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History 101
S04E01 · History 101

Feb 07, 2013

While the Dean creates a Hunger Games-style competition for admission into a History of Ice Cream class, the final class Jeff needs to graduate and a fear of graduation causes Abed to retreat to his happy place.

Paranormal Parentage
S04E02 · Paranormal Parentage

Feb 14, 2013

The study group's Halloween plans are put on hold when Pierce locks himself in the panic room of his "haunted" mansion.

Conventions of Space and Time
S04E03 · Conventions of Space and Time

Feb 21, 2013

At the Inspector SpaceTime Convention, Abed finds a new "soulmate," Jeff discovers he looks like one of the show's villains, Shirley and Pierce join a focus group, and Annie pretends to be Jeff's wife.

Alternative History of the German Invasion
S04E04 · Alternative History of the German Invasion

Feb 28, 2013

The Study Group loses access to the study room to the German foosballers, and Chang returns to campus, claiming to be suffering from "Changnesia."

Cooperative Escapism in Familial Relations
S04E05 · Cooperative Escapism in Familial Relations

Mar 07, 2013

While Jeff and Britta spend Thanksgiving with Jeff's newly-discovered father and brother, the rest of the Study Group tries to escape from Shirley's dysfunctional family Thanksgiving celebration.

Advanced Documentary Filmmaking
S04E06 · Advanced Documentary Filmmaking

Mar 14, 2013

Abed makes a new documentary chronicling Greendale's effort to get a research grant for "Changnesia," as well as Jeff's efforts to prove that Chang is faking his disease.

Economics of Marine Biology
S04E07 · Economics of Marine Biology

Mar 21, 2013

Dean Pelton and Annie try to land a "whale" student while Jeff is assigned to keep Pierce occupied. Meanwhile, Troy and Shirley take a physical education education course, and Abed creates a fraternity to annoy the dean.

Herstory of Dance
S04E08 · Herstory of Dance

Apr 04, 2013

While the dean sets up a Sadie Hawkins dance, Britta puts together a competing Sophie B. Hawkins dance. Meanwhile, Abed is set up with two dates to both dances by Annie and Shirley.

Intro to Felt Surrogacy
S04E09 · Intro to Felt Surrogacy

Apr 11, 2013

Dean Pelton prompts the study group to use puppets to relive the traumatic events of a recent adventure.

Intro to Knots
S04E10 · Intro to Knots

Apr 18, 2013

Jeff organizes a lovely holiday gathering at his apartment but Annie secretly invites Professor Cornwallis, to get in his good graces.

Basic Human Anatomy
S04E11 · Basic Human Anatomy

Apr 25, 2013

When Annie and Shirley learn that Leonard is actually holding the spot as the class valedictorian, they join forces to bring him down.

Heroic Origins
S04E12 · Heroic Origins

May 02, 2013

Abed's research into the study group's history uncovers an overlooked series of chance encounters that led each of them to Greendale.

Advanced Introduction to Finality
S04E13 · Advanced Introduction to Finality

May 09, 2013

A plan to celebrate Jeff's early graduation is unexpectedly disrupted by the study group's evil doppelgangers from the Darkest Timeline.


Community Season 4 (2013) is released on Feb 07, 2013 and the latest season 6 of Community is released in 2015. Watch Community online - the English Comedy TV series from United States. Community is directed by Tristram Shapeero,Joe Russo,Anthony Russo,Rob Schrab and created by Dan Harmon with Joel McHale and Gillian Jacobs. Community is available online on Netflix and Hulu.

A former lawyer attends a community college when it is discovered he faked his Bachelor's degree. In an attempt to get with a student in his Spanish class, he forms a Spanish study group. To his surprise, more people attend the study group and the group of misfits form an unlikely community.

As know as:

Späť do školy, 커뮤니티, Zpátky do skoly, Studenti part-time, Колеж "Грийндейл"


United States



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Krasnoff Foster Productions, Harmonius Claptrap, AGBO

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Mastering the B.S. degree at community college., Class uncancelled


Ben Gazur
The worst thing that can befall a show happened: they made a puppet episode. And then they went and made the puppet show a musical.
by rottentomatoes, Jan 14, 2019
Joe Reid
New York Magazine/Vulture
It's incredibly strange watching Community play it so safe... Community can't quite seem to remember how to be a regular sitcom without resorting to being a typical sitcom. There's a difference, I think.
by rottentomatoes, Jan 12, 2019
Josh Gondelman
New York Magazine/Vulture
It echoed the way things used to be, but in a perverse way that suggested the damage done might be irreparable.
by rottentomatoes, Jan 12, 2019

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