Episodes (7)

Soap Opera Star
S01E01 · Soap Opera Star

Aug 20, 2016

Alex and Daniela meet for their usual Reading Session until she gets distracted by a star.

Super Sporty
S01E02 · Super Sporty

Aug 30, 2016

With the help of a neighbor, Alex and Daniela approach a healthier lifestyle.

Meet the Neighbor
S01E03 · Meet the Neighbor

Sep 04, 2016

Hollywood Boulevard moves into the building.

Auditions Auditions
S01E04 · Auditions Auditions

Sep 10, 2016

Roy and Daniel try their best to coach Alex and Luis in their auditions. Needless to say it all ends up in complete disaster.

Wrong Opportunity
S01E05 · Wrong Opportunity

Sep 15, 2016

Daniela comes back home devastated after a very unexpected experience.

Online Dating
S01E06 · Online Dating

Sep 20, 2016

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Mr. I Book Everything
S01E07 · Mr. I Book Everything

Sep 25, 2016

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Entre Dos Season 1 (2016) is released on Aug 20, 2016. Watch Entre Dos online - the Spanish Comedy TV series from United States. Entre Dos is directed by Andrea González Mereles and created by Divé Assad with Divé Assad and Andres H. Alcocer.

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Entre Dos


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