Episodes (13)

Meneer Vis
S01E01 · Meneer Vis

Sep 24, 2007

Medical student Elin Dekkers starts the hospital phase of her training. Her first patient is not just an hello, but also a goodbye.

De breuk
S01E02 · De breuk

Oct 01, 2007

Elin finds that her training at the hospital and her social life are difficult to combine. Her boyfriend Job feels she has a choice to make.

S01E03 · Geldgebrek

Oct 08, 2007

Elin is a little too busy with her babysitting job, her first night shift and a new fling. It leads to lapses in concentration.

De surfer
S01E04 · De surfer

Oct 15, 2007

Elin Dekkers enjoys a day at the seaside with her naughty mate, her straight-forward boyfriend and her hunky fellow resident Hugo, who proves his perfect skills even on the beach. The recapitulate a stressing week on med study rotation in ER. The most pitiful patient is world-class surfer Bertrand, whose leg injury is worse then the most extreme diagnosis could predict.

Voor en na
S01E05 · Voor en na

Oct 22, 2007

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Het spiraaltje
S01E06 · Het spiraaltje

Oct 29, 2007

The medical trainees have a party while considering the medical staff's responsibility to take the patient's view into account. Elin is first to play patient for hands-on experience, removal of a run-away contraceptive spiral. A very real, tactile aspect is presented to the whole class in the form of two lay patient rights activists who invite them all to learn how to execute rectal examinations with minimal patient stress. A real patient and partner grieve over a still-birth.

S01E07 · Keuzes

Nov 05, 2007

Because she's too weak to resist temptation from her roommate, med student Elin learns the hard way for her and potentially a surgical patient, that preparing for medical duty comes with responsibilities above personal priorities. The girls actually dance and drink in a nightclub before surgery. Still she dares to blame Hugo for her own immature inability to balance love-life and work.

De kinderafdeling
S01E08 · De kinderafdeling

Nov 12, 2007

Eline is furious that colleague Hugo Biesterveld, whom she was dumb enough to dump a few weeks ago, is happy again with another, as if she deserved months of miserable mourning. In her rotation she arrives at the pediatrics department, where a self-absorbed, rude professor presumes her field is the only rewarding one. The kids appeal to her as sweet and fragile. The parents prove a pest, especially her former cocky date Anton, who abuse staff, especially her playing without offering any medical clarifications, now his pre-teen son Tibor needs dangerous surgery.

S01E09 · Spacecake

Nov 19, 2007

Elin is embarrassed when alcohol transforms roommate Sabine's charming husband Paul into a shameless flirt. Dr. Thomas van Loon brings in his wife Andrea, an MS patient. Drugs in a 'spacecake' turn a German tourist's wife nymphomaniac. Elin's ex Job is back from Rome.

S01E10 · Zwanger

Nov 26, 2007

The med class prepares for their first vasectomies. Elin is preoccupied with her pristine first pregnancy. Her ma and lover Job advocate young motherhood, presumed pa Hugo and her roommate abortion.

S01E11 · De PAAZ

Dec 04, 2007

The residents pass trough the psych ward (PAAZ). Only Elin takes even to patient Raymond Brigman, a poet with a violent record, despite Dokter Koenders's warning not to get personal, let alone confident. Dr. Thomas van Loon's wife is now MS-terminal. At the party afterward, Marjolein adds intimate abuse to her constant failing.

Kwaliteit van leven
S01E12 · Kwaliteit van leven

Dec 11, 2007

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Martin Bril
S01E13 · Martin Bril

Dec 17, 2007

The residents are performing surgery. Reputed newspaper columnist, Martin Bril, checks in for a routine surgery. Dr. Han Verstraeten insists on allowing him shameless unprecedented VIP treatment 'as good PR'. In fact he writes highly critical columns, every single day. Sanne has a photo-shoot for a car commercial. She convinces the hot model to become the prominent, progressively stripping 'second subject'.


De co-assistent Season 1 (2007) is released on Sep 24, 2007 and the latest season 4 of De co-assistent is released in 2010. Watch De co-assistent online - the Dutch Comedy TV series from Netherlands. De co-assistent is directed by Pollo de Pimentel,Marc Willard,Pieter Walther Boer,Anne de Clercq and created by Jacqueline Epskamp with Hanna Verboom and Thom Hoffman.

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