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The Crossing
S07E01 · The Crossing

Sep 27, 2009

The Cold Case team investigates the murder of a young girl who died in the Sixties while taking a boat trip. Meanwhile Rush becomes obsessed with getting revenge on the man who nearly killed her.

Hood Rats
S07E02 · Hood Rats

Oct 04, 2009

The 1995 murder of an unidentified runaway is reopened when his brother presents proof of his identity.

S07E03 · Jurisprudence

Oct 11, 2009

The team reopens the 2004 case of a teen who was wrongly sent to a juvenile detention center where he was killed and before Valens could make good on his promise to get him released.

S07E04 · Soul

Oct 25, 2009

A young jazz musician, whose father is a strict clergyman, was beaten to death by a bottle in 1970. The investigation is reopened at the request of the son of the victim. Meanwhile, an unexpected person comes to meet Rush.

S07E05 · WASP

Nov 01, 2009

The death of a WWII female pilot is investigated, and it turns out that at the time, many of the male pilots had a sexist attitude about girls flying planes.

Dead Heat
S07E06 · Dead Heat

Nov 08, 2009

The 1986 murder of a jockey is investigated after his body is discovered in a mass grave for horses. The victim disappeared shortly after after losing a race that he had planned to be his finale before retiring.

Read Between the Lines
S07E07 · Read Between the Lines

Nov 15, 2009

The team reopens the 1990's case of a teenage girl murdered and stuffed in a zebra-print rug. But was it the rough gang she hung out with who hurt her, or was it somebody who went unnoticed?

S07E08 · Chinatown

Nov 22, 2009

The team reopens a 1980's case that hits very close to Detective Stillman, getting caught up in the corrupt underworld of Chinatown's "Dragon Boys", a group active in organized crime and trafficking.

S07E09 · Forensics

Dec 06, 2009

The team re investigates the death of a young man who was an outstanding debater and was being offered a college scholarship who supposedly killed himself. When someone tells them that he feared for his life.

S07E10 · Iced

Dec 13, 2009

The team reopens the 1980 case of an ice hockey player who was murdered on his team's Philly ice rink the night the U.S. hockey team defeated the Soviet Union team in the Olympic games in Lake Placid.

The Good Soldier
S07E11 · The Good Soldier

Jan 10, 2010

A Green Beret gets the team to re-open the murder case of his recruiter when he provides an alibi for the man believed to have been killed for stolen jewelry.

The Runaway Bunny
S07E12 · The Runaway Bunny

Jan 17, 2010

Suspects abound in the 1974 murder case of a private investigator who, the team discovers, uncovered unfavorable things for - and about - his last few clients.

S07E13 · Bombers

Feb 14, 2010

While attempting to solve the murder of a talented young graffiti artist, three detectives from the homicide unit cope with their own troubled lives on the side, trying to keep things together.

S07E14 · Metamorphosis

Feb 21, 2010

The team looks into the death of a teenage circus aerialist; Rush faces possible charges in another case.

Two Weddings
S07E15 · Two Weddings

Feb 28, 2010

Louie, a colleague and friend of the Cold Case team, is getting married to a woman whose husband died mysteriously right before the wedding. Was it a coincidence, or was it murder? Will Louie be next?

One Fall
S07E16 · One Fall

Mar 14, 2010

The team reopens the case of a dock worker who was moonlighting as an indy-circuit wrestler until he was shot dead in 1986, and Valens secretly looks into a lead on the man who mugged and raped his mother.

S07E17 · Flashover

Mar 21, 2010

Detective Vera struggles with the guilt of wrongfully charging a father with arson and murder, succumbing to reckless behavior and a deep depression. Will the Cold Case team be able to help their colleague?

The Last Drive-In
S07E18 · The Last Drive-In

Mar 28, 2010

When ballistics tie a recent murder case of Rush's to a serial killer who was seemingly inactive for 27 years, a tough FBI agent with ties to Stillman shows up to enlist the team's aid in finding the killer who has eluded her for 30 years, on Part One of a two-part episode.

S07E19 · Bullet

Apr 04, 2010

After determining a serial killer's identity, the team works with the FBI to apprehend him and protect potential targets.

Free Love
S07E20 · Free Love

Apr 11, 2010

Rush and FBI agent Ryan Cavanaugh discover their attraction for one another while investigating the 1969 murder of a GI at Woodstock, and Vera helps his married ex-girlfriend, Megan, after sentimental jewelry is stolen from her home.

Almost Paradise
S07E21 · Almost Paradise

May 02, 2010

Pictures developed from a disposable camera leads the team to reopen the investigation into the death of a prom queen, who was the victim of a hit-and-run accident. Lily's troubled sister reappears, but she is reticent to assist her.

S07E22 · Shattered

May 02, 2010

Valens partners with Rush to locate her sister, who was abducted from her drug-littered motel room, and Jeffries tries to bring justice and closure to a long-suffering mother whose daughter's murder case has remained unsolved for 17 years.


Cold Case Season 7 (2009) is released on Sep 27, 2009 and the latest season 7 of Cold Case is released in 2009. Watch Cold Case online - the English Crime TV series from United States. Cold Case is directed by Alex Zakrzewski,Kevin Bray,Paris Barclay,Holly Dale and created by Meredith Stiehm with Kathryn Morris and John Finn. Cold Case is available online on HBO Max and HBO Max Amazon Channel.

Lilly Rush is a Philadelphia police detective working for the department's homicide squad and being assigned "cold cases:" crimes that were committed many years before and have not been solved. Lilly must try to re-think the crime scenes and interview other people involved with the victims to find a link to solving the cases.

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Odložené případy, Döglött akták, Zaboravljeni slučaj, Odlozený prípad, Caso cerrado


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Better late than never., Homicide is timeless, but detection methods change., Hope lives...because the evidence never dies.


David Hinckley
New York Daily News
Because keeping a veteran show lively and fresh is always a challenge, having Rush threatened by a new villain isn't a bad dramatic ploy. It only becomes bad if it makes the cases themselves start to feel like a supporting act.
by rottentomatoes, Mar 03, 2020

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