Episodes (3)

S03E01 · Frühlingsgeflüster

Feb 02, 2014

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Einmal Frühling und zurück
S03E02 · Einmal Frühling und zurück

Mar 23, 2014

When Katja Baumann and Conny Aigner were leaving the office they saw a wedding: A man Philipp was marrying a woman called Marie.In the this wedding there was a young boy called Gary who fled away.The next day Katja Baumann has to take care of Charlize Gathman, a woman who recently divorced from Philipp Forster and who is in charge of the boy Gary who fled away from the new wedding of his father.Charlize made a nervous breakdown and needs now help. Philipp has come to the house of Charlize and both parents had a strong discussion.In a night Charlize received a phone ...

Frühling in Weiß
S03E03 · Frühling in Weiß

Dec 14, 2014

In the mountains of Upper Bavaria Katja Baumann must take care of the estate and the animals of the old farmer Tischler who is in the hospital.Then a yuppie couple with a teenager daughter appears , because they have rented the house.They need this retirement far for Leizig because her daughter Pia is drug addict.In the night a big snowfall confines the family and Katja in the house.The couple and the daughter begin to quarrel.Katja , who was thinking in going back to her work as nurse, has to help that family to solve their problems.


Frühling Season 3 (2014) is released on Feb 02, 2014 and the latest season 12 of Frühling is released in 2023. Watch Frühling online - the German Drama TV series from Germany. Frühling is directed by Michael Karen,Thomas Jauch,Thomas Kronthaler,Tom Zenker and created by Natalie Scharf with Simone Thomalla and Marco Girnth.

As know as:

Wiosenny szept, Frühling





Production Companies:

Seven Dogs Filmproduktion, Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF)

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