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Caitlyn Jenner: Collision Course
S01E01 · Caitlyn Jenner: Collision Course

Feb 20, 2016

The 1 hr. docu-drama presents the 4-car pileup on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, CA involving Caitlyn Jenner (known as Bruce Jenner at the time) that resulted in the death of 69-year-old Kim Howe, a former actress.

Paul Walker: Collision Course
S01E02 · Paul Walker: Collision Course

Mar 18, 2017

Hollywood actor Paul Walker, famous for his love of cars on and off screen, goes for a quick drive in a Porsche Carrera GT owned by racing colleague Roger Rodas, and both die minutes later in a horrific car crash. How could two experienced race car drivers have a fatal accident in a trusted car they know well get into such a deadly crash on a routine drive?

John Denver: Collision Course
S01E03 · John Denver: Collision Course

Apr 01, 2017

Once the most popular singer on the planet, John Denver hops into a small, sleek aircraft to go for a pleasure flight off the California coast. It's 1997, and his popularity has faded with time. So when Denver's aircraft suddenly and mysteriously crashes into the Pacific Ocean, many suspect the singer may have committed suicide, or given his history of DUI's, may have been intoxicated. The last man to see John Denver alive gives his first-ever TV interview and recalls Denver in the minutes before he died - a personal and detailed account that has never been told. It's...

John F. Kennedy Jr.: Collision Course
S01E04 · John F. Kennedy Jr.: Collision Course

Apr 15, 2017

It is early evening on July 16, 1999 and John F. Kennedy Jr. boards his single engine Piper Saratoga airplane with his passengers Carolyn Bessette, his glamorous wife of three years, and her sister, Lauren. With Kennedy as the pilot, the plane takes off from New York City and heads toward Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, a 1 ½ hr. flight over 200 miles of water. Shockingly, the plane vanishes over Long Island Sound and never reaches its destination.

Justin Bieber: Collision Course
S01E05 · Justin Bieber: Collision Course

Apr 08, 2017

It is December 22, 2015, and archival images of a fake "Justin Bieber Dead" fills our media screens. The internet breaks with news that Justin Bieber is dead, victim of a car crash. Within minutes, a Facebook obituary page gets over one million "likes" as fans around the world mourn the loss of the most popular male singer on the planet.

Tracy Morgan: Collision Course
S01E06 · Tracy Morgan: Collision Course

Mar 25, 2017

One of the funniest men on TV is involved in a horrific car crash on the New Jersey Turnpike, and clings to life as rescuers race against time to save him. In 2014, Tracy Morgan's tour van is hit by a Walmart tractor trailer, crushing the van like a beer can and trapping Morgan and his entourage inside. Morgan's friend and mentor dies, while the rest struggle for survival.


Collision Course Season 1 (2017) is released on Feb 20, 2016 and the latest season 2 of Collision Course is released in 2019. Watch Collision Course online - the English Documentary TV series from Canada. Collision Course is directed by Gary Lang and created by Cait Cantillon with Roger Craig Smith and Jeff Wise. Collision Course is available online on The Roku Channel and Tubi TV.

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