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S01E01 · Moroccan

Dec 06, 2006

Moroccan Safari - Maeve journeys into the world of Moroccan food and meets a range of top chefs and home-cooks who are passionate about their delicious cuisine.

S01E02 · Malaysian

Dec 13, 2006

Maeve O'Meara takes you on a journey within your very own kitchen and makes the exotic familiar. In tonight's episode, Maeve explores the spicy world of Malaysian food.

S01E03 · Portuguese

Dec 20, 2006

Food Safari Fire host Maeve O'Meara explores the versatility and culinary delights of the Wood fired oven from the healthy 6 minute standup fish to Neapolitan pizza, slow-cooked goat, sourdough bread and sensational Greek pie.

S01E04 · Vietnamese

Dec 27, 2006

Vietnamese Safari - The fresh and healthy world of Vietnamese food contains dishes that are both balanced in flavour and good for the body and the soul.

S01E05 · Indian

Jan 03, 2007

Indian Safari - Maeve explores the colourful and spicy world of Indian food, displaying how to make some fabulous 10-minute dishes as well as the secrets of great curries.

S01E06 · Greek

Jan 10, 2007

Maeve O'Meara joins chef Peter Conistis in a Greek emporium to find out which olive oil is best to use, how to pick a good fetta cheese, and which herbs and spices to make use of.

S01E07 · Chinese

Jan 17, 2007

Food Safari plunges into the intricate, balanced, thoughtful world of Chinese food where flavor and using fresh seasonal produce reign supreme. Maeve O'Meara joins one of the senior statesmen of Chinese food - chef and teacher Robert Ho to learn what basic ingredients are needed for a Chinese pantry. Chef Anthony Lui from Melbourne's Flower Drum shows some secrets to a good stir fry.

S01E08 · Italian

Jan 24, 2007

Food Safari journeys the world of the people who taught us how to drink coffee and appreciate good olive oil; those who showed us the simple deliciousness of pizza and pasta, scaloppine and saltimbocca: the fabulous Italians. Learn how to choose the top ten ingredients to begin an Italian pantry as Maeve joins her old friend, hospitality consultant and coffee expert, Sam Cosentino.

S01E09 · Thai

Jan 31, 2007

Maeve enters the world of Thai food where the flavours are intense and are balanced together to create harmony for both the palate and for overall health.

S01E10 · Lebanese

Feb 07, 2007

Maeve search for the fresh green flavours of Lebanese food and visits one of her favourite Middle Eastern emporiums with master chef Greg Malouf.

S01E11 · Mexican

Feb 14, 2007

Mexican expatriates in Australia welcome Maeve O'Meara into their kitchens to explain some of the recipes and tips.

S01E12 · Turkish

Feb 21, 2007

Maeve O'Meara delves into the amazing array of vegetable dishes, salads, dips and marinated meats that make up Turkish cuisine.

S01E13 · Spanish

Feb 28, 2007

You can smell the heady scents of saffron, paprika and garlic as host Maeve O'Meara investigates the key ingredients needed to create a Spanish pantry.


Food Safari Season 1 (2006) is released on Dec 06, 2006 and the latest season 4 of Food Safari is released in 2013. Watch Food Safari online - the English Documentary TV series from Australia. Food Safari is directed by Toufic Charabati and created by Maeve O'Meara with Maeve O'Meara and Fatima Barroso. Food Safari is available online on Tubi TV and Freevee.

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