Episodes (12)

A Bird Poised to Fly
S01E01 · A Bird Poised to Fly

Jan 05, 1990

An architect slowly goes insane over a lover who suddenly stops answering his letters.

The Cat Brought It In
S01E02 · The Cat Brought It In

Apr 20, 1990

A pleasant country house weekend is interrupted when the family cat brings in a pair of human fingers instead of the usual mouse or bird. But not even murder can be allowed to disrupt the meticulous veneer of British respectability.

A Curious Suicide
S01E03 · A Curious Suicide

Apr 27, 1990

An American doctor in England for a conference with his spendthrift wife visits an old friend who stole the love of his life from him.

La ferme du malheur
S01E04 · La ferme du malheur

May 04, 1990

A young man begins to have terrifying nightmares after visiting his obsessive uncle's automated chicken farm.

Old Folks at Home
S01E05 · Old Folks at Home

May 11, 1990

A yuppie couple takes in an octogenarian husband and wife from the local old folks' home, but the twosome proves to be more difficult to live with than expected.

S01E06 · Puzzle

May 18, 1990

A philandering advertisement executive is offered a promotion if he marries one of his two girlfriends.

Sauce for the Goose
S01E07 · Sauce for the Goose

May 25, 1990

A sweet-talking lounge singer charms a housewife into murdering her hotelier husband but is he truly in love with her or just out for her money?

Slowly, Slowly in the Wind
S01E08 · Slowly, Slowly in the Wind

Jun 01, 1990

After his daughter falls in love with the son of his nemesis, a British businessman slowly goes insane.

Something You Have to Live With
S01E09 · Something You Have to Live With

Jun 08, 1990

This is the story of Jessica and Stanley, a married couple who finally achieve their dream of buying a new house. Unfortunately for them, this dream soon becomes a nightmare.

The Stuff of Madness
S01E10 · The Stuff of Madness

Jun 15, 1990

After indulging his wife's taxidermy hobby for years, a lawyer starts to fetishize a boutique mannequin that reminds him of a former girlfriend.

L'amateur de frissons
S01E11 · L'amateur de frissons

Jun 22, 1990

An encyclopedia proofreader escapes his loneliness by playing a twisted game involving kleptomania and assumed identities.

Under a Dark Angel's Eye
S01E12 · Under a Dark Angel's Eye

Sep 29, 1990

Lee returns to England after a long absence to oversee the sale of his childhood home and visit the couple looking after his tyrannical mother whom he avoids seeing, but the couple's overbearing niceness may hide sinister intentions.


Chillers (also know as Chiller's) Season 1 (1990) is released on Jan 05, 1990. Watch Chillers online - the English Action TV series from France. Chillers is directed by Mai Zetterling,Roger Andrieux,Maroun Bagdadi,John Berry and created by Patricia Highsmith with Anthony Perkins and Doug Rollins. Chillers is available online on fuboTV and The Roku Channel.

As know as:

Chiller's, Patricia Highsmith's Tales, Chiller's, Chillers, Les Cadavres Exquis de Patricia Highsmith(French)




English, French

Production Companies:

Crossbow Films, France 3, HTV

Cast & Crew

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