Episodes (10)

S01E01 · Pilot

Jun 05, 2017

In the series premiere, five co-hosts of a popular ladies' daytime talk show are followed, as the women struggle to keep their tumultuous personal lives private and their rivalries friendly.

Coma Bump
S01E02 · Coma Bump

Jun 12, 2017

Mo's plot to take over the show is set back by Maxine's unexpected return. As Kibby's difficult past returns to haunt her, Nina struggles to find a way to explain her pregnancy.

Blind Items
S01E03 · Blind Items

Jun 19, 2017

News of an unauthorized biography has Maxine worried about how much it will expose. Nina's efforts to hide the truth about her pregnancy threaten to unravel.

Shut It Down
S01E04 · Shut It Down

Jun 26, 2017

As Heather sizes up a new co-host, Maxine launches a behind-the-scenes campaign to discredit the author of her unauthorized biography.

Baby Daddy Drama
S01E05 · Baby Daddy Drama

Jul 03, 2017

With a crisis management consultant advising her, Maxine looks to repair the damage from a series of scandals - and starts by hiring her most dangerous adversary.

We Are Family
S01E06 · We Are Family

Jul 11, 2017

As a new co-host sets Maxine up on a blind date, Heather experiences marital troubles that upend the celebration of Kibby being sober for a year.

Truth's a Mutha
S01E07 · Truth's a Mutha

Jul 17, 2017

A new transgender co-host prompts Heather to consider revealing her son's secret. A visit by William's mother threatens to expose his relationship with Maxine, while Shawn and Nina disagree over custody of their baby.

And the Loser Is...
S01E08 · And the Loser Is...

Jul 24, 2017

Mo returns to torment Maxine at the Daytime TV Awards. As Heather's dress draws some unwanted attention, Kibby is forced to deal with a problem from her past.

Whose Show Is It Anyway?
S01E09 · Whose Show Is It Anyway?

Jul 31, 2017

As Mo (Tichina Arnold) returns to The Lunch Hour, Kibby (Chloe Bridges) fights to protect her sister from being exploited by an older actor.

Lunch Is on Us
S01E10 · Lunch Is on Us

Jul 31, 2017

As Kibby's (Chloe Bridges) on-air shooting threatens her future at The Lunch Hour, Maxine (Vanessa Williams) takes drastic measures to protect Shawn (McKinley Freeman) from the truth about his stepfather's death.


Daytime Divas Season 1 (2017) is released on Jun 05, 2017. Watch Daytime Divas online - the English Comedy TV series from United States. Daytime Divas is directed by Michael Grossman,J. Miller Tobin,Tamra Davis,Michael Lange and created by Amy Engelberg with Vanessa Williams and Chloe Bridges. Daytime Divas is available online on Hulu and Apple TV.

Inspired by the book Satan's Sisters written by Star Jones, one of the original co-hosts of The View, the series will chronicle the daily fireworks that erupt between the five female co-hosts of fictitious long-running talk show entitled "The Lunch Hour". On screen, they are best friends with five very different points of view, but behind the scenes, they inhabit a world of power struggles, cat fights and cocktails.

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Daytime Divas, Satan's Sisters


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Osprey Productions, De Passe Jones Entertainment, Sony Pictures Television


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