Episodes (5)

In the Cobra's Pit
S01E01 · In the Cobra's Pit

Sep 10, 1984

Part 1 of 5. Cobra attacks a G.I. Joe convoy and steals a high-powered experimental laser to complete their latest weapon... the Weather Dominator. When the Joes launch an air assault, Destro uses the device, and it's stormy skies ahead for the Joe team.

The Vines of Evil
S01E02 · The Vines of Evil

Sep 11, 1984

Part 2 of 5. The Joe team uses an energy mirror array to counter Cobra's Weather Dominator attack on Washington, D.C. When their defense is successful, the Weather Dominator explodes in orbit, scattering its vital components across the globe.

The Palace of Doom
S01E03 · The Palace of Doom

Sep 12, 1984

Part 3 of 5. The Joe team is preparing to trek across the globe to the Island of No Return to retrieve one of the three fragments of the Weather Dominator before Destro and Cobra can get their hands on it.

Battle on the Roof of the World
S01E04 · Battle on the Roof of the World

Sep 13, 1984

While General Hawk attends a NATO meeting in Europe, Cobra infiltrates the Department Of Defense's computers and creates pandemonium at G.I. Joe Headquarters by promoting several inexperienced Joes to the rank of Colonel.

Amusement Park of Terror
S01E05 · Amusement Park of Terror

Sep 14, 1984

Storm Shadow infiltrates Joe Headquarters on a mission to steal Joe's part of the Weather Dominator while Cobra and G.I. Joe face off in the final battle outside of the Cobra Temple. Who will win in this ultimate clash of power for control of the world's weather?


G.I. Joe: The Revenge of Cobra Season 1 (1984) is released on Sep 10, 1984. Watch G.I. Joe: The Revenge of Cobra online - the English Action TV series from United States. G.I. Joe: The Revenge of Cobra is directed by Dave Brain,Kent Butterworth,Jeff Hale,Norm McCabe and created by Ron Friedman with Frank Welker and Kene Holiday.

As know as:

G.I. Joe: The Revenge of Cobra, Джо-солдат: Месть Кобры(Russian), G.I. Joe: La venganza de Cobra


United States



Production Companies:

Hasbro, Marvel Productions, Sunbow Productions

Cast & Crew

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