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Island of Lies
S04E01 · Island of Lies

Oct 26, 2010

An investigation into a 23-year-old Hawaiian tourist's rape and murder reveals a world of drugs and deception few vacationers ever see. And it's up to one lone detective to get the victims family some justice

Unnatural Causes
S04E02 · Unnatural Causes

Oct 18, 2011

South California is the perfect place to retire, but when an 84-year-old is brutally raped and murdered in her senior living community everyone is a suspect. To find her killer, the investigation goes global as the suspect does his best to slip away.

Road to Murder
S04E03 · Road to Murder

Jan 01, 2011

An 18-year-old runaway is found raped and strangled to death on the side of a San Diego road. Tracking down the cold-blooded killer will take years of detective work and a benign connection.

In Plain Sight
S04E04 · In Plain Sight

Feb 01, 2012

In Colorado, a lifelong bad boy comes home to finds his wife, savagely raped and strangled to death. Evidence indicates the attack is personal. But is the husband is trying to get away with murder or could someone else be involved?

Friend or Foe
S04E05 · Friend or Foe

Nov 15, 2011

Murdock Nebraska, a man returns home to find his mother and father shot to death. Nothing of value is missing. Everyone in town is stunned by the news and they begin to wonder, is the killer someone they know?

Shot in the Park
S04E06 · Shot in the Park

Nov 22, 2011

Minneapolis, Minnesota is a haven for its large gay community, until gunfire rips through the city leaving two men dead. An eyewitness leads investigators to a suspect, but soon after, an anonymous letter points to an anti-gay hate group on a mission.

The Rolex Murder
S04E07 · The Rolex Murder

Nov 01, 2011

Miami's Coconut Grove rarely sees trouble. Until Jos? Calvo, a family man, is shot in the head and robbed of his Rolex watch. What appears to be a random cash grab turns into a sinister mystery. Is this a robbery gone bad or a murder for hire?

Home All Alone
S04E08 · Home All Alone

Dec 06, 2011

Aiken, South Carolina, is a tiny peaceful town where nothing much happens. Until Jessica Carpenter, 17, is found raped and murdered in her living room. The neighborhood goes on high alert while police swing into action to catch her killer.

The Day the Music Died
S04E09 · The Day the Music Died

Dec 13, 2011

Austin is famous for its music scene and party spirit--until a single mother is savagely beaten in her sleep. With no leads, and a culture that distrust authority, 21 years pass before investigators get a stunning phone call that turns the case red-hot.

The Lost Boy
S04E10 · The Lost Boy

Dec 20, 2011

In one of the most notorious missing children cases, Adam Walsh, 6, steps into a stranger's car and disappears. A manhunt is launched but Adam's severed head is found two weeks later. More than a quarter of century passes before the mystery is solved.


Cold Blood Season 4 (2011) is released on Oct 26, 2010 and the latest season 6 of Cold Blood is released in 2012. Watch Cold Blood online - the English Documentary TV series from Canada. Cold Blood is directed by Karl Jason,P.J. Naworynski,Marcus Valentin,Tim Wolochatiuk and created by Larry Bambrick with Alfonso Guerra and Perry Norton.

As know as:

True Crime Scene(English, new title), Cold Blood - DNA des Verbrechens, Cold Blood(English), Cold Blood





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Canal D, Cineflix Productions, Discovery Channel UK

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