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A New Beginning
S02E01 · A New Beginning

Aug 07, 2014

Two years after learning that Cuckoo died in a climbing accident in the Himalayas, Ken is celebrating the fact that Dylan will be leaving home to attend university and Rachel moving in with staid boyfriend Ben. He is less overjoyed when Lorna suggests he has a vasectomy. Then Dale Ashbrick, a hirsute American youngster, arrives at the house, claiming to be Cuckoo's son, searching for the father he has never met. Like his father he is odd, believing that aliens will end the world next day. However he is wrong and, to the menfolk's annoyance, Lorna and Rachel ask him to...

Potato Party
S02E02 · Potato Party

Aug 14, 2014

Ken is going away for a reunion weekend and Dylan persuades Lorna to go to the theatre with Connie so he can throw a party and lose his virginity to girlfriend Zoe, Connie's daughter. Dale has decided that his destiny is to take over Cuckoo's potato wagon so Dylan asks him to provide food for the party. Dale is a wow with the girls, including Rachel, and the food he serves up with its special sauce is a hit. Unfortunately the sauce, which he found in the garage, is well past its sell-by date and by the time Connie turns up with Lorna in tow to stop her daughter having...

S02E03 · Tribunal

Aug 21, 2014

After finding a nude Dale in bed with them Ben and Rachel aim to set him up with one of her friends, Natalie, who finds him gorgeous and fascinating. They date but nothing happens as Dale does not believe she is the Special One. Medic Steve is facing a tribunal for gross misconduct and blackmails Ken into representing him or else he will tell Lorna the vasectomy never went ahead. Unfortunately Ken has ingested some drugs and acts very oddly at the hearing, his boss Charles taking over and winning the case.

S02E04 · Funeral

Aug 28, 2014

With Rachel and Ben away on holiday Ken takes Dale to a book-shop where they meet Ken's old tutor Dr Rafferty, who borrows a valuable first edition from Ken, Unfortunately he dies before he can return it so Ken takes the family to the funeral to retrieve it. The relatives take to Dale, despite his bizarre funeral oration, as they wrongly believe he is the doctor's American lover. However Rafferty's niece Sandra is irate when she catches Ken trying to steal his book back, nor does it help when the family discovers that Dale is not the lover and Dylan is caught having ...

Ken at Work
S02E05 · Ken at Work

Sep 04, 2014

Ken's boss Charles announces his retirement, adding that he will be supporting Ken as his successor, rather than rival Jane. To scupper Jane's chances Ken takes CCTV footage of her robbing the stationery cupboard but the tape also shows Rachel and Ben having sex. Seeing Charles watching a tape and looking guilty Ken wrongly assumes that this is the sex tape and publicly uses this against Charles to secure his promotion. In the event it was a different tape but now Ken has exposed his daughter and her boyfriend's secret. Dylan is also exposed when it turns out that the...

Neighbourhood Watch
S02E06 · Neighbourhood Watch

Sep 11, 2014

Lorna wakes in the night to hear somebody trying to steal the family car but Ken refuses to intervene and Dale scares them off, making Ken feel old and inadequate. The family attends Steve's Neighbourhood Watch meeting where Ken is amused to see Dale trounce Steve in martial arts but a resident's car is stolen. Steve gives chase, with a reluctant Ken, leading to a fight and a misunderstanding though Lorna is proud of her man. Rachel also discovers that she prefers Dale to Ben.

Christmas Special
S02E07 · Christmas Special

Dec 24, 2014

Whilst Christmas shopping Lorna faints in the street and, on her return home, discovers that she is pregnant. However, seeing the positive testing kit both Ben and Dale believe that Rachel is expecting and both assume that they are the father. At a pre-Christmas dinner Steve wins Connie back from her lover Pepe and Ben persuades a reluctant Ken to play Santa at a charity concert so that he too can take the stage and publicly propose to Rachel. It all goes ahead but everybody is shocked when Lorna, not Rachel, announces that she is the pregnant one (though Lorna is ...


Cuckoo Season 2 (2014) is released on Aug 07, 2014 and the latest season 5 of Cuckoo is released in 2019. Watch Cuckoo online - the English Comedy TV series from United Kingdom. Cuckoo is directed by Ben Taylor,Paul Murphy,Ben Gregor and created by Robin French with Greg Davies and Helen Baxendale. Cuckoo is available online on Netflix and Netflix basic with Ads.

Cuckoo is every parent's worst nightmare - a slacker full of outlandish, New Age ideas.

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Cuckoo, Куку, Kakukk, Kuku


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Different guy. Just as cuckoo. (Season 2)

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