Episodes (8)

Northern Beaches
S06E01 · Northern Beaches

Jun 04, 2012

Time for a holiday. Join MFSB as he wanders along Sydney's Northern Beaches looking for both rocks and adventures.

Open Water Pool
S06E02 · Open Water Pool

Jun 11, 2012

While beach living is easy, it's still a treat to spend the afternoon in one of the Open Water Pool's which frequent Sydney's Northern Beaches.

Roadside Traverse
S06E03 · Roadside Traverse

Jun 18, 2012

Sure, you can climb that rock right next to the road, just don't fall off and land in traffic.

Xmas Down Under
S06E04 · Xmas Down Under

Jun 25, 2012

So you're holidaying on Sydney's Northern Beaches - but what do you do on Christmas? How about some hikes, swimming, sightseeing, and eating for starters?

Rain Delay
S06E05 · Rain Delay

Jul 02, 2012

Want to go climbing but it's raining? How bout you go to lunch instead and watch the sign flip guy for an hour? Hey, he's working hard.

Setting the Rappel
S06E06 · Setting the Rappel

Jul 09, 2012

After almost three years living in Australia, it's back to the states where MFSB catch up with his brother for some rappelling at Southern California's famous climbing area Stony Point.

The Rap
S06E07 · The Rap

Jul 16, 2012

As fun as it is to climb up, you can also get a kick out of going down. Join MFSB and his brother at Stoney Point.

Some Hijinks
S06E08 · Some Hijinks

Jul 23, 2012

What do you do when yer let loose on Stoney Point? Ya get up to some hijinks - that's what.


Fresh Cro Magnon Men Season 6 (2012) is released on Jun 04, 2012 and the latest season 11 of Fresh Cro Magnon Men is released in 2017. Watch Fresh Cro Magnon Men online - the English Sport TV series from United States. Fresh Cro Magnon Men is directed by Shane Borza and created by Shane Borza with Shane Borza and Joshua Horne.

Welcome to the inaugural season of Fresh CroMagnon Men (affectionately known as FCMM). When Hosh Miagi and MFSB met - way back in the day - they knew they had to put it down on film. This season comes to you fresh from 2007.

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Fresh Cro Magnon Men


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Hosh Miagi and MFSB unleash their climbing adventures, antics, and even some dance moves in Season 01 of FCMM!

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