Episodes (10)

Dead Silence
S01E01 · Dead Silence

Nov 17, 2012

Bob and Becky Klosterman are a model couple - fit, attractive and well spoken.Bob is a retired high ranking Navy commander and Becky a busy homemaker. Their life seems ideal, until one of them snaps. Suddenly, their prefect life explodes at the seams.

Blood and Wine
S01E02 · Blood and Wine

Nov 24, 2012

When Nancy Lyon mysteriously dies in hospital, suspicions soon fall on her husband Richard. But soon other suspects are revealed: could it have been her brother? Did Nancy take her own life? Or did she deliberately try and frame her husband?

Secrets of a Dying Man
S01E03 · Secrets of a Dying Man

Dec 01, 2012

Angelo Heddington and Elizabeth Rudavsky have a whirlwind romance that is followed by a shotgun wedding and news they're having a baby. But their union is built on layers of outrageous lies and the escalating violence will culminate in tragedy.

The Last Seduction
S01E04 · The Last Seduction

Dec 08, 2012

Soon after John Pitman and Tracey Richter are married, John fears for his life. The family pets disappear, Tracey pulls a gun, and a private eye claims that Tracey is out to get him. But a neighbor ends up dead and Tracey says that John is behind it all.

Death in the Family
S01E05 · Death in the Family

Dec 15, 2012

Kraig and Karen Kahler enjoy a life of influence and privilege in the town of Weatherford Texas. Just beneath the surface of their marriage however lies a mix of sexual obsession and control that will spin out of control and destroy everything they have.

Lies and Death
S01E06 · Lies and Death

Dec 22, 2012

Donna and Gulam Moonda are the envy of many. She's an all-American girl and he's a wealthy doctor more than twenty years her senior. Their romance thrives, until a mystery gunman blows away the facade of perfection.

Your Cheatin' Heart
S01E07 · Your Cheatin' Heart

Dec 29, 2012

Chris and Karon Pugh seem like a model working class couple living in a small seaside town. The neighbors admire their spotless house, and busy schedule. But the clean house hides some very dirty secrets that will result in unimaginable violence.

Exquisite Lies
S01E08 · Exquisite Lies

Jan 05, 2013

Daryl and Dante Sutorius, revel in the luxuries of their exclusive Cincinnati neighborhood. They have a pristine home with a Jaguar parked out front. But the newly married couple has dark secrets that will tragically unravel.

The Edge of Love
S01E09 · The Edge of Love

Jan 12, 2013

High school sweethearts Bob Duke and Liana Davidson marry young and have their first baby soon after. But the shattered dreams of youth will plunge one of them to depths of despair - and the other to the bottom of a cliff.

The Pastor, His Wife, Their Son and His Mistress
S01E10 · The Pastor, His Wife, Their Son and His Mistress

Jan 19, 2013

When detectives find Pauletta Burleson murdered outside her home, the evidence appears stacked against her husband Pastor Tracy Burleson. But a trail of strained relationships and a sordid love triangle soon reveal more than one person wanted her dead.


Fatal Vows Season 1 (2012) is released on Nov 17, 2012 and the latest season 7 of Fatal Vows is released in 2020. Watch Fatal Vows online - the English Documentary TV series from United States. Fatal Vows is directed by Sid Zanforlin,Laurel Baker,Erin Ashley Singer,Boris Rodriguez and created by Laurel Baker with Kathleen Fee and Christian Jadah. Fatal Vows is available online on fuboTV and Max.

As know as:

Durmiendo con su enemigo, Fatal Vows, Fatal Vows(English), Krwawe rozstania


United States



Production Companies:

CMJ Productions

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