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S02E01 · North

Mar 02, 1997

Taking some R&R to rebuild Fraser's cabin, Fraser and Vecchio find themselves in dire straits when an escaped convict masquerades as their pilot, crashing them in the Canadian wilderness. Their misfortune grows when Fraser reveals the crash has left him blind.

S02E02 · Vault

Mar 09, 1997

Ray is furious after being declared legally dead, and goes to withdraw his savings from his local bank. Fraser and Ray then get caught up in a robbery, which leads to them ending up being trapped in the vault, with only a matter of time before the air runs out.

The Witness
S02E03 · The Witness

Mar 16, 1997

Ray is thrown in jail for contempt of court, prompting Fraser to get himself arrested in order to protect ray and a fellow inmate.

Bird in the Hand
S02E04 · Bird in the Hand

Mar 23, 1997

Fraser is forced to protect the man who killed his father from a group of gun smugglers, causing Fraser's emotions and his oath to do his duty to conflict.

The Promise
S02E05 · The Promise

Mar 30, 1997

Fraser and Ray attempt to track down a pair of pickpockets who stole an address book, that leads to everyone from the police to politicians to come after them in a cat and mouse chase with possibly deadly consequences.

The Mask
S02E06 · The Mask

Apr 06, 1997

A pair of ancient Canadian aboriginal masks are stolen from a museum by thieves in the night. Fraser must find the masks and return them intact, with the help - or hindrance - of an old friend from up north.

Juliet Is Bleeding
S02E07 · Juliet Is Bleeding

Apr 13, 1997

Ray encounters his old arch-enemy, Frank Zuko, at a party. After both sides instigate a brawl, Ray is suspended and ordered to make amends with Zuko - until a car bomb meant for Ray kills one of his friends.

One Good Man
S02E08 · One Good Man

Apr 20, 1997

Fraser takes matters into his own hands when an unethical real estate developer tries to illegally evict him and his neighbours.

The Edge
S02E09 · The Edge

May 04, 1997

Fraser and Ray are assigned to the security detail for a NAFTA summit, which is being eyed by a mysterious, cunning assassin. However, a botched training exercise and a security lapse lead the Feds to believe that Fraser has lost his edge.

S02E10 · Starman

May 18, 1997

Ray and Benton once again encounter Ian MacDonald, the compulsive liar, this time a free man and claiming a woman he loved and proposed to, has been abducted by aliens.

We Are the Eggmen
S02E11 · We Are the Eggmen

Jun 01, 1997

After trying to prevent an accident, Fraser is sued for millions by a down-on-his-luck egg farmer, but Ray discovers the farmer's ulterior motive - to pay off immense gambling debts. Meanwhile, Ray and Francesca clash over a lottery ticket.

Some Like It Red
S02E12 · Some Like It Red

Jun 08, 1997

Fraser goes undercover as a woman at a girls' school after Ray's ex-girlfriend comes to him for help. Ray, meanwhile, worries that he turned his ex into a nun.

White Men Can't Jump to Conclusions
S02E13 · White Men Can't Jump to Conclusions

Jun 15, 1997

Ray arrests a young basketball player for a gang-related shooting, but Fraser doubts the player's guilt. Relying on aural memory, they piece together the shooting and begin to suspect that the young man is trying to protect someone else.

All the Queen's Horses
S02E14 · All the Queen's Horses

May 22, 1997

Subversive terrorists hijack a train carrying the RCMP Musical Ride on an exhibition tour; while the FBI dithers about, Fraser, Inspector Thatcher, and Buck Frobisher work against the hijackers from the inside.

Body Language
S02E15 · Body Language

Jun 06, 1997

While Ray is lamenting a run of bad luck, he and Fraser meet an exotic dancer whose alcoholic boyfriend talks in his sleep - about his criminal activities.

The Duel
S02E16 · The Duel

Jul 20, 1997

A man Vecchio investigated for murder years ago but was unable to prove it but was convicted for another crime, has just been released from prison. And he claims that the evidence that was used to convict him was planted. Vecchio denies it. Fraser looks into it and notices some inconsistencies. Vecchio tries to catch him breaking the law but instead Vecchio is the one who gets in trouble. Later a lot of Vecchio's old friends get threats and Vecchio knows he's the one doing it but can't prove it.

Red, White or Blue
S02E17 · Red, White or Blue

Aug 17, 1997

Randall Bolt, the man who hijacked the Mountie train in the episode "All the Queen's Horses," is about to be brought to trial. But his brother, Francis, who was the man conceived the hijacking, has plans of his own. First Francis grabs Fraser and Vecchio, then he brings them to court with bombs strapped to them. When the Bolts make their demands, Fraser realizes something is not quite right. The brothers talk about a schedule that doesn't jive with their demands. When they leave, Bolt arms the bombs and Fraser and Vecchio have to figure out which wire, of the red, ...

S02E18 · Flashback

Aug 31, 1997

When Fraser and Vecchio come across a kidnapping, they try to stop it. But they get away and run Fraser down with their vehicle. Vecchio hopes that Fraser remembers the license plate but he has amnesia. So Vecchio tries to jog his memory by telling him all he can about him.


Due South Season 2 (1997) is released on Mar 02, 1997 and the latest season 4 of Due South is released in 1999. Watch Due South online - the English Adventure TV series from Canada. Due South is directed by George Bloomfield,Steve DiMarco,Richard J. Lewis,David Warry-Smith and created by Paul Haggis with Paul Gross and Beau Starr.

As know as:

Ausgerechnet Chikago, Ein Mountie in Chikago, Tandem de choc(French), Due South(English), Прямуючи на південь


Canada, United States, United Kingdom



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Alliance Atlantis Communications, Alliance Communications Corporation, Baton Broadcasting Company

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