Episodes (7)

The Newsmakers
S06E01 · The Newsmakers

Oct 28, 1998

The staff of Globelink News are to be the stars of a docusoap, whether they like it or not. As they fend off hand-held cameras, they discover their futures are in doubt. Especially now Sir Roysten's son is coming.

Beasts, Badgers and Bombshells
S06E02 · Beasts, Badgers and Bombshells

Nov 04, 1998

Globelink is seized by rumours after the announcement of job cuts. In a frantic bid to up the ratings, Gus launches a dumbed-down news. Henry and Dave launch themselves on an even dumber weather girl while George befriends a badger and Damien tangles with something bigger.

The Diaries
S06E03 · The Diaries

Nov 11, 1998

Gus is in denial about the imminent demise of Globelink. Helen wrestles with single motherhood and her sexuality, while Sally tries to discover the secret of eternal youth and Joy finds a dope for some drug-testing.

But Is It Art?
S06E04 · But Is It Art?

Nov 18, 1998

Gus is still in denial, George meets Henry's niece, and overcomes his fear of flying. Sally goes in search of an alternative income and Helen discovers she has no secrets.

George Finds Love
S06E05 · George Finds Love

Nov 25, 1998

Sally is very taken with her wealthy fiance, and so is Gus. George plays hard to get and Helen is in mourning.

A Bit of an Atmosphere
S06E06 · A Bit of an Atmosphere

Dec 02, 1998

Henry finds new fame as an icon of youth TV, while Dave dabbles in the underworld and gambles with his future.

The Final Chapter
S06E07 · The Final Chapter

Dec 09, 1998

Time is running out for Globelink. During the station's dying days, Sally prepares for her final bulletin and married bliss, whilst Dave and Henry are at daggers drawn.


Drop the Dead Donkey Season 6 (1998) is released on Oct 28, 1998 and the latest season 6 of Drop the Dead Donkey is released in 1998. Watch Drop the Dead Donkey online - the English Comedy TV series from United Kingdom. Drop the Dead Donkey is directed by Liddy Oldroyd,Andy Hamilton and created by Andy Hamilton with Neil Pearson and Jeff Rawle. Drop the Dead Donkey is available online on The Roku Channel and Tubi TV.

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Drop the Dead Donkey


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Hat Trick Productions

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