Episodes (6)

A-Hunting We Will Go
S03E01 · A-Hunting We Will Go

May 04, 1992

Mrs. White is cleaning up a young man who was beaten after disrupting the annual Arlington fox hunt. She finds out the actions of his fellow saboteurs caused the death of a beloved horse, Phantom when the bitter hunting party returns home.

Scared to Death
S03E02 · Scared to Death

May 11, 1992

Professor Plum and Reverend Green team up and rig the house before Psychic negotiator Miss Terri tries to get rid ghosts that Mrs. White claims to be haunted by.

Blackmail and the Fourth Estate
S03E03 · Blackmail and the Fourth Estate

May 18, 1992

Journalist David Stringer is invited to Arlingon Grange in 'Country Ways' but gathers dirt on all the inhabitants and guests, making enemies of each of them.

Murder in Merrie England
S03E04 · Murder in Merrie England

May 25, 1992

European multi-millionaire Max Gold helps Mrs. Peacock out of financial troubles, but then reveals his plans to turn the Arlington Grange property into a Robin Hood themed amusement park.

And Then There Were Nuns
S03E05 · And Then There Were Nuns

Jun 01, 1992

A nun named Sister Concepta, who is also the sister of the late Mr. Peacock, arrives claiming her brother left Arlington Grange to her. But which one of the regulars at the Grange invited her in the first place?

Deadly Dowry
S03E06 · Deadly Dowry

Jun 08, 1992

Miss Scarlett and Clive Moxton announce their engagement, but Clive proves himself only interested in her late father's trust fund, which has already been spent by Mrs. Peacock and Professor Plum.


Cluedo Season 3 (1992) is released on May 04, 1992 and the latest season 4 of Cluedo is released in 1993. Watch Cluedo online - the English Crime TV series from United Kingdom. Cluedo is directed by John Kaye Cooper,June Howson,David MacMahon,William Brayne and created by Kevin Rattan with Chuck Foster and Richard Madeley.

As know as:

Clue, Cluedo


United Kingdom



Production Companies:

Action Time, Granada Television, Waddingtons Games

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