Episodes (26)

Nunu and Kane
S01E01 · Nunu and Kane

Jan 01, 2004

Cesar helps a vicious Chihuahua and a neurotic Great Dane.

Opie and Flirt
S01E02 · Opie and Flirt

Jan 01, 2004

Cesar deals with an aggressive Lab mix and a hyper Chinese Crested.

Ruby and Rana
S01E03 · Ruby and Rana

Sep 15, 2004

Cesar helps a paranoid Vizsla and a frantic Sheltie.

Boomer and Josh
S01E04 · Boomer and Josh

Jan 01, 2004

Cesar deals with a barking Chesapeake Bay Retriever and an aggressive Poodle/Schnauzer mix.

Harry and Brooks
S01E05 · Harry and Brooks

Sep 17, 2004

A German Shepherd mix learns to be less aggressive around bikes and skateboards, and a Swiss Mountain Dog is helped through his obsession with lights.

Sueki and Coach
S01E06 · Sueki and Coach

Sep 20, 2004

A Shih Tzu that won't walk with a leash, and an increasingly aggressive Boxer.

Slick and Pepper
S01E07 · Slick and Pepper

Sep 21, 2004

An aggressive Puli and a territorial Border Collie/Terrier mix.

Gus and Ava
S01E08 · Gus and Ava

Sep 23, 2004

An energetic Bouvier des Flandres and a twirling Pug/Peke mix.

Churchill and Maya
S01E09 · Churchill and Maya

Sep 23, 2004

Churchill is usually a well-mannered dog, but when he's around other animals he turns into a monster. Meanwhile, the lovable pit bull, Maya, sometimes gets a bit too wrapped up in all operations of the household!

Bubba and Garret
S01E10 · Bubba and Garret

Sep 24, 2004

A spoiled and aggressive Maltese, and a German Shepherd who won't stop chasing his tail.

S01E11 · Emily

Sep 27, 2004

A Pit Bull who is very aggressive towards other dogs.

Hank and Paris
S01E12 · Hank and Paris

Sep 28, 2004

A demanding long-haired Chihuahua and a skittish Mastiff.

Sasha and Shep
S01E13 · Sasha and Shep

Sep 29, 2004

Cesar works with an aggressive Lhasa Apso and a hyper German Shepherd.

Jake and King
S01E14 · Jake and King

Jan 01, 2004

A dog-aggressive Shepherd/Lab mix, and a Rottweiler who pulls at his leash.

Scrawny and Lola
S01E15 · Scrawny and Lola

Oct 01, 2004

A possessive Yorkshire Terrier and an excitable Dalmatian.

J and Alice
S01E16 · J and Alice

Oct 04, 2004

Cesar comes to the rescue of a lovable beagle that nonetheless terrorized an entire neighborhood. Then, Cesar helps depressed and aggressive Alice find inner peace.

Caper and Julius
S01E17 · Caper and Julius

Oct 05, 2004

A manic miniature pinscher and timid pit bull.

Bella and Jordan
S01E18 · Bella and Jordan

Oct 06, 2004

An aggressive border collie and a bulldog who, when leashed, attacks objects.

Sunshine and Teddy
S01E19 · Sunshine and Teddy

Oct 07, 2004

An aggressive yellow Labrador and a Doberman with separation anxiety.

Goldie and Pepsi
S01E20 · Goldie and Pepsi

Oct 08, 2004

An aggressive and overly protective German Shepherd and a Brittany Spaniel who is very aggressive towards other female dogs.

S01E21 · Nicky

Oct 11, 2004

A rescued Rottweiler is aggressive towards other dogs.

Percy and Justice
S01E22 · Percy and Justice

Oct 12, 2004

A West Highland Terrier who chews up the mail, and an aggressive and hyper American Pit Bull.

Buddy and Stewart
S01E23 · Buddy and Stewart

Dec 31, 2023

A Chow/Retriver mix who barks constantly, and a hyper Beagle/American Coonhound mix who is afraid of water.

Lucy and Lizzie
S01E24 · Lucy and Lizzie

Oct 18, 2004

A food-aggressive Dalmatian and a Red Tick Elizabethan Beagle who runs obsessively and has a fear of garbage trucks.

Sophie and Daisy
S01E25 · Sophie and Daisy

Oct 14, 2004

A hyper yellow Labrador and a Golden Retriever/Sheltie mix who doesn't like horses.

Boyfriend and Alfie
S01E26 · Boyfriend and Alfie

Oct 15, 2004

A herding mix can't stand his owner's new boyfriend and an English Bulldog who is defensive towards visitors.


Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan Season 1 (2004) is released on Jan 01, 2004 and the latest season 9 of Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan is released in 2012. Watch Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan online - the English Family TV series from United States. Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan is directed by SueAnn Fincke,Mark Cole,Jim Milio,Mark Hufnail and created by Mark Hufnail with Cesar Millan and Daddy.

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Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan, Dog Whisperer, Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan(English), Koirakuiskaaja, Der Hundeflüsterer


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