companies:

Alan Landsburg Productions, Mort Lachman & Associates, Reeves Entertainment Group

Cast & Crew

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