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Cuffy and a Carpetbagger
S01E01 · Cuffy and a Carpetbagger

Mar 13, 1983

Tom the smooth talking tinker comes to town and Cuffy befriends him. He takes Tom around to meet all his friends, but they are wary of him and think he is shifty. Cuffy doesn't realize it until they both get arrested.

Cuffy and a Holiday
S01E02 · Cuffy and a Holiday

Mar 20, 1983

Cuffy goes on holiday, in town. On day two he gets bored and goes to see farmer Jake. By trying to help Mandy, he accidentally knocks Jake off his ladder.

Cuffy and a Fashion Show
S01E03 · Cuffy and a Fashion Show

Mar 27, 1983

A fashion designer uses Shillingbury as a back drop for his new line. Unfortunately, Cuffy manages to sneak into every shot until he is actually hired to be in the fashion show.

Cuffy and a Downpour
S01E04 · Cuffy and a Downpour

Apr 10, 1983

During a storm, Cuffy's roof leaks and he goes to Jake for help. Jake sends the vicar and he falls through Cuffy's roof. Cuffy goes back to Jake's and Mandy lets him stay for a night much to Jake's dismay. Accidents ensue and Cuffy is sent back to the caravan, only to find the vicar falling through the roof again.

Cuffy and the Status Quo
S01E05 · Cuffy and the Status Quo

Apr 17, 1983

Cuffy is offered the job as Janitor of the Village Hall. Mrs. Simkins points out that Cuffy does not contribute to the community. He takes charity and does odd jobs for money. So Cuffy takes the job.

Cuffy and a Green Eye
S01E06 · Cuffy and a Green Eye

Apr 24, 1983

The vicar's sister visits and Cuffy and Jake are both attracted to her. A competition for her affection begins, only to find she has a buyer for her house and has to leave.


Cuffy Season 1 (1983) is released on Mar 13, 1983. Watch Cuffy online - the English Comedy TV series from United Kingdom. Cuffy is directed by Paul Harrison,Christopher Baker and created by Francis Essex with Bernard Cribbins and Jack Douglas.

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