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The New Kid in Town
S01E01 · The New Kid in Town

Jan 12, 2007

Cory Baxter moves from San Francisco, California, to Washington, D.C. with his father, after Victor Baxter gets a new job in the White House as the official head chef. The two both face big adventures and new people.

Ain't Miss Bahavian
S01E02 · Ain't Miss Bahavian

Jan 19, 2007

When Ambassador Paroom, the ambassador of Bahavia and Meena's father, finds out that Meena has forgotten her backpack he brings it to school and finds out she has not been following traditional Bahavian ways. Then when he catches her performing with Cory and Newt, he tells her she can never see and talk to them again! Cory decides to show the ambassador how much he respects Bahavian culture, but he was given bad advice from Newt to show how to disrespect a Bahavian! Meanwhile, Victor and Samantha try to get Sophie to eat vegetables and not just French Fries.

Everybody Loves Meena
S01E03 · Everybody Loves Meena

Jan 26, 2007

Cory thinks Meena has a crush on him after finding a necklace with his initials engraved.

We Built This Kitty on Rock 'n' Roll
S01E04 · We Built This Kitty on Rock 'n' Roll

Feb 02, 2007

The President hosts a fund raising concert to raise funds for reading in America. When Cory hears about the fundraiser; he tells the band. But when the band find out that Sophie, the President's daughter has a spot in the fundraiser, Cory, Meena and Newt convince Sophie to give them a spot in the fundraiser if in return; Sophie joins Cory's band. But Sophie has other plans; by changing the band's rock songs to a soft, cheesy song about kittens and insisting the band wear cat suits.

Rock the Vote
S01E05 · Rock the Vote

Feb 09, 2007

Corey "helps" Newt in school elections; Sophie brings the President to Career Day.

Nappers' Delight
S01E06 · Nappers' Delight

Feb 16, 2007

Cory and his friends want to raise money for a skiing trip; so they secretly give tours to guests of the White House. Meanwhile, both Victor and the President haven't slept in ages; and sneak around the White House to take naps.

Smells Like School Spirit
S01E07 · Smells Like School Spirit

Feb 23, 2007

Cory finds out a secret conspiracy that the president right hand man Homura Akemi is creating an alternative timeline were he can save his girlfriend Yamcha from the wrath of the full Metal alchemist, Light Yahami. Cory, Newt, and Sophie need to to stop him from Summoning the "Time Space Pair of Ducks" who will eliminate all the earths chromosomes, putting the whole omniverse in danger of the fairy tail.

Just Desserts
S01E08 · Just Desserts

Mar 02, 2007

Cory accidentally prepares an explosive dessert for a presidential medal banquet for overly stressed people. Sophie wants to learn to ride a bike.

Bahavian Idol
S01E09 · Bahavian Idol

Mar 09, 2007

Cory gives Meena a little trinket as a gift, only to discover that the trinket he gave her brings bad luck in her country of Bahavia.

Beat the Press
S01E10 · Beat the Press

Mar 23, 2007

The President has a cold; and is trying to handle a press conference but Cory steps in and speaks to the press; only to find out the reporter is twisting Cory's words. Meanwhile, Newt and Meena try to film a music video for one of their songs, dressing up as aliens from outer space.

Mall of Confusion
S01E11 · Mall of Confusion

Apr 13, 2007

It's President Martinez and First Lady Martinez's wedding anniversary, so the President decides to go to the mall to get her some perfume as a present; and enlists Cory's help to sneak him to the mall without being seen. Meanwhile Sophie looks up to Meena as a "sister" and decides to act as if she was Bahavian.

Get Smarter
S01E12 · Get Smarter

May 11, 2007

When Newt gets a date with the smartest girl in school, he needs Cory, Meena and Stickler's help to convince her he's smart too.

And the Weenie Is...
S01E13 · And the Weenie Is...

May 18, 2007

If you've ever seen That's So Raven then you might remember the bully in Cory's school in junior high. Cory has an unexpected visit from his friend the Juicer and to Newt and Meena, the Juicer is not the bully he is. They're concert gig is also changed into a special party for a special visitor.

No, No, Nanoosh
S01E14 · No, No, Nanoosh

Jun 16, 2007

Meena wins a contest to meet her favorite Bahavian pop star; Nanoosh, making Cory jealous. Meanwhile the manager of Cheese in a Cup; Becky is left in charge of the White House kitchen.

Air Force One Too Many
S01E15 · Air Force One Too Many

Jun 30, 2007

Cory challenges the Russian Prime Minister to a game of Step Step Party Tek in order to retrieve the original ownership deed to Alaska.

That's So in the House
S01E16 · That's So in the House

Jul 08, 2007

While visiting the White House to design new tour guide uniforms, Raven has a kooky accidental encounter with President Martinez. Posing as his sister, Cory tries to save the situation.

Gone Wishin'
S01E17 · Gone Wishin'

Jul 13, 2007

it start out with Chef Victor making sweet potato pies for the staff meeting and telling Cory to turn off the oven in 20 minutes or the pies will burn. Cory thinks of what he can for the next 20 minutes or so. in the next scene Cory is selling bottled water to the white house visitors. Sophie comes in to tell him it's time to turn the oven off but he too busy making money and shoos her off. walking into the kitchen counting his money he smells the burnt pie and realize he was supposed to turn off the oven when Sophie came in to bug him. Chef Victor, Samantha Samuels ...

I Ain't Got Rhythm
S01E18 · I Ain't Got Rhythm

Jul 29, 2007

Stickler joins Cory's band; only to mess up Cory's drumming ability.

The Kung Fu Kats Kid
S01E19 · The Kung Fu Kats Kid

Aug 04, 2007

Cory, Newt and Meena have been invited to hang out with a group of friends at the juice bar; and Sophie wants to hang with Cory as well, so she blackmails him into hanging out with them by filming an embarrassing video of Cory dancing on her webcam.

A Rat by Any Other Name
S01E20 · A Rat by Any Other Name

Aug 11, 2007

Cory's pet rat; Lionel comes to visit, and Sophie falls in love with him.

Never the Dwayne Shall Meet
S01E21 · Never the Dwayne Shall Meet

Sep 21, 2007

President Martinez invites Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson to the White House for an appointment as his special fitness program adviser. Due to a series of events, only Sophie is there to invite him to her tea party.


Cory in the House Season 1 (2007) is released on Jan 12, 2007 and the latest season 2 of Cory in the House is released in 2007. Watch Cory in the House online - the English Comedy TV series from United States. Cory in the House is directed by Richard Correll,Eric Dean Seaton,Rondell Sheridan,David Kendall and created by Marc Warren with Kyle Massey and Jason Dolley.

It's a brand new life for Cory Baxter as well as his father Victor Baxter (from their predecessor series That's So Raven) as the father-and-son duo move from San Francisco, California to the White House in Washington, DC after Victor Baxter is named the new personal White House chef for President Richard Martinez.

As know as:

Cory en la Casa Blanca, Cory i Det Hvite Hus, Кори в доме, Cory Beyaz Sarayda, Cory Ở Nhà Trắng


United States



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Disney Channel

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Disney Channel, It's a Laugh Productions, Warren & Rinsler Productions


Cory's Coming To The House This January!, Making This House His Home!


Barry Garron
Hollywood Reporter
The kids deliver punchlines well, though no one will mistake the situations that arise in each episode for anything that resembles reality.
by rottentomatoes, Oct 22, 2019
Susan Stewart
New York Times
[Cory in the House] is not The West Wing: The Teen Years. It's a kids'-eye view of a certain slice of unreality, and as such it succeeds well enough.
by rottentomatoes, Oct 21, 2019

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