Episodes (4)

S01E01 · Mediático

Jan 25, 2023

After the death of his father, Ricardo Fort inherits a vast fortune that he uses to pursue his long-overdue dream of fame. The public persona that he's designed brings him happiness and the adoration of the all-important audience. But what was the cost that he had to pay?

S01E02 · Libre

Jan 25, 2023

In Miami of the 90s, Ricardo Fort's past is told by those who knew him in his youth. Separated from his family to explore his sexual identity and to pursue a career as a singer, Ricardo writes a diary that reveals his innermost secrets of a period marked by artistic frustrations and endless fun.

S01E03 · Chocolate

Jan 25, 2023

Marta and Felipe, Ricardo's children, revisit the childhood they shared with their father and explore his creativity for an upcoming tribute. Eduardo, Ricardo's older brother, opens the doors of the family chocolate factory and breaks down the history of the surname Fort.

S01E04 · Santo

Jan 25, 2023

Ricardo Fort's demise was so sudden that it was difficult for his fans and inner circle to accept. His ex and the family members who he was closest with share the details of his final months; over time they gather personal items for a celebration in his memory.


El Comandante Fort (also know as El comandante Fort) Season 1 (2023) is released on Jan 25, 2023. Watch El Comandante Fort online - the Spanish Documentary TV series from Argentina. El Comandante Fort is directed by Patricio Alvarez Casado,Marcelo Martin Burgos,Nicolás Goldbart,Azul Lombardía and created by Patricio Alvarez Casado with Claudio Rissi and Marina Calabró.

As know as:

El comandante Fort, Ricardo Fort: O Comandante, You Can Try as a Commander Fort. Maybe in HULU(English), Le commandant Fort, El Comandante Fort




Spanish, English

Production Companies:

20 20 Films

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