Episodes (19)

S02E01 · Geese

Sep 22, 1994

Pippin gets scared by a couple of geese who have taken residence in Auntie Mabel's garden pond.

S02E02 · Boots

Sep 29, 1994

Auntie Mabel and Pippin have been out for a walk and they got caught in the rain. Auntie Mabel's Wellington boots have holes in them and her feet are wet. They fly in Spotty Plane to the shoe shop in the High Street but Auntie Mabel is dismayed to find they have sold out of boots in her size. So they fly on to The Gates Rubber Company, a factory where they watch Wellington boots being made. There Auntie Mabel shows us how the rubber is pressed flat, a lining is glued on, the rubber is formed into the shape of a boot, and soles and heels are added. Auntie Mabel buys a ...

S02E03 · Spiders

Oct 06, 1994

Auntie Mabel takes Pippin out to learn about spiders so that he won't be frightened by them anymore.

S02E04 · Buses

Oct 13, 1994

Auntie Mabel has to return some books to the library before it shuts. She and Pippin climb into Spotty Plane but it won't start and so they have to go on the bus. Auntie Mabel is in such a hurry that she leaves Pippin asleep on the bus by mistake. Pippin ends up at the bus depot where she helps the bus driver look for lost property and sees a bus being washed and filled with fuel. Auntie Mabel discovers her plane wouldn't start because its tank was empty, and Pippin gets a special ride home on the bus.

S02E05 · Apples

Oct 20, 1994

Auntie Mabel and Pippin follow some apples' journey from being picked to being sold in a shop.

S02E06 · Cleaning

Oct 27, 1994

It is Pippin's birthday. Auntie Mabel is cleaning the house and washing her kitchen floor ready for a party. She takes her laundry to the launderette where Pippin helps with the washing while Auntie Mabel takes her best dress to be dry cleaned. Pippin's friends and relations arrive for the party and sing 'Happy Birthday'. Auntie Mabel is about to serve a big trifle when Pippin chases her friend Danny round the kitchen, trips up Auntie Mabel and the trifle goes all over the clean floor and her best dress.

S02E07 · Sewage

Nov 03, 1994

Auntie Mabel and Pippin are buying some tricks for a children's party, including a fake poo made of plastic. When they get home, Auntie Mabel notices Pippin has made a poo on the path outside her front door. She cleans it up and puts it down the lavatory. She decides to follow Pippin's poo, to find out where the dirty water goes and explores an underground sewer. Auntie Mabel and Pippin fly in Spotty Plane to visit a sewage treatment plant. They see how water is cleaned and returned to the river and how solid waste can be treated and used as fertilizer to be spread on...

A Woolly Jumper
S02E08 · A Woolly Jumper

Nov 10, 1994

Auntie Mabel is knitting a blue jumper for her sister Edie when she runs out of wool. She and Pippin go to the shop to buy some more, but they have sold out of blue wool. Auntie Mabel decides to begin at the beginning. She and Pippin set off in Spotty Plane to find some sheep. They watch the sheep being shorn and find out how the wool is carded and spun into a long thread. They visit a factory where the wool is dyed and at last Auntie Mabel finds the blue wool she needs to finish the jumper.

S02E09 · Crisps

Nov 17, 1994

Auntie Mabel visits a factory to see how crisps are made.

Useful Holes
S02E10 · Useful Holes

Nov 24, 1994

A mouse lives in a hole in Auntie Mabel's kitchen wall. She and Pippin fly in Spotty Plane to a wood to look for holes that are home to different animals. They find holes in tree trunks and in the ground which might be occupied by squirrels, woodpeckers and badgers. Auntie Mabel remembers the day when a hole in the back door saved her life. She had installed a dog flap for Pippin. One day she became trapped in her larder and her chip pan caught fire. Pippin got out through the dog flap and ran to fetch the fire brigade. The firemen arrived just in time to put out the ...

A Letter
S02E11 · A Letter

Dec 01, 1994

Auntie Mabel and Pippin have been to stay with their friend Dora. But Pippin is frightened by Dora's big dog and she leaves her little suitcase behind. When they get home, Auntie Mabel writes a letter to Dora. They take it to the Post Office and buy a stamp. Auntie Mabel decides to travel with the letter to see what happens to it. They watch letters being sorted, ride in a post van and on the night train. After a long journey they end up, with the letter, back at Dora's. Pippin stands up to the big dog and retrieves her suitcase.

S02E12 · Toothpaste

Jan 19, 1995

Auntie Mabel brushes her teeth with some striped toothpaste because today is check-up day at the dentist. Pippin is taken to the vet to have her teeth checked too. They go to a chemist to buy some more of Auntie Mabel's toothpaste and then visit the factory where the toothpaste is made and find out how they put in the stripes.

S02E13 · Stones

Jan 26, 1995

Auntie Mabel decides to build a rockery in her garden. She and Pippin fly off in their Spotty Plane in search of some stones. They visit a beach but the stones are too small for a rockery. So they go to a stone quarry where they see huge slabs of stone being dug out of the ground and watch the stone masons at work shaping pieces of stone which will be used to decorate the wall of a building. At the quarry Auntie Mabel finds some pieces of stone just the right size for the rockery.

A Carton Drink
S02E14 · A Carton Drink

Feb 02, 1995

Auntie Mabel and Pippin are going on a picnic, but they stop to take a look at how fruit drinks are put into cartons. At the picnic, Pippin's impatience and greediness save the day.

S02E15 · Fish

Feb 09, 1995

Pippin and Auntie Mabel learn all about fish and watch a man catch one.

S02E16 · Rabbits

Feb 16, 1995

Auntie Mabel is looking after her sister's pet rabbit and Pippin is jealous at first.

S02E17 · Eggs

Feb 23, 1995

Auntie Mabel takes a look at different animals' eggs. Later, Pippin saves Auntie Mabel's chickens from certain disaster.

S02E18 · Dandelions

Mar 02, 1995

Auntie Mabel finds some dandelions growing in her garden. She tells the story of how they came to be there. One day she and Pippin had flown to the city for a day out. They saw tall buildings and busy streets full of traffic and people. In this urban environment Auntie Mabel had been surprised to see a dandelion plant growing in a crack in the concrete. Pippin sneezed on the dandelion's seed head and some seeds landed on her coat. They traveled on Pippin's back all the way to Auntie's garden where they took root and grew into new dandelion plants.

S02E19 · Boxes

Mar 09, 1995

Auntie Mabel is moving house and there are packing cases and boxes everywhere. Pippin is feeling sad and Auntie Mabel gives her the key to their new house to look after. Pippin packs her little suitcase and Auntie Mabel packs her 'treasure chest' which has some special boxes in it - a Jack-in-the-box, a musical box and a jewelry box. While Auntie Mabel tells the story 'The Magic Box' Pippin hides in the back of the removal van. By the time the van is ready to leave, Auntie Mabel can't find Pippin anywhere. She spends a long time looking for her then flies in Spotty ...


Come Outside Season 2 (1994) is released on Sep 22, 1994 and the latest season 3 of Come Outside is released in 1997. Watch Come Outside online - the English Adventure TV series from United Kingdom. Come Outside is directed by Elizabeth Bennett,Barbara Roddam,Peter Rose and created by Elizabeth Bennett with Lynda Baron and Pippin.

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Come Outside, Gyerünk ki a szabadba!


United Kingdom



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British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

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