Episodes (10)

Episode #2.1
S02E01 · Episode #2.1

Jan 01, 2016

It's been two years since we last saw policeman Viggo Lust. He has cut off all ties to the past and started working with organized crime. His job is now to prevent crimes from happening. But when he witnesses a murder he has to cooperate with his old colleagues. Once again Christina shows up, warning him that something terrible will happen.

Episode #2.2
S02E02 · Episode #2.2

Jan 01, 2016

Because he witnessed a murder in Oslo's underworld, Viggo is forced to work with his former colleague Mari, whom he still hasn't forgiven for thinking that Viggo might have killed Christina. Viggo sees Christina again, and she has a clear message: Mari will get shot.

Episode #2.3
S02E03 · Episode #2.3

Jan 01, 2016

Viggo and Mari get closer to a possible killer and on the way, they are getting closer and closer. At the same time Viggo and his ex wife Sofie are getting back together. But after spending the night at her place, Viggo starts bleeding violently.

Episode #2.4
S02E04 · Episode #2.4

Jan 01, 2016

The pictures of Viggo's brain after the heavy nosebleed show that something might be very wrong. A suspect disappears right under the investigators' noses, and once again Viggo sees visions of Mari getting shot.

Episode #2.5
S02E05 · Episode #2.5

Jan 01, 2016

Viggo averts an attempted murder of Mari, and is happier than he's been in a long time. His ex wife is now his girlfriend again, and things are good. But to Viggo's astonishment, Christina still shows up with warnings.

Episode #2.6
S02E06 · Episode #2.6

Jan 01, 2016

Viggo still has visions of the killer, and fears that they have the wrong guy. The doctor's got bad news for Viggo, and so he break up with Sofie to spare her from losing yet another person she cares about.

Episode #2.7
S02E07 · Episode #2.7

Jan 01, 2016

Viggo is still certain that Mari is in critical danger. There's also no doubt that they have the wrong killer. There's a "Mr. X" out there, and Viggo has to find him before he'll shoot Mari.

Episode #2.8
S02E08 · Episode #2.8

Jan 01, 2016

Two corpses are found in Carlo's restaurant, and the case may be solved. Viggo isn't sure about whether he's seen the killer, or if it was just a vision. Yet again Christina helps him and Viggo refuses to quit before he has all the fragments in the puzzle.

Episode #2.9
S02E09 · Episode #2.9

Jan 01, 2016

The hunt for the killer increases, and Viggo is the only one who doubts that they have the right guy. The more he searches, the more he's sure they are wrong.

Episode #2.10
S02E10 · Episode #2.10

Jan 01, 2016

Viggo realize who the killer is, but no one supports him. Instead he's to be suspended because of his odd behavior. Viggo still fears something will happen to Mari, and it does. Can Viggo solve the case?


Det tredje øyet Season 2 (2016) is released on Jan 01, 2016 and the latest season 2 of Det tredje øyet is released in 2016. Watch Det tredje øyet online - the Norwegian Crime TV series from Norway. Det tredje øyet is directed by Gunnar Vikene,Trygve Allister Diesen,Geir Henning Hopland and created by Ole Marius Araldsen with Kyrre Haugen Sydness and Ida Elise Broch.

As know as:

The Third Eye, Det tredje øje, Kuudes aisti, Det tredje øyet





Production Companies:

Rubicon TV AS

Cast & Crew

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