Episodes (39)

S04E01 · ÇukurS4

Sep 07, 2020

Yamaç, who does everything to keep his family together and protect his neighborhood, comes face to face with the nightmare he has been running from for months.

Affet Çukur
S04E02 · Affet Çukur

Sep 14, 2020

When the whole family first learns that Cumali shot Yamaç, then they will be shaken once again by the truth that Cumali said. Yamaç, on the other hand, will be kidnapped and healed by a surprise name.

Çukur Yikilmaz
S04E03 · Çukur Yikilmaz

Sep 21, 2020

Yamaç takes refuge in Efsun. Seeing them together, Nehir takes a decision that will affect all of their lives, and it will be eagerly awaited whether Yamaç can turn him back from this path.

S04E04 · AzKar

Sep 28, 2020

When Karaca kills Azer, she also learns betrayal of Akin, and comes back home. Yamac struggles with Erdenet family.

Ava Giden Avlanir
S04E05 · Ava Giden Avlanir

Oct 05, 2020

While the struggle between Çukur and Erdenets is getting hotter, the results of the game to be set by Yamaç and Vartolu will be eagerly awaited.

Teke Tek
S04E06 · Teke Tek

Oct 12, 2020

After his last move, Yamaç will realize for the first time that he has an enemy as smart as him. Yamaç, who had to protect Arik as per Cengiz's request, will also enter into a breathtaking fight with Arik to protect Çukur. In order to accomplish the difficult task he has taken, Yamaç asks Vartolu for help. The results of the clever game that the two sets up will be eagerly awaited. Efsun will come out of a difficult situation with the help of an unexpected former ally. Cumali's last move against Erdenet's, who are trying to learn the truth about the Cumali's empty ...

S04E07 · Çukur99

Oct 19, 2020

While the news of Arik's death had a shocking effect on the Erdenet family, Cengiz will ask Yamaç for those responsible for it. When Yamaç takes action to protect Çukur, he will find all of the Çukur in front of him. As Yamaç went after Arik's kidnapping in order to acquit Cumali, he will be one step closer to the mysterious man Nedim is working with. Vartolu, on the one hand, will help Yamaç, on the other hand, he will continue to work so that the family does not blame Yamaç more. The adventure that Yamaç entered to reveal the true identity of Nedim will take his ...

S04E08 · Çukur100

Oct 26, 2020

Yamaç can clearly see that his family is in danger with Cengiz's move, so he will make a move that will surprise even Cengiz. As Vartolu and Yamaç are about to take action to both deals with Cengiz and protect Çukur, all their plans will change with surprise news. What Karaca will say about Azer's death will upset all the balances in the Koçovali house. The people of Çukur will once again come together when one of them is hurt. Young people who enter into a breathtaking action with Yamaç and Vartolu will remember with emotional moments what it means to be from Çukur. ...

Benim Çukurum
S04E09 · Benim Çukurum

Nov 02, 2020

Yamaç who comes face to face with Çagatay once again will set up a breathtaking plan to get rid of him and to calm Cumali's anger. With what Karaca said, the tension in the Koçovali house rises and will be the beginning of a sibling fight. While Cumali, whose burden increased with both the neighborhood and those at home, made a critical decision, Selim will take the first step to lead Çukur. In a totally unexpected moment Yamaç receives good news, however right after this news a big confrontation awaits him.

S04E10 · Kardes

Nov 09, 2020

After his confrontation with Efsun, Cumali is devastated by what he learns. Afterward, he makes another move for Çukur this time receiving help from surprising someone. As Çagatay pushes Yamaç towards a very difficult test, Yamaç is going to make a breathtaking move and will receive an offer for an alliance from someone totally expected. After a visit from Çagatay, Efsum has really been squeezed into a corner, following with the situation that she has witnessed she will totally collapse. While at the house the tension between the women continues to escalate, Sultan ...

Aile Olmak
S04E11 · Aile Olmak

Nov 16, 2020

Yamaç will be in a difficult situation when Sefa, whom they punished before, takes the Erdenets behind his back. The sudden attacks on Çukur will take everyone's breath away. Despite all the ropes stretching at home and in the neighborhood, these massive attacks will bring everyone together. Facing Selim, Yamaç will face a heavy accusation he never expected. As both Çukur and Yamaç are getting stuck in the corner, a small move by Sultan will activate Yamaç, and Yamaç will remember what it means to be from Koçovali family.

Aileni Koru
S04E12 · Aileni Koru

Nov 23, 2020

Yamaç stands up to Cengiz Erdenet, and everyone will be eagerly awaiting for his next move. While Cengiz and Çagatay do their best to make Yamaç to give up, things will not go as they expected because of a plan that Yamaç has set up before. Çagatay, who is losing against Yamaç once again, will throw a great threat to Çukur by using his big trump cards in his fight against Cumali. While there are emotional moments with Yamaç returning home, nobody will notice that one of them is coming to an end.

Portakal Kimde?
S04E13 · Portakal Kimde?

Nov 30, 2020

Çagatay, who pushed Cumali to a point of no return, will get caught in Yamaç's game when he is about to deal a big blow to Cengiz and Ogeday. Yamaç and Cumali will have a real confrontation for the first time upon the death of Idris. When Yamaç learns about the deeds that Cumali lost to Çagatay, he will take action and cooperate with a surprise name. Selim, who is on the verge of a big decision, is about to embark on a path that will change all balances and he will encounter a surprise that will shock everyone.

Selime Veda
S04E14 · Selime Veda

Dec 07, 2020

With the trap set by Çagatay, a great fire will fall on the Koçovali family and Selim will give his last breath in Yamaç's hands. While the Koçovali family is deeply shaken by Selim's death, Akin will attack with his father's pain. While the Koçovali family mourn their lost sons, Çukur will not leave them alone and there will be emotional moments in Selim's funeral. Çagatay, who lost the big trump card in his hand with the return of Ogeday, will find himself on the target board of Cengiz and will seek ways to turn things in his favor. Yamaç, who vowed to avenge his ...

Aileme Dokunma
S04E15 · Aileme Dokunma

Dec 14, 2020

The explosion in Cengiz's factories will be the first of Yamaç's steps to take revenge. Kulkan, who has been watching the war between Erdenet and Koçovali families from afar for a long time, will find the opportunity to take action. Taking action to avenge Selim, Cumali will encounter a big surprise. Unaware that Efsun is in the hands of the Erdenet family, Yamaç will try to secure Nehir. The first attack of the Koçovali family to avenge Selim will be breathtaking.

S04E16 · Bilmece

Dec 21, 2020

Kulkan, who has recently joined the war between the Koçovali and the Erdenet families, will confront Çukur in places they have never expected, and will continue to hold Nehir and Efsun hostage. Nehir and Efsun, who have joined their forces, will take action to get rid of the Erdenets. Nedim, who has been following Çukur from afar for a while, will have a surprise request from the Koçovali family. Yamaç, who is one step closer to ending Cengiz Erdenet, will once again face a very difficult choice with Kulkan's unexpected move.

Güvenli Ev
S04E17 · Güvenli Ev

Dec 28, 2020

As the Koçovalis and Çukur take action to save Efsun and Nehir, Yamaç will face a tough test. What happens in these moments of breath holding will be a matter of curiosity. Cengiz will stand up again with the help of Kulkan after the last events he experienced. Filled with anger more than ever before, the Erdenets will put the whole Çukur in great danger with the moves they make without slowing down. Yamaç, who deals with the surprise developments in the neighborhood while fighting the Erdenets on the one hand, will put into effect his plan to push Cengiz into a ...

Biz Hayatta Kaliriz
S04E18 · Biz Hayatta Kaliriz

Jan 04, 2021

When the Koçovans, who caused Cengiz to suffer great losses, return to the neighborhood, they will encounter an unexpected sight.

Çukur'dan Kaçis Yok
S04E19 · Çukur'dan Kaçis Yok

Jan 11, 2021

Yamaç, which continues unabated to bring the end of the Erdenet's, will carry out a big attack to reach the next target. During this breathtaking action, what happened to Yamaç and Çukur will be a matter of curiosity. While the guard wall around him is getting weaker and weaker, Cengiz finds the solution to draw Çagatay back to his side, while Çagatay's game will cause surprising developments. After the death of Ogeday, Kulkan, angry with Gengiz, will be offered help from a place he does not expect. At the end of the action-packed moments, Koçovali will continue their...

Geri Sayim
S04E20 · Geri Sayim

Jan 18, 2021

While the Koçovali's will continue their revenge plans by targeting Kulkan and Çagatay, after the death of Cengiz Erdenet, Çagatay's new move, which will put Çukur in great danger, will tie the hands of the Koçovali's. The surprise meeting that Vartolu will hold in Afghanistan will be eagerly awaited. As Yamaç faces the danger of losing his loved ones once again, the plan that Çagatay and Kulkan made with the mysterious man will bring another Koçovali face to face with death.

Kaldigimiz Yerden
S04E21 · Kaldigimiz Yerden

Jan 25, 2021

After Akin, the life-threatening continues for Emmi and Aliço, and the new explosion to be experienced in the neighborhood will bring everyone's hearts to their mouths. While the Koçovali's will heal the wounds in Çukur, they will go after the Erdenets. The mind-filled plan established by Vartolu, who met with Uncle Cumali, will be breath-taking. While the developments in the house of the Koçovanli's regarding Efsun will be a new turning point for everyone, the new revenge plan of the Koçovali's will prepare the end of one of the Erdenet family.

S04E22 · Efsun

Feb 01, 2021

While Yamaç thinks that he will finally take a breath after Çagatay's death, he will be very upset when he learns that Efsun is leaving the house and will immediately start looking for her. With Akin and Yasmin's wedding preparations, Koçovali will take a short break from the war. The first wedding organized by the Koçovali after a long time will cause a tense wait. Vartolu, who learns that it is finally time to return home, will encounter an unexpected surprise on his journey to Çukur with Uncle Cumali. Learning that Efsun was kicked out of the house by his mother ...

S04E23 · Hazirmisiniz

Feb 08, 2021

Whether Yamaç will be able to return from the place where he was held by Kulkan in Afghanistan will be eagerly awaited.

Yeni Çukur
S04E24 · Yeni Çukur

Feb 15, 2021

While the details of the new order that Uncle has established in the neighborhood are gradually emerging, the difference between those next to him and those against him will be clearly seen.

S04E25 · Yamaç

Feb 22, 2021

Vartolu, who learned what Yamaç went through, will take action to find Kulkan. Uncle, who learns Vartolu's intention, will use his own trump card and make a move that will surprise everyone.

S04E26 · Masal

Mar 01, 2021

After seeing the sights in Çukur, Yamaç will choose his side by going against Uncle. This will be the beginning of a brand new era in Çukur.

S04E27 · EfYam

Mar 08, 2021

The unnamed war between Yamaç and Uncle will become more evident. This situation will bring Vartolu and Yamaç face to face again as it was years ago.

S04E28 · Halay

Mar 15, 2021

As the tension between Yamaç and Uncle escalates, the war between the two sides will now become official. The circumcision wedding of Vartolu's son will bring both sides together.

S04E29 · Korkma

Mar 22, 2021

While Yamaç and Efsun's confrontation will bring emotional moments, the conflict between Uncle and Yamaç will bring Vartolu and Yamaç face to face.

Babam Gibi
S04E30 · Babam Gibi

Mar 29, 2021

The tension between Yamaç and Vartolu will affect everyone. Uncle will trap someone he suspects with his game to find the informant who helped Yamaç.

S04E31 · Celasun

Apr 05, 2021

Unable to stop Yamaç, the ropes will eventually stretch between Uncle and Vartolu, and Vartolu will take action to stop Yamaç. One of the main characters of Çukur will say goodbye to Çukur.

S04E32 · Karaca

Apr 12, 2021

Karaca, who could not hear from Celasun, will obtain important information thanks to the clue he has been following. This information brings Uncle and Karaca face to face.

S04E33 · Çukur

Apr 19, 2021

Vartolu, who was hit by Yamaç's games, will take the ropes this time. Taking action to reduce Uncle's power, Yamaç will be surprised by Vartolu's clever game.

S04E34 · Emmi

Apr 26, 2021

Uncle will break all the ties between Vartolu and Yamaç with the new game he will set up. While Yamaç makes a clever plan to protect his loved ones, he will avenge another person.

Bir Devir Kapandi
S04E35 · Bir Devir Kapandi

May 03, 2021

While Koçovans mourn Emmi's death; With the support of Efsun, Yamaç will take action to show Vartolu the true face of Uncle.

Biz Aileyiz
S04E36 · Biz Aileyiz

May 10, 2021

Çukur, who learns what happened to Karaca and Celasun, will be mourned. The Koçovans are once again tested the pain of death. As the accounts of past begin to close one by one, everyone will have to face the price of their mistakes.

Çukur Son3
S04E37 · Çukur Son3

May 24, 2021

While both Koçovans and Çukur are at peace after a long time, Uncle's move will change everything.

Çukur Son2
S04E38 · Çukur Son2

May 31, 2021

While the surprise attack of those who stayed in Çukur on Uncle is breathtaking, Yamaç's last move, who thinks he has no other choice to protect the family and Çukur, will affect everyone deeply.

Çukur Veda
S04E39 · Çukur Veda

Jun 07, 2021

While the Koçovali family and Çukur are giving the biggest test of their lives, the storm will break for the last time. With an unforgettable goodbye, everything will change forever for Çukur.


The Pit (also know as Çukur) Season 4 (2020) is released on Sep 07, 2020 and the latest season 4 of The Pit is released in 2020. Watch The Pit online - the Turkish Action TV series from Turkey. The Pit is directed by Sinan Ozturk,Özgür Sevimli and created by Gökhan Horzum with Aras Bulut Iynemli and Erkan Kolçak Köstendil.

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Çukur, Çukur, Gropa, Çuxur, Çukur(English)





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Ay Yapim

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