Episodes (65)

Darkly Dawns the Duck: Part 1
S01E01 · Darkly Dawns the Duck: Part 1

Sep 06, 1991

Introduces Darkwing Duck (hero), Launchpad McQuack (sidekick), Taurus Bulba (villian), and Gosalyn Waddlemeyer (spirited orphaned child). Taurus Bulba needs Gosalyn for the arming code combination to the Ramrod.

Darkly Dawns the Duck: Part 2
S01E02 · Darkly Dawns the Duck: Part 2

Sep 06, 1991

Darkwing tried to protect Gosalyn from Taurus, but she gets kidnapped anyway, and Darkwing is thrown in jail! Can anyone save the day before Taurus uses the Ramrod? And finally a spirited orphaned child finds a family.

Beauty and the Beet
S01E03 · Beauty and the Beet

Sep 09, 1991

Darkwing Duck finds himself up against Bushroot, a scientist-turned-plant, for the first time, and he's out to get revenge on those who tormented him. Can DW get Bushroot before he turns everyone into plants?

Getting Antsy
S01E04 · Getting Antsy

Sep 10, 1991

A tired Darkwing Duck gets dragged out to a golf course by his daughter Gosalyn, only instead of golf, he finds a villain with ants and a shrinking device at his disposal! Now shrunk to the size of a bug, he has to find a way to catch the villain and get back to normal, before the ants get him!

Night of the Living Spud
S01E05 · Night of the Living Spud

Sep 11, 1991

Bushroot finds being a villain plant a lonely occupation, and so he tries to create for himself a beautiful wife. But instead of the pretty pansy he expected, he ends up with a monstrous vampire potato that begins to turn the locals into couch potatoes! Can Darkwing Duck save them, when he doesn't believe in vampires?

Apes of Wrath
S01E06 · Apes of Wrath

Sep 12, 1991

Darkwing Duck is sent to rescue Dr. Bruté from the depths of the jungle and its ape inhabitants. But, are the gorillas the true enemies?

Dirty Money
S01E07 · Dirty Money

Sep 13, 1991

Darkwing must pass the SHUSH Standard Proficiency Test in order to rescue SHUSH director J. Gander Hooter who has been kidnapped by cleaning lady/ money launderer/ FOWL agent, Ammonia Pine.

Duck Blind
S01E08 · Duck Blind

Sep 16, 1991

An "enlightening" encounter with the supercharged villain Megavolt leaves Darkwing Duck blind and seemingly helpless. Can he overcome this new handicap, or will he be put out of the crime fighting business for good?

Comic Book Capers
S01E09 · Comic Book Capers

Sep 17, 1991

Darkwing finally gets what's he's always wanted. A comic book based on his superhero exploits. Not being what he expected however, he decides to write it himself.

Water Way to Go
S01E10 · Water Way to Go

Sep 18, 1991

Launchpad wants to be the hero for once, and Darkwing has no choice but to allow it. However, can they figure out who's boss before Steelbeak steals Oilrabia's oil supply?

S01E11 · Paraducks

Sep 19, 1991

Darkwing and Goselyn use a SHUSH time machine to travel to prehistoric times... the 1950's! Darkwing must help his younger self stand up to an evil Elvis impersonator.

Easy Comes, Easy Grows
S01E12 · Easy Comes, Easy Grows

Sep 20, 1991

"Money doesn't grow on trees." But when it does, will the power of wealth distract Darkwing from his heroism?

A Revolution in Home Appliances
S01E13 · A Revolution in Home Appliances

Sep 23, 1991

Megavolts new power transfer generator causes him to have the ability to bring appliances to life. Can Darkwing stop him before he uses the St. Canard power plant to bring all the city's appliances to life?

Trading Faces
S01E14 · Trading Faces

Sep 24, 1991

An electric short causes Darkwing & Gosalyn and Launchpad & Honker to switch bodies. They must work together if they are going to stop FOWL, after Steelbeak uses the Iggy rocket to stop the rotation of the Earth.

Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlatan
S01E15 · Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlatan

Sep 25, 1991

Darkwing's arch enemy Tuskerninni is trying to ruin a movie studio so that he can buy it cheap and then drill for the oil that's under it.

Can't Bayou Love
S01E16 · Can't Bayou Love

Sep 26, 1991

Darkwing must stop swamp fiend Jambalaya Jake and his very large alligator from stealing all the money in St. Canard.

Bearskin Thug
S01E17 · Bearskin Thug

Sep 27, 1991

Drake "Darkwing Duck" Mallard and the unwilling Gosalyn are set to rough it in the woods. That is, unless a villainous bear has anything to say about.

You Sweat Your Life
S01E18 · You Sweat Your Life

Sep 30, 1991

In order to catch a pair of crooks, Darkwing signs up at the health center where they work. What he doesn't count on is Herb and Binkie Muddlefoot tagging along. And when DW and Herb become stuck together, it'll be even tougher to stop the old man in charge, who's willing to do anything to attain the elixir of life.

Days of Blunder
S01E19 · Days of Blunder

Oct 01, 1991

After repeatedly humiliating Darkwing Duck, Quackerjack disguised as a psychologist convinces Darkwing that he is best suited to pour tea at the Lace and Doily Society and that timid Mr. Meekus should be a caped crime fighter.

Just Us Justice Ducks: Part 1
S01E20 · Just Us Justice Ducks: Part 1

Oct 02, 1991

Introduces Morgana who has mystical powers, Stegmutt a duck transformed into a dinosaur, Neptunia protector of the sea and Gizmoduck a robotic duck (from Duck Tales). Morgana's spell casting needs some work, after she turns Darkwing into a yak and then pudding. Meanwhile, Negaduck has assembled all of Darkwing's arch enemies- Megavolt, Quackerjack, Bushroot and the Liquidator- to form The Fearsome Five.

Just Us Justice Ducks: Part 2
S01E21 · Just Us Justice Ducks: Part 2

Oct 03, 1991

To stop The Fearsome Five, Darkwing joins Morgana, Stegmutt, Neptunia, and Gizmoduck to form The Justice Ducks (despite the fact that not all of them are ducks).

Double Darkwings
S01E22 · Double Darkwings

Oct 04, 1991

Jambalaya Jake uses a potion mixed up by Granny to take control of Launchpad - dressed as Darkwing Duck - and makes him do crimes.

S01E23 · Aduckyphobia

Oct 07, 1991

Professor Moliarty steals radioactive Canardium and causes a giant mutant spider.

When Aliens Collide
S01E24 · When Aliens Collide

Oct 08, 1991

Gosalyn finds a crashed spaceship and brings home a purple alien pet.

Jurassic Jumble
S01E25 · Jurassic Jumble

Oct 09, 1991

Gosalyn and Honker find dinosaurs.

Cleanliness Is Next to Badliness
S01E26 · Cleanliness Is Next to Badliness

Oct 10, 1991

Steelbeak and Amonia Pine team up, and Darkwing gets a fan club.

Smarter Than a Speeding Bullet
S01E27 · Smarter Than a Speeding Bullet

Oct 11, 1991

Crime fighter Comet Guy from another planet comes to Earth to be trained as a champion by Darkwing Duck.

All's Fahrenheit in Love and War
S01E28 · All's Fahrenheit in Love and War

Oct 14, 1991

A frigid winter blast has Darkwing longing for a vacation on a nice sunny beach, but a mysterious series of bank robberies with absolutely no clues left behind interfere with his plans. His investigation leads him under the city, where an unusually cold woman finds her heart warmed by Darkwing's good looks. Under her amorous approach though is a sinister plan to turn St. Canard into one hot city!

Whiffle While You Work
S01E29 · Whiffle While You Work

Oct 15, 1991

Gosalyn and Darkwing have made it into a Whiffle Boy tournament to pit their video game skills against one another in a televised competition. But when Quackerjack tries to take his revenge on Whiffle Boy for driving him out of business, both he and Darkwing are accidentally zapped into the game! Can Darkwing survive both Quackerjack and the Ulitimo level of the game to win the Whiffle Boy trophy?

Ghoul of My Dreams
S01E30 · Ghoul of My Dreams

Oct 16, 1991

Morgana is using NodOff (the noxious nighttime nuisance behind St. Canard's slew of slumber time stickups) to make people steal things for her in their sleep.

S01E31 · Adopt-a-Con

Oct 21, 1991

Drake aka Darkwing Duck accidentally gets involved in an Adopt-a-Con program, and who should it turn out to be but his long-time enemy Tuskerninni? Darkwing is convinced that Tuskerninni still hasn't given up his life of crime, but whenever he tries to prove it, the villain has already covered his tracks. So Darkwing decides to use his alter ego Drake to pretend to be a crook in order to trick Tuskerninni into giving himself away. Things go wrong though and Tuskerninni takes the entire Mallard family hostage, demanding that Darkwing Duck come to free them! Can ...

Toys Czar Us
S01E32 · Toys Czar Us

Oct 22, 1991

Gosalyn's principal gives Darkwing a guidebook to perfect parenting. Meanwhile, Quackerjack is trying to force toy stores to sell his misunderstood toys.

The Secret Origins of Darkwing Duck
S01E33 · The Secret Origins of Darkwing Duck

Oct 23, 1991

At a museum 200 years in the future Gosaloid and Honkulon hear the story of the mythical Darkwing Duck.

Up, Up, and Awry
S01E34 · Up, Up, and Awry

Oct 24, 1991

Megavolt steals horseshoes and industrial strength wiring to make a giant electro-magnet. Darkwing and Gizmo Duck team up to foil his plans.

Life, the Negaverse and Everything
S01E35 · Life, the Negaverse and Everything

Oct 25, 1991

Drake is a reluctant party guest at the Muddlefoots' when Launchpad tells him that the Fearsome Five are at a bakery. He immediately dons his Darkwing garb and storms the bakery, only to accidentally be sent by his double's cohorts to Negaduck's secret hideout, which happens to be in a different universe. Darkwing quickly discovers that everything about the "Nevaverse" is the opposite of what he knows. Can he escape though, when a furious Negaduck puts the entire city on his tail?

Dry Hard
S01E36 · Dry Hard

Oct 28, 1991

St. Canard is roasting in a summer heat wave, and so is Drake's lawn! As much as he wants to get his sprinkler system working though, a rash of bad bottled water sets the hero on the trail of a crooked water salesman, Bud Flood, who after an accident in a vat of spoiled water, becomes the Liquidator! But how can Darkwing stop a villain made of water when he can't even fix a leak in his sprinkler system?

Heavy Mental
S01E37 · Heavy Mental

Oct 29, 1991

While at a SHUSH lab in the Swiss Alps, Darkwing and Launchpad meet Dr. Sera Bellum. She is working on the secret Norma Ray, which creates psychic powers. Launchpad quickly volunteers to try it out.

Disguise the Limit
S01E38 · Disguise the Limit

Oct 30, 1991

Negaduck is back at his old game, but this time he's doing his dirty deeds in Darkwing's costume! To protect Darkwing from the angry citizens of St. Canard, SHUSH zaps him with a device that causes him to change to look like someone else. Now all Darkwing has to do is figure out how to track down Negaduck while transforming into a different person every five minutes.

Planet of the Capes
S01E39 · Planet of the Capes

Oct 31, 1991

When Comet Guy returns to earth and begs Darkwing to come to his planet and help them with something, who is Darkwing to refuse? When Darkwing arrives though, he discovers that it is not his crime-fighting abilities that are needed at all. The planet of superheroes need him to be "Ordinary Guy" for them to protect! At first, Darkwing doesn't really mind, but after a while, he gets fed up with the whole thing, and goes to look for the original ordinary guy, who disappeared. What he finds is more than any of the heroes on the planet could have guessed!

Darkwing Doubloon
S01E40 · Darkwing Doubloon

Nov 01, 1991

A medieval version of modern day where Seaman Drake/Darkwing Doubloon foil plans of a pirate version of the Fearsome Five to steal the King's jewels.

It's a Wonderful Leaf
S01E41 · It's a Wonderful Leaf

Nov 04, 1991

After everyone treats Bushroot like "last year's fruit-cake" he decides to wreak havoc on Christmas.

Twitching Channels
S01E42 · Twitching Channels

Nov 05, 1991

Megavolt discovered a way to get into all of St. Canard's television sets, so that no matter what channel you're on, all you'd see is Megavolt! Darkwing, of course, immediately tries to put a stop to it, but he and Megavolt get zapped to another world full of beak-less, featherless creatures where Darkwing Duck is only a cartoon! Can the long-time enemies work together to get themselves back home?

Dances with Bigfoot
S01E43 · Dances with Bigfoot

Nov 06, 1991

When Gosalyn awakes one morning to find her dad missing and his room a wreck, she dons the garb of the Crimson Avenger to track him down. She finally finds him with an Indian tribe in the remote north west, only to discover that the tribe intends to feed him to their volcano god!

Twin Beaks
S01E44 · Twin Beaks

Nov 07, 1991

Herb and Binkie Muddlefoot go missing and the evidence leads to the mysterious town of Twin Beaks where nothing is what is seems.

The Incredible Bulk
S01E45 · The Incredible Bulk

Nov 08, 1991

Bushroot's new experimental fertilizer causes plants to grow large and strong.

My Valentine Ghoul
S01E46 · My Valentine Ghoul

Nov 11, 1991

Things between Darkwing and Morgana aren't going so well, and who should step in to take advantage of this but Negaduck! Even though he claims to be reformed, Negaduck's "amorous" advances are spurned, but when he starts to sabotage Darkwing, things finally start to turn his way. Then you throw Gosalyn's love potion into the mix, and everything goes awry! Will Darkwing discover Negaduck's true motives and win back Morgana's heart despite everything being against him?

Dead Duck
S01E47 · Dead Duck

Nov 12, 1991

Darkwing dies and returns as a ghost in an attempt to reclaim his living status.

A Duck by Any Other Name
S01E48 · A Duck by Any Other Name

Nov 13, 1991

Launchpad unknowingly takes off his Darkwing decoy mask in front of some reporters, making the whole city think that he's Darkwing Duck.

Let's Get Respectable
S01E49 · Let's Get Respectable

Nov 14, 1991

When a news report shows the bad public opinion of Darkwing Duck, he decides to do an image makeover. With the help of Gosalyn and Honker, he transforms his mysterious "terror that flaps in the night" image into a helpful, trustworthy, non-violent hero. At first everything goes well; Darkwing is loved by everyone, and is even given the key to the city. Then Negaduck gets involved. Disgusted by his double, he begins to sabotage him, while at the same time using the city's low-life thugs to rob the city blind. Before long, the people of St. Canard are ready to mob ...

In Like Blunt
S01E50 · In Like Blunt

Nov 15, 1991

Darkwing Duck gets the opportunity to work with his long-time idol Agent Blunt when SHUSH's list of agents is stolen by Blunt's long time enemy. Darkwing is quickly disillusioned of his media-induced fantasies though as friction develops between the two, causing complications in the recovery of the list. Can the two work out their differences in order to save SHUSH from annihilation?

Quack of Ages
S01E51 · Quack of Ages

Nov 18, 1991

Planning to steal the first yo-yo, Quackerjack travels in his Time Top to medieval St. Canard.

Time and Punishment
S01E52 · Time and Punishment

Nov 19, 1991

When Darkwing tries to stop Megavolt's and Quackerjack's newest plot, Gosalyn accidentally hitches a ride in their new time machine to the future. A future in which Darkwing is obsessed with nipping crime, no matter how trivial, in the bud.

Stressed to Kill
S01E53 · Stressed to Kill

Nov 20, 1991

While investigating why the city's acting so casual, even when something illegal is happening, Darkwing discovers a brainwashing clinic run by Quakerjack and Megavolt, before they brainwash him.

The Darkwing Squad
S01E54 · The Darkwing Squad

Nov 21, 1991

Agent Grizzlikof turns against S.H.U.S.H. when Darkwing Duck is tasked with training the cadets.

Inside Binkie's Brain
S01E55 · Inside Binkie's Brain

Nov 22, 1991

Binkie Muddlefoot is hit by a bowling bowl and is transformed into the Canardian Guardian while Darkwing has his hands full with Megavolt.

The Haunting of Mr. Banana Brain
S01E56 · The Haunting of Mr. Banana Brain

Nov 25, 1991

A spirit named Paddywhack is unleashed from a jack-in-the-box and possesses Quackerjack's doll, "Mr. Banana Brain". As he causes trouble alongside the demented toy-maker, he grows, feeding from the negative emotions around himself.

Slime Okay, You're Okay
S01E57 · Slime Okay, You're Okay

Nov 26, 1991

When Bushroot develops a formula to grow a friend, Gosalyn comes into contact with the substance and is transformed into a slime creature.

Whirled History
S01E58 · Whirled History

Nov 27, 1991

Bored of studying, Gosalyn dozes off on top of her history book, only to find herself accompanied by her favorite television hero, Astroduck, as the two travel in a quest for the fountain of knowledge! Her adventure is not limited to the dreamworld though as she sleepwalks through the city, leading Darkwing on a hazardous chase to rescue her before Megavolt gets to her first.

U.F. Foe
S01E59 · U.F. Foe

Nov 28, 1991

Mysterious alien Bleeb kidnaps Launchpad in order to have him marry the queen of the universe.

A Star Is Scorned
S01E60 · A Star Is Scorned

Nov 29, 1991

Darkwing's TV producer feels that Darkwing's TV show needs a new gimmick in the form of a spin-off character, which might really be Darkwing's replacement by Dr. Reginald Bushroot.

The Quiverwing Quack
S01E61 · The Quiverwing Quack

Dec 02, 1991

Gosalyn takes up archery, and bests Negaduck with it. Against Darkwing's wishes, she creates her alter-ego -- the Quiverwing Quack -- and causes a stir of publicity. She also becomes Negaduck's new target - so he can regain his position as Public Enemy #1.

Jail Bird
S01E62 · Jail Bird

Dec 03, 1991

Negaduck steals a diamond that can steal other people's powers. After he steals the powers from Bushroot, Megavolt, the Liquidator, and Quackerjack, they have to use their weaknesses to stop Mega-Negaduck.

S01E63 · Dirtysomething

Dec 04, 1991

It's Ammonia Pine's worst nightmare. FOWL has teamed her with her polar opposite, her filth-loving sister, Ample Grime. It WOULD be easy for Darkwing Duck to stop them. But Gosalyn, not having enough allowance to buy a video game, has discovered that she can cash in whatever she recycles - including the Thunderquack's engine, the Ratcatcher, a few gas guns, etc.

Kung Fooled
S01E64 · Kung Fooled

Dec 05, 1991

Darkwing chases Moliarty to the city Kung Pow where he meets up with his old martial arts instructor, Master Lee.

Bad Luck Duck
S01E65 · Bad Luck Duck

Dec 06, 1991

Darkwing Duck is accused of stealing a Tribe's jewel and the leader puts a bad luck curse on him. Now they have to get it back from NegaDuck and stop him from using it. But where is the witch doctor to get the curse off?


Darkwing Duck Season 1 (1991) is released on Sep 06, 1991 and the latest season 3 of Darkwing Duck is released in 1992. Watch Darkwing Duck online - the English Animation TV series from United States. Darkwing Duck is directed by Tad Stones,Alan Zaslove,Saburo Hashimoto,Kiyotaka Kantake and created by Haskell Barkin with Jim Cummings and Terence McGovern. Darkwing Duck is available online on Disney Plus and Apple iTunes.

In the city of St. Canard, the people are plagued by the most bizarre criminals, but they have a protector as well, Darkwing Duck (Jim Cummings). This bumbling and egotistical superhero battles evil in that fair city with the help of his dumb pilot sidekick, Launchpad McQuack (Terence McGovern) and his rambunctious adopted daughter, Gosalyn Waddlemeyer (Christine Cavanaugh).

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Дарквинг Дак, Myster Mask, Varjo Ankka: Oikeusankat yhtykää, Черный Плащ, Темний плащ


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Kevin Johnson
AV Club
Darkwing Duck, both the show and the character, is keenly aware of the connection between heroics and vanity.
by rottentomatoes, Sep 24, 2018
Charles Solomon
Los Angeles Times
Darkwing looks suspiciously like Daffy Duck... But Daffy was funny, and this inept crime fighter who describes himself as "the terror that flaps in the night, the winged scourge that pecks at your nightmares" isn't.
by rottentomatoes, Sep 24, 2018

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