Episodes (12)

S01E01 · Pilot

Sep 12, 1990

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Home Duties
S01E02 · Home Duties

Sep 13, 1990

Marion leaves for Australia. Susan influences Mahmoud's refugee policy.

The Age of Miracles
S01E03 · The Age of Miracles

Sep 20, 1990

Accused of bribery, Pestana resigns and retaliates against the man responsible.

Foreign Affairs
S01E04 · Foreign Affairs

Sep 27, 1990

Belinda endangers embassy security and integrity. Stewart's daughter plans to wed a Moslem.

Chinese Puzzle
S01E05 · Chinese Puzzle

Oct 04, 1990

Michael is left as the Charge d'Affaires. He promptly gets himself into trouble, although not as much as Mahmoud does while in Australia. Clayton suffers by ignoring Stewart's instructions. Mahmoud meets a TV star.

A Public Service
S01E06 · A Public Service

Oct 11, 1990

A beauty lures Clayton to Singapore, where he must choose between personal interests and duty.

With Prejudice
S01E07 · With Prejudice

Oct 18, 1990

Fear and prejudice engulf Ragaan, forcing Clayton to make a difficult decision.

Yesterday's Heroes
S01E08 · Yesterday's Heroes

Oct 25, 1990

A journalist taunts alcoholic Blake and provokes a conflict. Mahmoud schemes to retain power.

Displaced Persons
S01E09 · Displaced Persons

Nov 01, 1990

Valerie, the alcoholic wife of an Australian Defence Attache to Ragaan, becomes a problem for the Australian diplomatic community when she is taken hostage at a refugee camp, where a desperate inmate seeks admittance to Australia.

First Comes Marriage, Then Comes Love
S01E10 · First Comes Marriage, Then Comes Love

Nov 08, 1990

An assassination attempt halts Susan and Mahmoud's plans.

Interesting Times, Part 1
S01E11 · Interesting Times, Part 1

Nov 15, 1990

War erupts as Stewart prepares to leave Ragaan.

Interesting Times, Part 2
S01E12 · Interesting Times, Part 2

Nov 22, 1990

Opposition forces appear to overthrow Mahmoud.


Embassy Season 1 (1990) is released on Sep 12, 1990 and the latest season 3 of Embassy is released in 1992. Watch Embassy online - the English Drama TV series from Australia. Embassy is directed by Karl Steinberg,Peter Andrikidis,Mark Callen,Paul Moloney and created by Ian Bradley with Alan Fletcher and Nicki Wendt.

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Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

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