Episodes (26)

Parachute to Death
S02E01 · Parachute to Death

Apr 14, 1990

A rash of drug-related deaths is traced to a lethal combination of crack cocaine and heroin which has hit the streets.

The Despot
S02E02 · The Despot

Apr 22, 1990

A neo-Nazi candidate for the legislature receives death threats just before his headquarters explodes in flames.

Hired to Kill
S02E03 · Hired to Kill

Apr 28, 1990

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Chicken Hawk
S02E04 · Chicken Hawk

Apr 29, 1990

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Bombs Bursting in Air
S02E05 · Bombs Bursting in Air

May 05, 1990

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Family Ordeal
S02E06 · Family Ordeal

May 19, 1990

Daniels and Molina have to investigate a case where an ambulance driver answers emergency calls and then burglarizes the house.

Little Chips
S02E07 · Little Chips

May 20, 1990

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Brain Drain
S02E08 · Brain Drain

May 26, 1990

How a thief seems to know just when a burglary will be worthwhile puzzles the police.

S02E09 · Trespass

Jun 02, 1990

The shooting and killing of a young black man while he burgled a neighborhood takes on racial overtones.

Nobody's Child
S02E10 · Nobody's Child

Jun 03, 1990

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Conspiracy of Guns
S02E11 · Conspiracy of Guns

Jun 09, 1990

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Twice a Hero
S02E12 · Twice a Hero

Jun 16, 1990

The death of a popular high school teacher in a car crash seems to be an accident until some incriminating files are discovered.

Contract Killer
S02E13 · Contract Killer

Jun 17, 1990

Sergeant Daniels poses as a killer-for-hire to break up a marijuana smuggling operation.

S02E14 · Requiem

Jun 23, 1990

A police officer is inadvertently videotaped during a drug bust just as he is accepting a pay-off.

The Auditor
S02E15 · The Auditor

Jun 24, 1990

When a bank auditor is found dead in Venice Beach, it seems like a senseless killing.

The Book
S02E16 · The Book

Jun 30, 1990

A visit to a high-class house of prostitution ultimately leads to the death of a county supervisor.

Little Miss Nobody
S02E17 · Little Miss Nobody

Aug 04, 1990

The death of a beautiful, young prostitute leads to a prominent citizen and a drug dealer.

S02E18 · Revenge

Aug 11, 1990

A man accused of child-molesting is found shot to death.

Copy Cat
S02E19 · Copy Cat

Aug 12, 1990

A homeless schizophrenic man confesses to a string of homosexual murders.

Leg Up
S02E20 · Leg Up

Aug 18, 1990

A severed leg of a man who supposedly died in a plane crash in the Gulf of Mexico washes up on a beach near Los Angeles.

Pretty Girl
S02E21 · Pretty Girl

Aug 19, 1990

A bright-eyed young girl looking for a better life in the big city commits suicide, but her parents are sure she has been murdered.

The Torch
S02E22 · The Torch

Aug 25, 1990

Four people attending an unlicensed social club party die in an arson fire at a warehouse.

Death of a Prom Queen
S02E23 · Death of a Prom Queen

Aug 26, 1990

A pimp suspected of murdering one of his girls is found dead in an alley.

The Push
S02E24 · The Push

Sep 01, 1990

Using strong-arm tactics reminiscent of the '30s, hooligans threaten local businesses.

Safe Job
S02E25 · Safe Job

Sep 08, 1990

The theft of a large amount of money from a hotel safe appears to be an inside job.

Family Affair
S02E26 · Family Affair

Sep 09, 1990

A wealthy business man is viciously beaten to death in his office, and Daniels and Molina are assigned to the case.


Dragnet Season 2 (1990) is released on Apr 14, 1990 and the latest season 2 of Dragnet is released in 1990. Watch Dragnet online - the English Comedy TV series from United States. Dragnet is directed by Charles Bail,Georg Fenady,Sidney Hayers,Bob Bralver and created by Burton Armus with Jeff Osterhage and Bernard White.

As know as:

Las redes de la justicia, The New Dragnet(Alternative Title), The New Dragnet, Dragnet, Dragnet: The Nineties


United States



Production Companies:

The Arthur Company

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