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Dat Phan
S08E01 · Dat Phan

Jan 29, 2004

Last Comic Standing champ Dat Phan relives strange memories of growing up Vietnamese in this half-hour stand-up special.

John Heffron
S08E02 · John Heffron

Jan 29, 2004

Entrepreneur John Heffron shares his latest product ideas designed for the single guy.

D.C. Benny
S08E03 · D.C. Benny

Feb 05, 2004

D.C. Benny recreates the sounds of the city, from cabbies to supers to neighborhood sushi chefs in this half-hour stand-up special.

Frank Caliendo
S08E04 · Frank Caliendo

Feb 05, 2004

Impressionist Frank Caliendo shows off his multiple personalities, from John Madden to George Bush, in this half-hour stand-up special.

S08E05 · Retta

Feb 12, 2004

Retta reveals the trials and triumphs of being a big girl in today's world in this half-hour stand-up special.

Kevin Hart
S08E06 · Kevin Hart

Feb 12, 2004

Fully grown little man Kevin Hart tells tall tales of marital spats and growing up stupid.

Eddie Gossling
S08E07 · Eddie Gossling

Feb 19, 2004

Eddie Gossling tells wild tales of living the suburban thug life and getting out of street fights.

Jimmy Shubert
S08E08 · Jimmy Shubert

Feb 19, 2004

Tough guy Jimmy Shubert shouts out for animal rights, the homeless and stealing office supplies in this half-hour stand-up special.

Carlos Alazraqui
S08E09 · Carlos Alazraqui

Feb 26, 2004

Impersonator Carlos Alazraqui exposes his secret life as a talking Chihuahua.

Vanessa Hollingshead
S08E10 · Vanessa Hollingshead

Feb 23, 2004

Vanessa Hollingshead takes on the hot-button issues of racial inequality and sexual satisfaction.

Mike Birbiglia
S08E11 · Mike Birbiglia

Mar 04, 2004

Mike Birbiglia shares his childhood artwork and his tendency to drink at the Laundromat.

Doug Benson
S08E12 · Doug Benson

Mar 04, 2004

Doug Benson shares his experiences with touring, TiVo & teasing guards at Buckingham Palace.

Tom Cotter
S08E13 · Tom Cotter

Nov 24, 2004

Bad Catholic Tom Cotter confesses his most embarrassing childhood memories in this half-hour stand-up special.

Demetri Martin
S08E14 · Demetri Martin

Mar 18, 2004

Demetri Martin takes you on a journey to the magical place where his jokes come from in this half-hour stand-up special.

Bob Oschack
S08E15 · Bob Oschack

Mar 18, 2005

Son-of-the-South Bob Oschack defends the institution of marriage and the right to rent porn in this half-hour stand-up special.

Gene Pompa
S08E16 · Gene Pompa

Mar 25, 2004

Mexican-American comic Gene Pompa takes a firm stand against racism and eating fruit in this half-hour stand-up special.

Vince Morris
S08E17 · Vince Morris

Mar 25, 2004

Raised in the projects and ready to tell it like it is, Vince Morris speaks the truth about modern living in this half-hour stand-up special.

Greg Giraldo: 2
S08E18 · Greg Giraldo: 2

Apr 01, 2004

Greg Giraldo takes on today's issues of war, pestilence, social security and celebrity smooches in this half-hour special.

Dwayne Perkins
S08E19 · Dwayne Perkins

Apr 08, 2004

Brooklyn native turned L.A. hipster, Dwayne Perkins demystifies men, women and Calculus in this Comedy Central original stand-up special.

Jimmy Dore
S08E20 · Jimmy Dore

Apr 08, 2004

Jimmy Dore ponders poverty, criminal justice and his own sexuality.

Clinton Jackson
S08E21 · Clinton Jackson

Apr 29, 2004

Clinton Jackson admits to his addiction to kids' play and to having phone conversations with his cat in this Comedy Central original stand-up special.

Paul Mercurio
S08E22 · Paul Mercurio

Apr 29, 2004

Paul Mecurio explains his wild career transition from wealthy legal eagle to impoverished comic in this half-hour stand-up special.

Rudy Rush
S08E23 · Rudy Rush

May 06, 2004

Rudy Rush exposes secret male attitudes toward going to the gym and stretch marks in this half-hour stand-up special.

Paul Gilmartin
S08E24 · Paul Gilmartin

May 06, 2004

Nothing is sacred as Paul Gilmartin takes on everything from foreign policy to pie-eating contests in this Comedy Central original stand-up special.

S08E25 · Tig

May 13, 2004

Tig introduces her new line of politically correct Barbie Dolls and other handy new inventions in this half-hour stand-up special.

S08E26 · Stella

May 13, 2004

Michael Ian Black, Michael Showalter and David Wain join forces to become comedy troupe Stella in this half-hour stand-up special.

Cory Kahaney
S08E27 · Cory Kahaney

May 27, 2004

New Yorker Cory Kahaney spills the harsh truth about weddings and overrated sexual positions in this half-hour stand-up special.

Scott Kennedy
S08E28 · Scott Kennedy

May 27, 2004

Scott Kennedy shares some straight talk about growing up gay in Texas in this half-hour stand-up special.


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