Episodes (4)

ACT-I "Crime Brigade"
S01E01 · ACT-I "Crime Brigade"

May 27, 1988

A futuristic world is kept under control by a force known as the Tank Police. However, when the evil, attractive female members of the Bauku Gang threaten to take over, it is up to the Tank Police to stop them.

ACT-II "Crime War"
S01E02 · ACT-II "Crime War"

Jun 24, 1988

The Buaku Gang, with its machine-gun toting, cleavage-bearing Cat Sisters, is at it again. This time, as the Tank Police pours after them, Buaku unleashes his new secret weapon that he's sure will stop the tanks in their tracks.

ACT-III "Crime Ethic"
S01E03 · ACT-III "Crime Ethic"

Aug 11, 1989

A priceless painting is stolen by the Bauku Gang, and it is up to the Tank Police to reclaim it before the sinister Red Commandos find it.

ACT-IV "Crime Factor"
S01E04 · ACT-IV "Crime Factor"

Aug 11, 1989

The Tank Police discover the origins of the Bauku while attempting to hold off the Red Commandos.


Dominion Tank Police (also know as Dominion) Season 1 (1988) is released on May 27, 1988. Watch Dominion Tank Police online - the Japanese Animation TV series from Japan. Dominion Tank Police is directed by Kôichi Mashimo,Takaaki Ishiyama and created by Kôichi Mashimo with Hiromi Tsuru and Masaaki Ôkura.

As know as:

Dominion, Dominion Tank Police, ドミニオン(Japanese), Dominion(English), DOMINION





Production Companies:

Agent 21, Central Park Media, Island World

Cast & Crew

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